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Beginner Russian Training Course

Beginner Russian Training Course

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Are you new to the eyelash extension game? If you are, you've probably heard about the world-famous and well-loved Russian volume eyelash extensions. Russian eyelash extensions are one of the most sought-after lash styles on the planet! But without the right training, they can be a bit tricky to master.

The Russian volume lash technique involves applying multiple super fine lashes onto each natural lash, which provides an instant volume and length-boosting effect. This makes Russian lashes a bit more challenging to apply compared to Classic lashes, which involve applying only one lash extension onto each natural lash.

That's why our experts here at BELO Lash have created the perfect Russian volume lash course for all you new lash techs out there! This fully accredited lash course will equip any hopeful lash artist with the skill set and knowledge they need to create the perfect Russian eyelash extension look for their customers.

After you've completed the course, you'll be walking out of BELO HQ feeling confident and ready to start offering the perfect Russian volume eyelash extensions!

What a BELO Russian Volume Lash Extension Course looks like:

BELO Lash's Russian volume lash course for beginners will equip lash artists with everything they need to know on how to prepare and create the perfect Russian volume lash treatments for their clients!


What you do before you begin applying your lashes is just as important, which is why our training courses will guide you through all the essential pre-treatment procedures including:

  • Client consultations: The client consultation process is one of the most important steps of any eyelash extension treatment. As part of your training, we'll help you develop your consultation skills so you can fully understand what your client wants. You'll also have access to style guides and case studies that will help you curate the perfect Russian eyelash extensions for your clients.
  • Health and safety: Thorough health and safety procedures are also an essential part of all beauty services, especially lash extension treatments. As part of our training, you'll learn how to recognise contra-indications and contra-actions in the natural lash plus general health and safety guidance to make sure you're providing the safest eyelash treatments. You'll also practise techniques like patch tests to ensure you're keeping your clients safe. 

Lash Application Techniques

Now it's on to the fun part - treatment application. In this part of the course, we'll be breaking down the differences between Classic and Russian volume eyelashes plus the various techniques you can use to apply Russian lashes.

  • Volume vs. Classic: To start, we'll be breaking down the two different lash styles: Russian volume lashes and Classic lashes, and how the application process changes depending on which lash styles you apply.
  • Russian volume technique: Most of the course will involve practical training, where you'll be able to practise applying eyelash extensions using the Russian volume lash technique. You'll have a go at using practice lashes to create volume fans and apply them. The course will also include some time when you can practise applying extensions to natural lashes.
  • How to boss lash retention: To keep your clients happy, you'll also need to master lash retention - AKA the art of long-lasting eyelash extensions. We'll teach you all the tips and tricks around adhesive storage, lash extension application and how a range of factors can impact the retention of eyelash extensions.
  • Handmade fan training: As part of our Russian volume lash training, you'll get to practise the skills needed to create the perfect volume fans for your Russian lash treatments. Whether you want to use the rolling, lonely fan, or pinching technique, you'll walk out of BELO HQ as a lash fan master!
  • Lash extension mapping: No two clients' eyes are ever the same, so lash artists need to be able to adapt their techniques and create the perfect eyelash extension look for each client. You'll learn how to map different lash styles and how to enhance unique eye shapes with various eyelash extension styles.

Post-treatment Aftercare & Client Support

The fun doesn't stop after you've finished applying that last eyelash extension onto your client's lash line. It's important to have a solid post-treatment procedure to ensure your clients are keeping their new Russian volume lashes as clean and healthy as possible.

In this part of our Russian volume lash course, we'll provide you with all the tips you'll need to pass on to your customers to make sure their new Russian lashes last as long as possible. We'll also be going through essential aftercare tips and any possible causes of weak eyelash extension retention.

Lash Business Tips

Alongside the practical skills you'll need for lashing, our lash extension courses will also provide all the tips and tricks to make your lash business as popular and profitable as possible!

  • Pricing advice: Now that you're a highly trained lash tech, how do you make sure you're pricing your eyelash treatments fairly and appropriately? Our experts here at BELO Lash will provide insights into how you should scale your prices to ensure you're meeting your goals and growing your lash business.
  • Business ideas: The BELO Lash team collectively have so much knowledge and years of experience in the beauty industry, and we've decided to share our secrets with all you BELO babes! We'll be going through some social media tips, the best lashing products and tools, and any other tricks to ensure your lash business thrives!

What will I get out of the training course?

Toward the end of our Russian volume course, you'll have to complete a practical assessment to test you on all the knowledge and skills you've picked up during the training session. If you pass the assessment - and we're sure you will - you'll get a certificate to show that you've completed our Russian volume lash course and are a fully accredited eyelash extension expert! You can show off your certificate and hang it up in your salon for all your clients to see.

After the course, you won't have to worry about purchasing equipment either. As part of our Beginner Russian Training Course, you'll also receive a complete Russian Volume Lash Kit that's worth over £100! Each kit comes with all the essentials you'll need to apply the perfect Russian volume eyelash extension look:

Use these kits to practise your lashing skills at your own pace or, once you're ready, kickstart your lashing business and start providing treatments for all your gorgeous clients. If any of these products in your kit run out, you can always pick up more of your favourite lashing products right here at BELO!

Additional information

All of our beauty courses will be held at BELO Lash HQ in Middleton, near Manchester. The complete address is:


2, slater street



The course will begin at 10 am and finish at around 4 pm, so please make sure to arrive with plenty of time to relax and mingle! Manchester is notorious for heavy traffic, so if you're driving to Middleton we recommend accounting for extra travel time just in case. Lunch will also be included - just let us know if you have any dietary requirements beforehand.

All students must be at least 17 years old to enrol on this course.

Due to previous incidents, we also advise students to arrange their own eyelash model wherever possible. Students should also assess their model's lashes before starting the training course to ensure that they are suitable for eyelash extension treatments.

All students must pass a practical assessment with BELO trainers to gain the accredited certificate of completion. Students who fail the practical assessment will not receive a certificate of accreditation.

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend BELO's beginner Russian lash course?

Our Beginner Russian Training Course is the perfect training course for anyone new to Russian volume lash extensions! If you're a more experienced lash tech or are more interested in Classic eyelash extensions, we've got you covered too. We've also created more courses like the Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course and, for more experienced lash techs, our Advanced Masterclass Training Course.

I'm completely new to eyelash extensions, can I enrol in this Beginner Russian Training Course?

While the course is made for lash techs new to Russian volume lashes, we've designed the course to follow on from a Classic lash course. All BELO Russian volume students will need to be fully competent in the Classic lash technique and have at least 3 months of experience as a qualified Classic lash technician.

Is the Beginner Russian Training Course available as an online course?

Unfortunately, our Beginner Russian Training Course isn't available as an online training course. If you can't make it to one of our training sessions, don't worry! We've put together some online courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

If you're interested in creating a spikey eyelash extension look, we highly recommend checking out our Baddie Lash Online Masterclass! Or, if you prefer using our Pretty in Pro Made Volume Fans, our Pro Made Fan Masterclass will help you create the perfect half set using our best selling fans.

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