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Discover the ease of removing lash extensions at home with BELO Lash's range of eyelash extension removers. Designed to gently dissolve adhesive bonds without damaging natural lashes, our remover ensures a safe and effective way to detach extensions.

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About our eyelash removers

Our eyelash extension removers are designed to safely and effectively remove lash extensions without damaging natural lashes. These removers work by dissolving the adhesive bonds that hold the extensions to the natural lashes, allowing the extensions to slide off comfortably.

Some of the different types of removers available include liquid, gel, and cream removers. Each type has a unique consistency and method of application, catering to different preferences and needs. Gel removers are popular for their thicker consistency, which allows them to sit on the lashes without running into the eyes. However, they must be used carefully as their texture can become watery if left on for too long, potentially causing eye irritation. Here at BELO Lash, we prefer cream removers. These are generally considered the safest option, with a thick cream-like consistency that sits well on lashes and is easy to apply without running.

With our high quality lash extension removers, extensions can be removed safely and quickly, typically in less than 10 minutes when done by a certified professional. The process of eyelash extension removal involves applying the remover on the extensions using a micro swab or a similar tool, waiting for a short period, and then gently removing the extensions with a swab or tweezers.

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Lash Removers Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lash extension remover work?

It comfortably breaks down the adhesive bonds, allowing lash extensions to slide off easily. This allows you to avoid damaging natural lashes and irritating the eye area.

Is it safe for the skin and eye area?

Yes, our remover is formulated to be gentle on the skin and safe for use around the sensitive eye area.
Can I use it on stronger adhesive?
Absolutely, it's effective even on strong lash glue, ensuring all types of extensions can be removed carefully.

How do I apply the remover?

Our tip is to use tape or our Pink Hydrogel Eye Pads, then cleanse with a foaming lash cleanser. Apply a small amount of the lash extension remover gently using the slide brush applicator, ensuring full coverage of the lash line. After 5-10 minutes, the bond will be loosened and you can easily remove the extensions without unnecessary pulling on the natural eyelashes.