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Behind every remarkable set of lashes lies a skilled technician, armed with a secret weapon — lash tweezers. Perfect for isolating even the most fragile of eyelashes, eyelash tweezers are an essential component in the lash application process. 

At BELO Lash, we have a wide selection of tweezers to choose from, all of which can be used to refine your craft and speed up your treatments. With these tools at your disposal, you are bound to be at the top of your lash game in no time!

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About our lash tweezers

As a lash technician, it is crucial to have a keen eye for detail and a steady hand. This makes finding the perfect tweezer for the lash application process especially crucial. No matter if you prefer to work with angled or straight tools, the right pair of tweezers are a lash artist's best friend.

At BELO Lash, you can cover all the bases with our wide selection of tweezers. Some of the tools in our range include slanted, straight, precision, curved, volume and hybrid tweezers for all application techniques.

Some of the tweezers we have available in our range include:

Long Sharp Tip Isolation Tweezer: The perfect straight tool for all eyelash extension techniques. Isolate even the toughest natural lashes using our long sharp tip tweezers and make easy work of application, isolation and checking through eyelashes.

Baby Isolation Tweezer: The slant tweezer of dreams! Use in both Classic and Russian eyelash applications for total control over lash placement. With a slight lift at the tip of the slanted tool, this creates more space for a clean application.

Slim Precision Tweezer: The slim, angled design of this tweezer guarantees even the most awkward of lashes can be applied with comfort and ease.

Dainty Volume Tweezer: The perfect slimline slant tweezer for all of your volume eyelash treatments! Use the slanted tip to gain total precision and place volume fan extensions right at the base of the natural lash.

Curved Volume Tweezer: A classic curved tweezer ideal for both classic and volume eyelash extensions! Designed to maximise room for the placement of volume fan extensions, the curved edge of the tool gives you enough space to work.

45 Degree Boot Diamond Grip Tweezer: Our bestselling eyelash tweezer! This tool will become your go-to tweezer for creating the fluffiest volume lashes as the slanted boot tip gives a large surface area for application.

90 Degree Diamond Tip Tweezer: A staple in our eyelash extension tweezer range! With a custom curve to the 90 degree angle tip, these tweezers will not disappoint for all of your volume and advanced mega volume treatments!

Hybrid Tweezer: A unique hybrid slant tweezer to give you complete control in all types of lash applications!

All BELO Lash professional tweezers are made using high-quality stainless steel and feature our signature grooved handle design for improved grip in your eyelash extension treatments. Stainless steel is the perfect material for eyelash extension tweezers as it is lightweight, durable and can withstand thorough cleaning and hygiene practices.

We have also incorporated a fibre tip on each pair of tweezers to give you that extra bit of grip for all your lashing needs.

BELO Lash tweezers are the perfect companion to our professional lash extensions. Gain ultimate precision and accuracy during your treatments using tools which have been specifically designed to work alongside our lash range. We are committed to providing top quality throughout our brand, and our tweezers are certainly no exception!

Since you've mastered your lash game with our fibre tip, stainless steel tweezer range, why not take a look at our professional lash accessories?

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Lash Tweezers Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what kind of tweezers I use when applying lash extensions?

Absolutely! Every tweezer is designed with a different use in mind, so each tool will have been made for a specific purpose in the application process. If you are unsure which tweezers you should be using and when, pop over to our Which Lash Tweezer Do I Use? blog for more information.

Does BELO Lash ship outside of the UK?

We provide international shipping for all BELO Lash products! All UK orders are shipped with DPD Express on a 1-2 delivery service. For international orders, we employ an independent service which aims to deliver within 10 working days. 

Remember, any order over £100 will benefit from FREE DELIVERY! Your discount will be added automatically to your cart at checkout.

How often should I be replacing my lash extension tweezers?

At BELO Lash, our high-quality lash tweezers are designed to be long-lasting and durable. However, without proper maintenance and care, this can be detrimental to the longevity of your products. Always make sure to clean your tweezers thoroughly after each session, removing any residual glue or dirt left behind after a treatment.