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BELO Lash eyelash glues are your secret weapon for nailing the application and retention of your lash extension sets! When applying individual lashes, you need a glue that suits your lashing style and works with you to create stunning eyelash extensions for your clients. All BELO Lash lash adhesives come with a sealed nozzle to ensure you can stock up on your glues with a long shelf life for unopened bottles. Our lash adhesives also offer a range of drying times to suit your needs whether you're a beginner or a pro lash artist. 

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About our Eyelash Adhesive Range:

Using the right eyelash extension glue is the key to long-lasting eyelashes for your clients. At BELO Lash, we know that there's no point having premium eyelash extensions without an eyelash extension glue that promises retention and long-lasting quality. That's why we created glues that not only our clients fall in love with, but we are obsessed with too! 

To highlight your clients' best features with lash extensions that will stand the test of time, reliable adhesives are a must-have. Our individual eyelash adhesives ensure that each individual lash is perfectly fixed to the natural lash and ensures the retention of the sets for weeks when used correctly. We know how important quick drying eyelash glues are to have in your collection, which is why every one of our glues is made with the highest quality ingredients and tested to ensure that it provides the speed and longevity we know you need! 

Be assured that all BELO eyelash extension glues are latex and paraben free. However, we still recommend performing patch tests on your clients. This is considered best practice to ensure that your adhesives don’t cause allergic reactions and don’t irritate clients with sensitive eyes. Also, be sure to store your glues according to the guidance on each product as high temperature and humidity may cause shock polymerisation of the lash adhesive. 

Glue Recovery Kit: Our Glue Recovery Kit is a new addition to our BELO range and a god-send for saving opened adhesive bottles. Including a replacement nozzle, pin and lid, the eyelash glue recovery kit is a life saver for all professional lash artists. 

Remember: the eyelash glue recovery kit does not extend the shelf life of the adhesive. 

Bulletproof Bond Adhesive: See why our clients hail BELO Bulletproof Bond Adhesive as "the best glue they have ever used" time and time again!

Available in 5ml and 10ml bottles, our bestselling Bulletproof Bond Adhesive is a quick-drying extra-strong adhesive for experienced lash technicians. BELO Bulletproof ensures the best retention for your clients' lash extension sets, as the high-quality glue bonds eyelash extensions to the natural lash with ease. Bulletproof eyelash adhesive dries within 1 second for speedy application and minimal stickies on final brush throughs.

For all false eyelash treatments, you need a glue that is going to work with you. Bulletproof has a thin consistency and is black in colour so you can place the lash extensions accurately onto the natural lashes and has the added benefit of low fumes! Bulletproof lash adhesive is suitable for all types of eyelash extensions, including handmade volume fans. Whether you're applying a set of Classics or mega volume strip lash looks, Bulletproof eyelash adhesive will give you strong eyelash extensions that will last. 

Bulletproof Bond has an impressive self life of 3 months once opened and 6 months when unopened. This individual lash adhesive is most effective between 22-24 degrees Celsius and 55-65% humidity. 

Bulletproof Max Adhesive: Our Bulletproof Max Eyelash glue is another BELO bestseller and it's easy to see why. 

Think of this lash glue as the big sister to the Bulletproof Bond Adhesive, offering an even faster drying time! This eyelash glue has a quick-dry formula, drying in just 0.5 seconds! However, don't let that trick you into thinking that this glue is only for the seasoned lash artists, as this super-fast setting adhesive is perfect for beginners too, helping to provide a professional finish and excellent retention no matter what. 

Take your clients' eyelashes to the next level today with this black lash glue, offering best performance when kept at a temperature range between 22-24 degrees. Just like our other eyelash glues, the Bulletproof Max Adhesive has a 3 month shelf life once opened and an impressive 6 month shelf life when unopened!

Our Bulletproof Max adhesive is every lash artist's dream as it dries clear and traceless. Suitable for all types of individual false eyelashes, this eyelash glue is guaranteed to provide perfect results every time that your clients will love. This glue is also latex-free, making it perfect for clients with more sensitive skin and eyes.

Bestie Bond Adhesive: Ready to meet your new bestie? Introducing the Bestie Bond Adhesive – an ultra-strong black eyelash extension glue which bonds false lashes to each individual eyelash easily. Bestie dries within 1-2 seconds, allowing for both beginner and pro lash technicians to nail their application, placement and mapping of the individual lashes. Using a black glue is effective in both classic eyelash and volume eyelash extension sets as the dark tone blends seamlessly with the false lashes and adds glam to the eye.

Bestie eyelash extension glue has an optimum temperature range between 22-24 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of 60-65% and can be stored for up to to 6 months unopened.

At BELO Lash, we not only focus on the excellence of our adhesives but also on the overall application experience. That’s why we offer products like our Glue Nozzle Wipes and Glue Nozzle Remover, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of your adhesive bottles. These products ensure that your adhesive application is always smooth and precise, preventing clogging and prolonging the life of your glue, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of your lash applications.

Now that you've got your lash adhesives sorted, shop our Post-Treatment Range to find everything you need to ensure your clients' extensions stay healthy and they stay happy!

BELO Lash offers everything you need to provide premium eyelash extensions for your clients, whether it's natural lash extensions or full falsie glam.

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Remember: all orders over £80 can benefit from FREE DELIVERY! 

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Lash Adhesives Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before purchasing lash glue?

Look for adhesives with high-quality ingredients, good retention time, suitable drying speed for your skill level, and compatibility with different lash types. Checking for hypoallergenic and formaldehyde-free options is also important. Here at BELO Lash, all our lash adhesives are latex and paraben free, designed to be super gentle but super effective.

Do I need to do a patch test for lash adhesive?

Yes, it is recommended to conduct a patch test for lash adhesive, especially if it's your first time using a particular brand or formula with a client. This test helps determine if your client has any allergic reactions or sensitivities to the adhesive.

How long does lash glue last once opened?

Typically, lash glue lasts about 4-6 weeks after opening. It's important to store it properly to maintain its effectiveness. Don't forget to check out our glue recovery kit for preserving opened adhesive bottles!

How should I store lash adhesive?

  • Keep it Cool and Dry: Store the adhesive in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. High temperatures and humidity can affect the adhesive's quality.
  • Upright Position: Store the bottle in an upright position to prevent air from entering the nozzle, which can cause the glue to dry out.
  • Tight Seal: Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use to prevent exposure to air and moisture.
  • Away from Lash Supplies: Store it separately from other lash supplies, especially away from primers and removers, to avoid any chemical interactions.

Should I buy lash adhesive in bulk?

As long as you have sufficient storage space and are able to use the adhesive in advance of its best before date, buying in bulk is a great way to take advantage of deals and discounts. Just make sure to check the expiration date of the adhesives.