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Russian Lash Kit

Russian Lash Kit

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*please note the photo of the kits are for illustration purposes only and actual contents may vary slightly based on stock* 

 *fan will differ from image* 

The BELO Volume / Russian lash kit has been specifically curated with staples for volume eyelash extension treatments.

This kit is perfect as a starter kit for beginners or a supply top-up, and contains everything you need for treatments: our professional tweezers, industry-leading adhesive, lash extension cleanser, remover and all the accessories you can think of! BELO kits are the be-all-and-end-all of lashing, so you can provide your clients with a premium lash treatment over and over again.  

Volume kits feature our best selling Bulletproof Bond glue and Velvet Volume eyelash extensions: the ultimate lashes for matte, dark volume lashes. 

We also stock classic lash starter kits, which feature our classic cashmere lashes for 1:1 treatments.   

Volume Eyelash Kit contents:

Accessories for every lash extension treatment

1x 50 PACK OF HYDROGEL EYEPADS: super comfortable under eye pads to prep the eye area for treatments. 

PINK LASH TAPE: pretty in pink tape for taping the eye area. 

TRANSPORE TAPE: breathable tape for the bottom lashes. 

PACK OF 50 LASH WANDS: everyone loves a sparkly pink lash wand!

PACK OF 50 MICROBRUSHES: micro applicators for primer and sealant. 

PACK OF 50 APPLICATORS: comfortable foam applicators for lash baths and removals. 

Premium supplies for volume applications

2 X MIXED LENGTH TRAYS OF VELVET VOLUME LASHES: our signature black, fluffy matte volume eyelash extensions in mixed length trays of 8 mm to 15 mm. 

ISOLATION TWEEZER: baby isolation tweezer, the perfect angled tool for reaching every natural eyelash. 

BOOT TWEEZER: your best friend for making volume fans.  

Volume lash adhesive

5ML BULLETPROOF BOND ADHESIVE: our all-time best-selling lash glue with unrivalled retention potential and a 1 second curing time.  

Everything you need for pre and post lash treatments:

EASY LIFT CREAM REMOVER: breaks down the bond between extensions and glue for seamless lash removals.  

LOCK IT IN SEALANT: unrivalled protection for the bond between the lash glue and the extension.  

FOAM LASH CLEANSER: the best cleanser to remove oil and dirt build up from the lashes, completely oil-free. 

FOREVER FIX: our premium eyelash primer to provide the perfect base for eyelash extensions. 

Huge savings with Russian lash kits

BELO kits provide huge savings of over £45, meaning you can stock up on premium lash supplies - without the price tag! If that wasn't enough, BELO kits also qualify for free UK delivery, giving you even more value for money.

BELO Kits are suitable for professional lash technicians, and all products are strictly for professional use only. 

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Amazing love, belo Lash products 😍 will defp be ordering again cute packaging too xx