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    • Opal Cromie

      Absolutely adore using Belo Lash products, the improvement in my lash sets since discovering the brand has been massive.

    • Hollie Bedford

      Belo is my all time favourite lash brand!!

      And owned by the 2 loveliest ladies!

    • Eden Mitchell

      Belo lash is my favourite brand for lash supplies, definitely a luxury brand & a very reasonable price.

Specifically designed by lash technicians for lash technicians, our eyelash range covers all of your bases, allowing you to boss every lashing technique. Take your clients’ lash extensions to the next level with BELO Lash’s premium eyelash extensions! Our lash range covers every length, volume and curl that you need to provide your clients with the eyelash look of their dreams, from classic lash looks to Russian volume lashes and everything in between. 

Whether your client is looking for mega volume or natural lashes, BELO Lash extensions can help you put together the perfect eyelash look for your clients. Once you've picked the right eyelash extensions, head on over to our range of lash glues to ensure a secure and long-lasting hold for your clients’ gorgeous new eyelash extensions.

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About our eyelash extension range

Classic lashes

Our classic cashmere lashes are perfect for 1:1 application to help create a timeless look that enhances your clients’ natural beauty. Classic lashes offer an extension to your clients’ natural lashes, which then accentuates the natural eye shape.

BELO classic eyelash extensions offer better eyelash retention for your treatments compared to faux mink classics as our flat base design adheres to the natural lash seamlessly. The flat synthetic fibres of our cashmere classic lashes are a lightweight alternative to other classic eyelash extensions. 

Classic Cashmere Lashes are our twist on mink lashes – our super wispy matte black flat eyelash extensions! Cashmere classics can be applied with volume lashes or in 1:1 application for a timeless look.

CLASSIC cashmere lashes are stocked in 0.20 & 0.15 D curl. 

Our classic lash mixed trays run from 8 -15mm. 

Individual length trays available from 9mm -16mm.  

Russian Volume lashes

Our Russian Volume lashes are the eyelash extensions that mean business when it comes to volume and length. Whether your client chooses a velour lash style, matte velvet lashes, or blended, you can be sure to provide top quality extensions using BELO LASH Russian Volumes for your treatments.

Russian Volume lash techniques involve applying more than one synthetic lash to each of the client's natural lashes. Volume sets can offer technicians more room to hone application techniques, create unique eyelash looks and blend different styles. 

Our range of Russian Volume extensions are a technician's best friend as you can offer your clients completely customisable sets using our velour lashes, velvet lashes and blended lashes.

Velour Russian Lashes – volume lashes with high gloss and shine. Velour lashes are perfect for creating advanced strip-lash maps. 

VELOUR lashes stocked in 0.7 & 0.5, C & D curl.

Mixed trays 8mm-15mm & 12mm-18mm. 

Individual lash lengths from 9-16mm.

Velvet Russian Lashes – our bestselling super soft matte volume lashes. The go-to lash for versatile lash extensions which suit your clients’ needs. 

VELVET volume lashes stocked in 0.5 & 0.3, C, D & DD curl.

Mixed eyelash trays available in 8-15mm, 12-18mm and 16-20mm

Individual lash length trays available from 9mm-18mm.

Blended Russian Lashes - the perfect combination of a velour lash look and matte volume lashes, with a silky gloss finish. Use in narrow fan techniques and strip lash styling looks! 

BLENDED volume lashes stocked in D & CC curl 0.3 & 0.5 thickness.

Mixed trays 8mm-15mm & 12-18mm. 

Individual length trays available from 9mm-15mm. 

Easy Fan extensions

Easy fan eyelash extensions are your secret weapon when it comes to creating volume lash sets, saving you time on application and making your life as a technician so much easier! Simply pinch the base of the eyelash extensions together to create custom fans without the need for glue. 

Velvet Easy Fan Lashes – our easy fan lashes are heat bonded at the base to create instant volume fans without relying solely on glue! A great alternative to pre-made fan lashes to create fluffier custom sets.

EASY FAN volume lashes are available in C & D curl, 0.03 & 0.05 thickness.

Mixed eyelash trays of 8mm-15mm and 12mm-18mm. 

10-16mm individual eyelash lengths. 

PROmade fans

BELO Pretty in Promade fans are your secret weapon for creating volume and hybrid looks quickly, without the fuss. Hand made with SNATCHED bases, our promade fans will revolutionise your lashing technique. 

Pre-made extensions

Pre-Made Spikes – Create signature wispy eyelash looks by applying pre-made spikes throughout volume lash sets. Put the 'wow' into your eyelash extensions and have your clients leave their treatments feeling like an A-lister. 

PRE-MADE SPIKES are available in 0.7 D curl.

Mixed tray contains lengths 15mm-18mm. 

Pre-made Wispy Fans - The easiest way to create wispy lash sets effortlessly. 7D fans with a thicker middle fibre for added wisp, these premade fans will elevate any lash look. 

Now that you've bossed any type of eyelash extensions from velour lashes and Russian Volume lashes to classics with BELO Lash extensions, level up your application technique with our tools and accessories. Ensure ultimate precision when applying eyelash extensions, isolating natural lashes and combing through the finished look to check for stickies with our tweezer range.