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Fiber Tip Hybrid Tweezer

Fiber Tip Hybrid Tweezer

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If you're looking for the perfect all-rounder to add to your tweezer collection, look no further than the BELO Hybrid Tweezer!

This eyelash extension tweezer provides complete control for all types of lashing. Featuring our signature diamond groove finish for maximum grip, this stainless steel tweezer is a versatile addition to your professional toolkit. 

The unique slant of the Hybrid tweezer's tip makes it a truly multi-use tool. With a design that blends the characteristics of an angled tweezer and a curved volume tweezer, this hybrid shape makes it an ideal choice for a range of lash techniques. This tweezer is suitable for use as an isolation, application or fanning tweezer - so whether you are looking to create classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume eyelash looks, this professional tweezer will help you ensure that your clients leave their appointment with an unreal set of lashes.

Discover the benefits of an eyelash extension tweezer that can do everything from natural eyelash isolations to classic applications and volume fans. Depending on what you prefer to use it for, BELO recommends that lash technicians pair this professional eyelash tweezer with either a straight isolation tweezer or a curved volume tweezer in the other hand for total lashing precision. With the Hybrid tweezer, you can achieve quality eyelash extensions every time and boss your lash technique at each appointment. 

About BELO Eyelash Extension Tweezers

At BELO, all our lash tweezers are made from premium corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This makes them both durable and super easy to clean.

Caution: Be careful and take safety measures when using sharp applicator tools near the eyes. Make sure that you always have a firm hold on the tweezers to avoid the sharp tip causing harm to the eye area. 

These hybrid tweezers have been designed specifically for professional eyelash extension treatments. Please note that they may not be suitable for use in other treatments. 

Remember that your lash extension tweezers must be sterilised between appointments to ensure hygienic standards during your treatments.

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