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BELO LASH eyelash bundles are a dream come true for professional lash artists that want to save when buying their eyelash extension supplies in bulk. Our high value eyelash bundles are great for when all of your supplies seem to run out at the same time!

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About our eyelash bundles:

Hey there, BELO Babe! Are you searching for some high-quality lash equipment that is going to elevate your game and keep clients coming back for more? If so, you've come to the right place.

At BELO Lash, we believe in giving lash techs not only exceptional products, but also exceptional treatment experiences for their clients. That's why our lash bundles are thoughtfully packaged and labelled for ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your lash journey, our bundles will streamline your workflow, saving you valuable time and keeping you organised! So let's take a closer look at some of the stunning bundles we have available for purchase.

Retention Bundle

If you want to provide your clients gorgeous lashes that stand the test of time, our BELO Retention Bundle is just the thing for you! Inside this powerhouse bundle you'll find everything you need to keep your lash game in check. The products included in this bundle include:

  • Forever Fix - our game-changing eyelash primer and bonding agent, perfect for strengthening the adhesive bond between the glue and the natural lashes.
  • Lock it In Sealant - an essential product in prolonging the life of lash extensions, protecting the glue and maximising retention.
  • Your choice of adhesive to cater to your skill level, including both our Bulletproof and Bestie Bond product ranges.

Pre-Made Client Paperwork Packs

We get it, paperwork isn't the most exciting part of the treatment process, but don't worry — we've got you covered! Our Pre-Made Client Paperwork Packs are here to make your life easier. Wave goodbye to those boring forms and welcome our stylish, pink paperwork packs. Get the nitty-gritty stuff done in a snap!

Helping save time both pre and post-treatment, these packs are designed to simplify the experience and make sure that nothing gets missed or overlooked. Our BELO Lash Paperwork Packs include:

  • Client record cards and consultation forms
  • Aftercare cards
  • Policies and procedures cards

Russian Lash Kit

In our comprehensive Russian Lash Bundle, we cover all the bases with a selection of accessories, tweezers, pre and post treatment supplies — everything you need to create beautiful lash extensions for your clients. Some of the products you can expect in the Russian Lash Kit include:

Classic Lash Kit

You can never go wrong with a classic, babe! Our Classic Lash Kit is perfect for achieving those timeless and elegant looks, fit for any occasion. With a variety of lash lengths and curls at your fingertips (including our show-stopping classic cashmere flat lashes), you'll be able to customise your client's style to perfectly match their preferences.

This bundle is also fully stocked with professional tweezers, industry-grade adhesive, cleanser, lash remover and all the accessories you can think of, in one place! Some of the products in this bundle include:

Treatment & Accounts Diary Bundle

Stay on top of your game with our Treatment and Accounts Diary Bundle. This package includes a stunning pink treatment diary to record client details, lash extension specifications, and important notes. Additionally, it also contains an accounts diary to keep track of your business expenses, income, and appointments. Keep your lash business running smoothly with this all-in-one bundle!

At BELO Lash, each of our bundles has been thoughtfully curated to meet the unique needs of lash artists and clients alike. If you need any details about our bundles and what else we can offer you, don't hesitate to contact a member of our team today!

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Lash Bundles Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Classic and Volume Lash Bundles suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our Classic Lash Bundle has been intentionally put together to offer a range of lash options in one package, giving beginners a great opportunity to experiment and try out new lashing styles. Bundles also offer the convenience of having all the tools you need, readily available for application, which can be helpful when learning different lashing techniques.

What differentiates the Russian Lash Bundle from the Classics?

As the name suggests, the Classic Bundle is designed for technicians looking to create a more natural ('classic') lash look, while the Russian Bundle was put together for those going for a bolder, more dramatic style.

In our Russian Lash Bundle, expect to find 2 mixed length trays of velvet volume lashes (with lengths ranging from 8mm to 15mm), with the Classic Lash Bundle instead featuring 2 classic cashmere lash mix trays.

What documents are included within your Paperwork Packs?

The documents provided within the Pre Made Client Paperwork Packs include: client consultation forms/client record cards (25pcs), aftercare cards (25pcs), and business policy sheets (25pcs).

Will I save money with the Russian or Classic Lash Bundles?

When designing our Belo Lash Bundles, our goal was to offer customers professional lash tools for a reasonable price! With our incredibly valuable Russian and Classic lash bundles, you can see savings of up to £45 on all the supplies you need to get your business up and running. So don't miss out!

How do I use the treatment diary for my lash appointments?

If you are concerned about how to use our BELO Lash treatment diary, don't fret, as they are very simple to use! Simply fill in the name of your client, their selected lash treatment, and the cost of the service. Once you've completed all your appointments for the day, you can easily calculate the price of all the treatments in the box at the bottom of each page.

Does BELO offer free shipping in the UK?

For all orders above £100, shipping across the United Kingdom is FREE! If you feel that your current order doesn't meet the minimum spend, we would suggest taking a look at our complete collection to help support your beauty treatments.