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Organise your appointments, accounts and time with BELO LASH diaries. Specifically designed with lash technicians in mind, our appointment books and accounts books are simple and stylish to help you manage all of your client treatments effectively. 

Our books can act as your personal assistant, keeping all of your appointment times, locations and client details in one place. Boss your own schedule like a true BELO babe and manage day-to-day information easily with clear columns and time slots for appointments, takings and accounts. 

Say goodbye to boring appointment books and accounting stationary - BELO LASH have kitted out your admin processes in style with our beautiful books for your small beauty business.

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Our account books and treatment diaries in detail:

BELO LASH account books and appointment books are as stylish as they are functional, keeping you organised and coordinated in our matching signature BELO pink! 

The BELO LASH Accounts Tracking Booklet is the perfect addition to your admin processes. Handle your accounting effectively by keeping all of your takings and expenses in one pretty pink book. Though our books have been designed with beauty businesses and salons in mind, they are suitable for any small business. 

Our accounts books are versatile and simple to make your life easier when managing your business' finances. With clear balance sheets and columns to separate your income and outgoings, our A4 account book covers all of your business expenses and accounting needs for yearly accounts tracking. 

The BELO LASH Treatment Diary is perfect to manage all of your appointments and bookings. Our treatment diaries aren't your standard appointment book, we have included flexible fill-in dates, time slots, appointment columns and cash columns for you to record all of your treatment information. Whether you're a salon based beautician, working from home or a freelance lash technician, our appointment book can handle all of your daily treatments so you can keep on top of your schedule. 

The treatment book is not only functional but stylish, with the A5 hard cover format meaning it can slip easily into your bag whilst you're in-between clients. Included in the appointment book, you will find motivational quotes and reminders for beauty professionals throughout.

Suitable for all independent beauty therapists, our appointment books can work just as well for those renting space in salons and can be used to organise all types of salon appointments, beauty and hair treatments with our easy fill columns. As our treatment books are designed for personal use, they may not be suitable for use as a salon appointment book to juggle multiple schedules. 

Our BELO LASH Accounts Tracking Book and Treatment Diary bundle are a match made in heaven, making tracking your accounts and expenses easier than ever. Use the handy cash column in the treatment diary to quickly input your daily takings into the accounts book. Generate weekly revenue reports and streamline your self-assessment accounting when it comes to the end of the tax year! 

Utilising the BELO appointment book and accounting bundle makes it easier to create business insights into client loyalty, consistent no-shows, last minute cancellations and more to maximise your booking system and efficiency. 

Suitable for small businesses in the beauty and hair industry, our account and appointment books keep all of your scheduling, accounting and cash bookkeeping organised and pretty!

Now that you've got all of your appointments organised using our treatment diaries, you'll need premium lashes to complete your clients' treatments with!

You'll soon be fully booked once you treat your clients to the true BELO LASH experience using our professional eyelash extensions

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Paperwork and Diaries Frequently Asked Questions

How can BELO Lash diaries help in managing my lash extension business?

The diaries can act as a personal assistant, keeping all appointment times, locations, client details, and financial records organised in one place. They're intuitive, easy to use, and of course they look super cute! If you want to boss your business, the diaries and paperwork packs are a great place to start.

Are the treatment diaries and accounts tracking booklets only for lash techs?

While we've designed our diaries with lash artists in mind, there's no reason that other beauty technicians can't use them too! With lots of space for you to fill in the booklets, you can use them however you see fit.

Why use an accounts tracking booklet?

The accounts tracking booklet helps keep track of all financial transactions, including income and expenses, in an organised manner. With all your financial information in one place, it's much easier to report income and claim tax deductions. Plus, it's ideal for monitoring your business performance over time, allowing for better financial planning.

That's not to mention: the pink cover makes it a gorgeous addition to your salon! The charm of a well-designed booklet not only adds a touch of personal style to mundane tasks but also reinforces a sense of professionalism throughout your business.

What are the benefits of using client paperwork packs?

Imagine having all the essential paperwork organised and ready for each client, transforming what was once a time-consuming task into a seamless part of your service. Our paperwork packs are not just functional; they're stylishly pink, adding a touch of charm to your professional routine. The client record cards are indispensable, gathering crucial information like medical history to ensure safe, tailored treatments. Aftercare cards, a crucial tool in your arsenal, educate clients on maintaining those perfect lashes post-treatment. Don't forget the all-important policy sheets, setting clear expectations and safeguarding your business. These packs are not just paperwork; they're your key to a smoother, more efficient, and delightful lash extension experience.

Do BELO's paperwork and diaries help with client satisfaction?

Absolutely! The diaries and paperwork packs are more than just tools to help you stay organised. They help create a seamless and professional experience for your clients, from the moment they book an appointment to their post-treatment care. With everything efficiently managed and beautifully presented, your clients will feel valued and well cared for, enhancing their overall satisfaction and potentially leading to repeat business and referrals. Plus, the stylish design of these materials adds a touch of luxury to your service, making each client's visit a memorable one.