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Maximum Comfort Pink Hydrogel Eye Pads

Maximum Comfort Pink Hydrogel Eye Pads

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Hydrogel eye pads offer a more luxury feel to your treatments than using tape alone. As every lash tech knows, taping the lashes before a treatment can significantly impact how comfortable your client is throughout the treatment and how easy it is for you to place the lashes. Under eye patches can be extremely useful for creating a seamless lashing process, no matter the lash style. 

Our hydrogel eye patches are designed to hold down the bottom lashes during the eyelash extension treatments for smooth and easy application. The hydrogel pads are lint-free, super thin and easy to mould around a variety of eyes making them an essential part of any lash tech's tool kit.

These under eye gel pads will sit comfortably on the under eye area and stay in place during treatment, helping to hydrate the client's area around the eyes as it holds down the lower lashes. The new and improved design will also allow these pads to sit comfortably on oily skin. Our eye pads also promise a comfortable feel for clients during the application of their eyelash extensions all the way to the removal of the pads. Our under eye patches are designed by lash techs, for lash techs. 

Pack contents

  • Includes 50 pairs of eye pads (25 treatments)

Hydrogel pads benefits:

  • Our under eye patches are lint-free.
  • Easy application making them great for beginner lash techs.
  • Hydrogel patches hydrate skin and leaves it feeling refreshed after lash procedures thanks to aloe vera extract.
  • Minimise wrinkles by not pulling on the skin around the eye area. 
  • Pads will not peel off no matter how much the client moves. 

How to use under eye patches:

  • Start by cleaning the lashes with foam cleanser and cleansing the eye area. 
  • Remove the eye pad from the strips.
  • Place the eye pads carefully and gently underneath the eyes before the lash extension application. 
  • After the lash procedure is done, gently peel the pads away from the eyes. 
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