Collection: Post-Treatment

Here at BELO Lash we're proud to stock some of the highest quality products for all you lash babes out there. Aside from our bestselling lash extensions, we also provide some of the best post-treatment lash products to help enhance your lash extension aftercare process. Whether you're looking for a new cleanser brush or a longer lasting extension sealant, our post-treatment collection has got you covered!

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About our Post-Treatment Products

Our collection of post-treatment lash products is perfect for eyelash extension aftercare, designed to maximise eyelash retention

When applying lash extensions, you want to make sure you're using the best products and techniques to ensure they last as long as possible. After all, the last thing your client wants is for their brand new eyelash extensions to fall apart as they're walking out of your salon. With the right aftercare products, you can rest assured that their fresh eyelash extensions will have them looking beautiful for weeks to come.


Cleansing is an essential part of pre and post-treatment eyelash care. If you're looking for the perfect eyelash extension cleanser, you're in luck! Our Lash Cleanser is a gentle, foaming cleanser that helps to remove any residue, dirt or oil from the eye area and is great for both personal and professional use. 


Sealants are an essential part of maximising eyelash retention. If you're looking to create longer-lasting eyelash extensions, our Lock It In Sealant is the perfect choice for you. Designed for enhanced lash retention, the Lock It In Sealant provides a protective seal around the base of your lash extensions and adhesive. Simply use it after applying a fresh set of lash extensions and you'll be guaranteed longer lasting eyelashes!

Eyelash Extension Remover

For easy and seamless eyelash extension removal, check out our Cream Lash Extension Remover. With a gentle cream-based formula, you'll be able to easily remove any eyelash extensions with minimal irritation and damage to your clients natural eyelashes. Your client will be ready for a new set of lash extensions in less than 10 minutes, helping you create a speedy, record breaking eyelash extension treatment!


If you want your extensions to last for ages, our Little Quickie Superbonder is going to be the perfect choice for you. It's designed to speed up the curing process of your lash adhesive, which then leads to quicker drying time and faster lash extension treatments. By strengthening the bond between the adhesive and eyelash extensions, your client also won't have to worry about getting caught in the rain and losing their fresh lashes.

Lashing tools

Every great lash artist should know that they can depend on their high quality, reliable equipment for their treatments. With BELO Lash's set of lashing tools, including our Lash Cleanser Brush, you'll be able to provide the best lash extension services for your clients. Effective eyelash cleansing is also an essential part of lash treatments and aftercare, which is why our Lash Cleanser Brush is an absolute must-have for all lash artists. Its soft bristles and innovative design makes it easier for deep cleansing both before and after lash extension treatments.

Remember, even the best lashes need to be maintained properly with the right aftercare and post-treatment!

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Post-Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Why is eyelash extension aftercare important?

It's extremely important for lash artists to have the proper aftercare techniques and routine ready. With proper lash extension aftercare, your lash extensions will be able to last much longer in between appointments, leading to beautiful and happier clients in the long run.

Looking for more info on lash retention? Check out our blog that covers everything you need to know about eyelash extension retention.

Is sealant really necessary for lash extension aftercare?

For maximum lash retention, we highly recommend using our sealant as part of your post-treatment process. The sealant provides a protective barrier around the lash adhesive and the base of the lash extensions, helping to protect it from dirt, sweat, and oil. With this added protection, you'll be able to maximise lash retention.

Is the post-treatment collection designed for professional use only?

Some of our post-treatment products can be used by your clients themselves as part of their aftercare routine. This includes our Lash Cleaner and Lock It In Sealant, which they'll be able to take home with them and use for an effective eyelash extension aftercare routine.