How to Create Wispy Lash Looks Effortlessly

How to Create Wispy Lash Looks Effortlessly

As a professional lash tech, you’ll know that the key to a happy client is flawless eyelash extensions that suit their personal style. Wispy lashes are favourites among clients as their fluttery look can make you weak at the knees! If you’re new to the lash game, creating that perfectly wispy look can be a bit of a challenge. This is where we come in.

Our team of lash loving experts at BELO have put together this guide to creating a stunning wispy lash look that’ll leave your clients speechless. From insider tips to some of our favourite products, this blog will cover everything you need to know to master the ultimate wispy lash. 

What is a wispy lash look?

A wispy eyelash look is a technique that creates the appearance of long fluttery lashes. ‘Wispy’ describes the feathery texture of the lashes, giving them a soft and ethereal flair that everyone loves. This style enhances the beauty of natural lashes as it incorporates volume and length while maintaining a stunning, effortless look!

To achieve this look, you can use a variety of techniques including the popular Russian strip method, which involves applying multiple individual lashes to each natural lash, creating the most voluminous fluttery effect. You can make any lash shape into a wispy look by varying lengths along the lash line, even cat eye shapes! 

What makes lashes wispy?

Wispy lashes are all about achieving a fluffy effect. It’s all about using different lengths and spacing them out strategically in the lash line to create wispy volume. In order for your lashes to be considered wispy, they need to be fluffy with an air of effortlessness. The placement and length of each fan can make or break a wispy look, so you’ll want to use lashes that vary in length, creating a lovely flutter that is sure to turn heads.

How to create wispy eyelash looks

There are lots of different methods which you can use to create wispy lashes, and there are plenty of hacks you can use to make the process easier. These are our top recommendations:

Narrow fans

Narrow fans are one of the most common techniques used to create a wispy lash look. As all lash techs know, narrow fans are created in a similar manner to regular volume fans, but you do not ‘fan’ out the individual lashes as widely. 

Using narrow fans to bring a wispy finish to your eyelashes is dependent on their length and thickness. Construct your narrow fan using a lah length that is slightly longer than the other volume fans in the treatment, these narrow fans will act as the wisps. If you’re wanting a more choppy look rather than just wispy, place two narrow fans on adjacent lashes to define the chop. 

It's also good to keep in mind that selecting narrow fans with a variety of lengths actress the lash line is crucial for that soft feathery look. It sounds obvious, but you cannot have a narrow fan in the inner corner being the same length as the outer corner. 

Narrow fans are one of the more challenging ways to create wispy lashes as they require an alteration of your normal lashing technique and it may take you a while to get the hang of it. 

Premade spikes

Rather than constructing narrow fans for every wisps, premade spikes are a simpler way to produce wispy lash looks. Premade spikes are individual lashes that have been bonded together to construct a spike which can be used in more dramatic wispy looks. To create the look, simply place appropriate lengths strategically along the lash line to break up the lengths. 

Premade wispy fans

Game-changing product alert!! We have found an even easier way to create wispy fans: Pretty in Premade wispy fans.

Yes, you heard that right. Pre made volume fans with a built in wisp! No more having to worry about where to place a narrow fan or spike as our premade wispy fans have it included! Simply apply the fans in the same way as any pre/ pomade fans or classic lash. 

What are wispy premade fans? 

Premade fans are lash fans that have been ready-made for you to use in treatments. The bases of our wispy pre-made fans are practically identical to our bestselling Pretty in PROmades, so you can be assured that even though our wispy fans are pre-made, they have pro-made quality! 

Our wispy premade fans are 7D, with one thicker, longer individual lash in the centre of the fan to create the wispy effect. 

Our wispy premades are life savers for lash techs as you won't need to spend a lot of time hand making fans or narrow fans for your clients looks. 

For more information on the differences between premade and promade, check out our blog. 

Benefits of wispy premade fans

The benefits of wispy premade fans are extensive, but we’ll keep it short and sweet with three reasons why wispy premades will become a staple in your lash kit.

Easiest way to create wispy lash looks

Wispy premades make creating wispy lash looks effortless, as you only have to apply the fans like any other classic lash or pro made fan. No fuss, no mess. Simply lift from the lash tray and they’re ready to go!

Beginner lash tech- friendly

As wispy premades are ready made for you to use, so even beginner lash techs who only hold classic lash certification or have just completed their classic lash course can use them to diversify their treatment offering. 

Quickest way to create wispy lash looks

As our premade wispy fans are ready to go straight from the lash tray, they are the quickest way to create a wispy look - even quicker than our PROmades as you don’t have to retrieve individual loose lashes from the tray! Save time and make your lashing appointments more efficient. 

Are you ready to boss wispy looks?

Wispy lash looks may seem intimidating at first, but creating these looks doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. With the right tools and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve a fluttery, beautiful lash look that will leave your clients feeling more confident than ever!

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