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BELO LASH has made it easy for all eyelash technicians to shop their post- lash treatment supplies. Stock up on your lash and eyelash glue removers and aftercare essentials to benefit from the premium quality of BELO LASH products in all of your post-treatment needs.

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About out Post-Treatment Products

Our post- eyelash extension treatment products are designed in order to preserve and prolong your clients beautiful new lash sets, as well as remove any old extensions or eyelash adhesive before applying new sets. From our lash extension removers to lash fans, use premium BELO products to assure the quality of your treatments. 

Cream Remover

BELO lash remover aids the removal of lashes by allowing you to remove stubborn lashes, dissolve glue or adhesive and prepare for a new set of eyelash extensions easily. 

As the remover is a cream/ oil-based product with a cream formula, it can gently remove any lash extensions or adhesive build-up. The cream gently dissolves eyelash extension glue without harming the natural lashes, making removal pain-free and simple. Cream-based removers are kinder to the eye than gel type removers and are less likely to cause irritation of the eye area.

Remember to wash the eye area using our BELO eyelash cleanser after using the cream remover in order to remove any oil-based residue or make-up around the eye before starting a new eyelash extension treatment. 

Lash Fan

Our cute lash fan is the perfect addition to any eyelash extension artists tool kits! 

Aid the curing time of your lash extensions and ensure your glues and adhesives are fully set at the end of your treatments. The lash fan is key to setting the individual lashes and creates a pleasant cooling effect after treatments. 


Lock It In Sealant

Our Lock It In Sealant forms a protective barrier around the eyelash adhesive to ensure the eyelash extension remains bonded to the natural lash. Using a sealant between treatments is an aftercare holy grail!

Clients can apply the sealant at home using BELO microbrushes and prolong the retention of their sets between infills. For lash techs, use disposable microbrushes to apply after individual eyelash extension treatments. 

Aftercare instructions: Brush onto the base of the lashes after using our foaming cleanser to promote retention of the eyelash extensions. 

Buy our Lock It In Sealant in bulk as an aftercare product for your clients to generate retail opportunities after your treatments

Little Quickie Superbonder

BELO Little Quickie Superbonder is a revelation for any lash artist. Discover why our customer reviews say that this product is "magic"! The BELO Little Quickie Superbonder can instantly safeguard eyelash extensions against rain, showers and the gym - meaning no more 24 hour rule for your clients and no more poor retention. 

After using our Forever Fix Eyelash Primer and one of our range of lash glues (we recommend Bulletproof Bond or Bestie Bond for ultimate retention) apply the Little Quickie bonding agent to secure in your semi-permanent lash extensions. 

The bonding agent comes in 15 ml bottle and has an impressive shelf life of 24 month unopened and 6 months opened. 

Remember to ensure your clients avoid bad habits like rubbing their eyes or applying mascara to the lashes as this will negatively impact retention. 


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