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Classic Cashmere Flat Lash

Classic Cashmere Flat Lash

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Our super wispy classic lash extensions for 1:1 application! 

At BELO LASH, we have created the perfect individual lashes for classic applications. Ultra lightweight yet dark and full, BELO LASH classic individual extensions enhance your client's natural lashes by providing subtle thickness and curl. 

When compared to mink, silk or faux mink lashes under a microscope, cashmere lashes are flat as opposed to rounded. This flat lash surface creates a stronger bond when applied to the natural lash as the adhesive can bind the extension to the natural lash effectively. 

Flat lashes promise the very best retention for your clients when applied effectively using a high quality adhesive. Make sure to use an eyelash glue that suits your lashing style and speed to ensure retention. We recommend applying BELO classics with a black eyelash glue, such as BELO Bulletproof Max, to enhance the dark effect of the eyelashes. 

Cashmere lashes are almost half the weight of a regular classic lash, so they are perfect for clients with weak or frail natural eyelashes.

Classic eyelash extension lengths:

Our BELO classic cashmere lashes are available in both mixed trays and single length trays to give your clients lots of choice.

Mixed trays are available in: 8-15mm

Single length trays are available from: 9-16mm. 

Classic eyelash extension curls:

We have chosen to stock our Classics in D curl, as this gives the extensions enough curl to enhance the natural lashes without the need for volume fans. 

Thickness: 0.15d & 0.2d

Curl: D Curl

About BELO's classic eyelash extensions:

Our classic eyelash extensions are not suitable for volume treatments as they are designed for 1:1 application, where an individual lash is placed onto each of the natural lashes. Cashmere extensions will not create effective lash fans for Russian volume lash extensions. 

BELO lash eyelash extensions are created from high quality and lightweight Korean PBT material. The cashmere lashes matte effect provides a soft lash extension which enhances the eye without looking 'plastic-y' like others on the market.

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