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Elevate your lash artistry with our handcrafted Promade Fans, now crafted using premium quality PBT materials for that bespoke, luxe effect every time. Perfect for creating luxurious, bespoke volume sets, these fans blend seamlessly with natural lashes, thanks to their super short snatched stem for precise application and a super lightweight finish. Choose them for efficiency, elegance, and to provide clients with a custom, high-end experience. Embrace the art of beautiful lashes with our Promade Fans today!

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About our Promades range

Promade lashes are a staple for modern lash artists, designed to create stunning volume sets and hybrid sets with ease. Unlike classic lashes, which are single extensions, promade lashes are handcrafted fans, offering a fuller, more voluminous look. These unique creations feature wide, evenly distributed fibres for a beautiful volume effect and a snatched base that ensures easy lash adhesive application.

Available in both D curls and L curls and in a range of different thicknesses, our promades are ideal for any Russian volume or mega volume sets, offering 6D-18D fans for dramatic, fluffy looks. A box of promades can help you get the perfect application every single time, slashing treatment times without compromising on the stunning effect. Using promades also enables you to use a faster drying lash adhesive as you no longer have to account for fanning time.

As lash artists, we love promade fans for their time-saving qualities, allowing you to serve more clients with consistent, high-quality results. They're also perfect for beginners looking to expand their skills into volume and hybrid lash sets, as well as for those wanting to offer more variety in their lash services. Our promade extensions, available in both single length lash trays and mixed length lash trays, ensure you have the right tools at your fingertips for any client's needs.

Plus, the quality is undeniable. Promade lashes, being handcrafted, provide a bespoke experience that pre-made lashes simply can't match, making them a sought-after choice in the lash industry. Add a set to your cart today and try our trays of promade lashes for yourself!

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Promades Frequently Asked Questions

What are promade lashes?

Promade lashes are pre-made fan lashes designed for volume sets, crafted to mimic handmade volume fans identically for a custom, luxurious effect. They save time for lash artists by eliminating the need to create fans by hand, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting set. They're perfect for artists looking to deliver quality results efficiently.

How do promade lashes differ from classic lashes?

Unlike classic lashes, promade lashes are clusters of lashes, providing a fuller, more voluminous look for extra glam, with a super lightweight finish thanks to their super short snatched stem for accurate application.

What's the difference between promade fans and premade fans?

The primary difference between promade and premade fans lies in how they are created. Promade fans are handcrafted by lash artists, offering a unique, luxurious effect to volume lash sets. In contrast, premade fans are a product that has been mass-produced and not individually tailored, making them less bespoke compared to the custom-crafted elegance of promade fans. This handcrafted aspect of promade fans enhances the overall aesthetic and quality of volume lash applications.

Who are promade fans designed for?

Any beginner lash artists who have difficulty with doing the volume technique by hand can benefit from these quick and easy-to-use promades. Even for more experienced pro lash techs, these can make volume sets a breeze and ensure your clients are satisfied every single time, with their appointments taking a fraction of the time. Join the promade club today and you'll quickly see the benefits for your application process.

What type of lash treatments are promades suited for?

Suited for both Russian volume and mega volume sets, promades create a beautiful fluffy and dramatic look. They're available in different lengths, thicknesses, and curl options, including D and L curls, allowing for custom looks tailored to clients' needs.

What options are available in the Promade range?

Our BELO Promades are available in a range of curls and thicknesses, with D Curls available in 6D, 8D, 10D, 16D, and 18D fans, and L Curls in 6D fans for that contemporary spiky look. This variety ensures that lash artists can select the perfect match for their client's desired look, whether they prefer the traditional volume of D curls or the modern, edgy appearance of L curls.

How many fans does each promade tray contain?

We offer two types of BELO Promade trays to cater to your professional needs. Our single length trays come in lengths ranging from 9mm to 17mm and contain approximately 500 fans per box. For those who prefer a variety, our mix length trays cover lengths from 9mm to 15mm and boast around 1500 fans per box. This variety ensures you have the right fans for any lash look you're aiming to create.

How are Belo promades packaged to ensure quality?

Our promades are carefully packaged as loose fans. This approach ensures that each fan is not damaged and that the bases of the extensions are not fixed to the trays with adhesive. This packaging method preserves the pristine condition of each fan, ensuring you receive them in the best possible state for application.

We highly recommend using our promade storage tray for storing your promades. This storage solution is designed to safely store your extensions, keeping them ready for convenient use in treatments. It's versatile enough to accommodate not just promades but also your handmade fans and easy fan lashes. Using our storage tray helps keep your work area organised and your lashes in optimal condition, ready for your next stunning application.