Collection: DIY Lashes

Dive into the world of lash beauty with your own hands! Our DIY lash extensions kit is here to transform your lash game from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beauty enthusiast looking for a new adventure, BELO Lash DIY kits equip you with everything you need to achieve professional-grade lash extensions on your own terms. Say goodbye to salon appointments and hello to endless lash possibilities with BELO Lash.

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About our DIY Lashes collection

At BELO Lash, we believe in empowering beauty enthusiasts to take their lash looks into their own hands. Our DIY Lash Extensions Collection is thoughtfully designed to empower you to master the art of lash extensions without stepping out the door. With the introduction of our groundbreaking Cheat Code DIY Lash Kit and additional products, achieving salon-quality lashes on your own has never been easier or more exciting.

Within our DIY lashes collection, you’ll find:

Cheat Code DIY Lash Kit: Unveil the secret to voluminous lashes with our comprehensive kit, a treasure trove for lash lovers. This kit is your all-in-one solution to attain that coveted volume lash look, featuring customizable lash maps with lengths ranging from 10mm-14mm. Depending on your mood or occasion, choose from a number of different lash styles that mirror hybrid lashes, classic volume lashes, wispy lashes, and more.

Each kit includes our bespoke Cheat Code lashes, Locked In adhesive and sealant, Restart remover, and a precision tweezer tool for seamless application—ensuring your lashes can be worn with pride for up to 7 days.

Cheat Code DIY Lashes: Elevate your lash game with individual packs of our Cheat Code DIY Lashes, designed for those who wish to refill or customise their experience further. Designed for easy application and comfortable wear, these lashes feature a clear band for an invisible, seamless look that blends effortlessly with your natural lash line. Available in various styles to match every preference and occasion, these lashes are the epitome of versatility and elegance in lash beauty.

Cheat Code Restart Remover: When you’re ready for a change, our Restart Remover makes lash removal a breeze. Designed to minimise mess and maximise efficiency, this innovative remover wand gently dissolves adhesive, allowing you to effortlessly remove and cleanse your lashes, ready for your next lash adventure.

Locked In DIY Lash Adhesive and Seal: Say hello to worry-free, long-lasting wear with our Locked In Adhesive and Seal. This innovative, dual-ended wand offers both adhesive and sealant, ensuring your DIY volume lash extensions remain flawless for up to 7 days. Its super speedy drying time and easy application process make it a must-have in your DIY lash toolkit.

DIY Lashes Tweezer Tool: Precision is key in lash application, and our Tweeze n Deceive tool is here to ensure every cluster is applied with accuracy and care. Ideal for attaching and securing lash clusters, this tool is indispensable for achieving a flawless finish to your DIY volume lash set.

Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or dramatic volume, our DIY lash collection gives you the freedom to customise your look. Each product is crafted with the same care and quality standards you’ve come to expect from BELO Lash, ensuring your DIY experience is nothing short of professional.

Take the leap into DIY lash application with confidence. Our collection is not just about the products; it's about providing you with an experience that's empowering, enjoyable, and entirely your own.

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DIY Lashes Frequently Asked Questions

Can I achieve professional results with DIY lash kits?

Absolutely! Our DIY lash kits are designed with both quality and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even beginners can achieve stunning, salon-worthy results with a bit of practice and patience.

Are DIY lash extensions safe?

Yes, when following the instructions carefully and using the products as directed. Our adhesives are formulated to be safe and gentle for home use, but always perform a patch test first to ensure compatibility with your skin.

How long do DIY lash extensions last?

Our DIY lash extensions are designed to captivate for up to 7 days. Remember, the lifespan of your lash love affair might vary based on your natural lash cycle, lifestyle whims, and the tender care you provide.

How to make DIY lash extensions last longer?

Ensuring your lash extensions live their fullest life is all about maintenance and gentle care. Avoid oil-based makeup removers and heavy creams around the eyes, as they can weaken the adhesive bond. Opt for sleeping on your back to prevent premature lash loss and gently comb through your lashes daily with a clean spoolie to keep them in pristine condition.

How to apply DIY lash extensions?

Begin your DIY lash extension journey by cleansing your natural lashes with an oil-free cleanser to create a clean canvas. Apply a thin line of our Locked In adhesive along the lash band of your chosen clusters, waiting a few seconds for it to become tacky. With the Tweeze n Deceive tool in hand, gently place the cluster underneath your natural lashes, close to the lash line but not touching the skin, for a seamless blend. Secure the bond with a dab of our sealant, and behold your masterpiece!

How do you clean DIY lash extensions?

Keep your lashes looking their best by gently cleaning them with a soft, oil-free cleanser. Moisten a cotton swab with the cleanser and carefully wipe away any buildup along the lash line. Rinse with cool water if necessary and pat dry gently. Remember, tender love and care will extend the beauty and lifespan of your DIY lashes.

How do you remove DIY lash extensions?

When it's time to say goodbye to your DIY lashes, reach for our Cheat Code Restart Remover. Apply the remover along the lash line where the adhesive meets your natural lashes. Allow it to sit for a moment to dissolve the bond. With the same grace and ease as application, gently slide the lash clusters away from your natural lashes. Rinse your natural lashes with water and pat them dry, preparing for your next lash creation.