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BELO LASH eyelash extension kits offer everything a lash artist needs for their treatments. Whether you're a beginner looking for a starter kit to kickstart your lash extension business, or a pro looking to refresh your kit - BELO eyelash extension kits are your dream come true!

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About BELO Eyelash Kits

Here at BELO Lash we're all about making your lashing life easier, and that's exactly what our all-inclusive eyelash extension kits are for! We've carefully curated them so that each kit has everything you'll need to get started with lash extension treatments. From cleansers, sealants, adhesives, and even the lashes themselves, you won't have to worry about picking up anything else before getting started on your first set of eyelash extensions!

So what are you waiting for? Explore our comprehensive range of kits today to start creating the most gorgeous extensions for your client's lashes!

Stocking up on new lash supplies can be a bit of a chore, especially if you're a new lash technician and are building up your stock of supplies from scratch. Whether it's figuring out which tools you'll need or how many of each you'll be needing for your business, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the different lash products available.

Each kit has everything you'll need for your eyelash extension treatments including lash accessories, tweezers, pre and post-treatment products, as well as the extensions themselves. It all comes in our handy BELO Lash kit bag for easy transport and storage.

These kits are a great choice for any new lash techs looking to learn more about lash application as well as our more experienced BELO babes who need to restock their lashing supplies.

We currently offer two types of lash extension kits: the Classic Lash Kit and Russian Lash Kit.

Classic Lash Kit

Our Classic Lash Kit has everything you'll need to create the perfect classic eyelash extension treatments! Alongside the essential lashing tools like our Bestie Bond Adhesive and Lash Cleaner, you'll also receive two trays of our very own Classic Cashmere Flat Lashes. These lashes are perfect for offering the perfect classic eyelash extension treatments and will help elevate your client's eyes and lashes.

Russian Lash Kit

Just like the Classic Lash Kit, our Russian Lash Kit provides all the tools and accessories you'll need to start offering the most gorgeous Russian volume treatments.

Alongside all the must-have accessories and pre/post-treatment products you'll need for lashing, this kit also offers two mixed length trays of our fan-favourite Velvet Volume Lashes. These lashes are a great option if your clients prefer the more glamorous and dramatic looks that Russian volume lashes can provide.

The kit also comes with our bestselling Bulletproof Bond Adhesive, the perfect lash adhesive for long-lasting and dramatic eyelash extension looks.

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Lash Kits Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in these eyelash extension kits?

All of our kits include everything you need to begin lashing such as tweezers, adhesives, lash shampoo, lash tape, eye pads, applicators, and more! You'll also receive 2 trays of eyelash extensions which means they're ready for application as soon as your order arrives at your doorstep.

For a more detailed breakdown of what comes with each kit, please refer to their individual pages.

Are the eyelash extension kits suitable for beginner lash techs?

BELO Lash's complete eyelash extension kits are the perfect choice for beginners who are just getting started on their lashing journey. The kit has everything you'll need to start applying the most beautiful eyelash extensions for your clients – even a premium kit bag to help keep all your lashing supplies neatly organised.

What type of lash adhesive is included in each lash extension kit?

The Classic Eyelash Extension Kit comes with our best-selling Bestie Bond Adhesive, which will ensure your client's new extensions will last for weeks without causing damage to their natural lashes.

Our Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Kit comes with the Bulletproof Bond Adhesive, which has a faster drying and curing time as well as stronger retention compared to the classic Bestie Bond Adhesive. It also features a black pigment, making it the perfect adhesive for more dramatic Russian volume treatments.

Aside from being available in these kits, you can easily restock these two adhesives – as well as the Bulletproof Max Adhesive, our strongest lash adhesive yet – through our online shop.

Can I choose which eyelash extensions to use with the kit?

Our lash kits come with pre-selected eyelash extensions. The Classic Lash Kit comes with our Classic Cashmere Flat Lashes while the Russian Volume Kit includes our best-selling Velvet Volume Lashes.

Unfortunately, you can't switch out these lashes for other types when ordering these kits. You can however supplement the kit with any of our lash extensions such as the Blended Russian Lashes or the beginner-friendly Velvet Easy Fan Lashes. Feel free to browse through our entire collection of eyelash extensions and add any that peak your interest into your cart.

If you're new to lash extensions, we recommend trying out our different types of extensions once you've gotten the hang of the different lash tools in the kit.

How many applications can you get out of each eyelash extension kit?

Each lash extension kit has enough supplies to provide up to 50 lash applications.