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Lash Cleanser

Lash Cleanser

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Foaming lash cleanser

BELO's lash cleanser is the perfect addition to any lash artist's kit. The foaming shampoo effectively cleans eyelash extensions between appointments and before applying a set of lashes, following an extension removal.

BELO LASH cleanser is specifically designed to cleanse the eye area and eyelash extensions and is suitable for both personal and professional use. The cleanser formula includes a soap agent which creates a foamy texture which is gentle and leaves no residue once rinsed.

How to use BELO Cleanser:

Lash Techs: Use the foam cleanser as a part of your pre treatment routine to thoroughly cleanse the eye area. The lash shampoo can be used in a Lash Bath prior to applications and infills. 

The foam formula effectively removes any oil residue from cream false eyelash removers, so use the foam cleanser following a lash extension removal. Before applying a new set of lashes, ensure all product is rinsed from the eye area and the natural eyelashes completely air-dry.

Clients: Use the foaming lash shampoo 2-3 times per week to promote lash retention and good eyelash hygiene.

Cleansing your lash extensions is a key part of effective aftercare and maintenance of your lash extensions. The foam formula of the BELO cleanser gently removes any build up of dirt, oils and makeup from the eyelash extensions. 

Don't worry, BELO lash shampoo is specifically designed with false eyelash cleansing in mind, and so will not affect the bond between the eyelash glue and your extensions. You may experience some extensions falling out after cleansing, but this is very normal and these lashes would have been loose already. Cleansing your eyelashes ensures that the bond between the eyelash extensions and the lash glue is not placed under additional strain from a build up of dirt and oil which may occur.

Shampooing your lashes is key to improve your overall eyelash hygiene and ensures you do not have any issues when you come back for an infill appointment. Many lash technicians will not accept clients who arrive to their appointments with dirty lash extensions as the additional time to clean the lashes will impact the overall appointment time. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Lovely product!! My eyes feels amazing after!! :))))


Haven’t used the shampoo yet but I got a free glue with my purchase and what I can say is the glue is really bad quality, I used it for 4 clients on the first day of arrival and all 4 clients have messaged to say the lashes haven’t stayed on. I have been a lash tech for 6 years and never had a issue like this. It’s costed me time and money fixing my clients lashes.

My eyes are sensitive and previous lash cleansers have stung …

My eyes are sensitive and previous lash cleansers have stung my eyes but this was amazing no stinging and a lovely smell, will be my new go to!! Xx

Gemma Guthrie
This is must have! I always use this before every …

This is must have! I always use this before every infil to make sure I get the best retention. Would highly recommend
The packaging is cute too! X