What are the Benefits of Promade Lashes?

What are the Benefits of Promade Lashes?

Promade fans have been making waves in the lash industry in 2022, but what exactly are they? And what benefits can promade fans provide to lash technicians for their eyelash extension sets?



Promade lash fans are handmade volume fans for eyelash extension treatments which can be bought in bulk. Identical to the handmade fans which every lash technician will create in volume lash treatments, promades are new and improved versions of premade lashes. As mentioned, promades are created by hand, whereas premades are machine-made.

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Promades offer technicians a range of benefits for lash techs in their lash treatments. These benefits include speeding up lash treatments, ensuring the consistent quality of lash sets and providing beginner lash technicians with an easy way to offer volume eyelash extension treatments to their clients.

Reduced time for appointments

One of the main benefits of promade fans for lash technicians is the fact that you no longer have to create volume fans for hybrid, Russian and mega volume treatments. Creating handmade fans is satisfying to be sure, but it can be incredibly time-consuming to individually create fans for each of the natural lashes.

Using promade fans in place of handmades for volume lash treatments slices the time it takes for you to complete treatments. By reducing your average appointment time, you can increase the amount of appointments you can complete in your regular working day. Also, as promade fans are created for you, you can also try using a fast-drying lash adhesive, like our Bulletproof Bond and Bulletproof Max adhesives to speed up your lashing time. More appointments = more revenue.

You could even offer express appointments for infills using promade fans, this could provide variation for your services and give your clients more options to book in with you!

It’s worth noting that promade fans are packaged as loose fans, so to ensure you can commit to an express appointment time it’s a good idea to store the fans using our storage tray to prepare for treatments.

Promades are feather-light on the lashes

Promade fans are lightweight as the eyelash extensions are heat bonded into a snatched base rather than using adhesive. This heat bonding is a key difference between premade and promade fans as many premades on the market are bonded using glue at the base and attached to their trays using adhesive. This can make the base of premade lashes slightly thicker, so lash technicians should be cautious to not apply too much glue to these fans.

Premade fans tend to cause some retention issues as they have been ‘double dipped’ in lash adhesive. This means that when you attempt to apply a premade lash, the glue cannot fully wrap around the extension and the natural lash as adhesive is already present and may impact the bond.

Alternatively, BELO promade fans are packaged loose to not create the ‘double dipping’ issue or add any unnecessary weight to the fan. Loose fans are also preferable to fans which have been attached to trays with glue because there is a reduced risk of bending the extensions out of shape when you remove them from the packaging. Loose fans retain their curl more effectively and retain their snatched pointy base.

As promades are so light, they do not damage the natural lashes when applied correctly and when clients follow a good aftercare routine. This means that they are suitable for use in both volume and mega volume treatments as the lightweight fibres can be used in fans in large thicknesses (up to 18D) without weighing down the client’s lashes.

Luxury feel

Promades are so-named because they are professionally crafted eyelash fans, and provide the same luxe effect as handmade fans. Made from high-quality PBT material, BELO promades provide consistency to lash sets without the machine-made regularity of premades. The fibres in promade fans are fanned evenly with the finesse of professionals, giving ultimate unreal results for volume sets with a bespoke effect that is missing from their premade alternatives.

BELO promades are fluffy, wide fans available in a range of curls, lengths and thicknesses. This enables lash techs to give their clients a range of looks and effects that suit their style. Whether you prefer to opt for single length trays of loose fans or a mixed length tray, BELO promade fans have a length range of 8 mm to 17 mm, so there really is a fan length for every client preference! Single length trays feature approx 500 fans where mixed length trays hold approx 1500 fans.

All of the BELO promades are expertly created to ensure the utmost quality across the range, so you can be sure that your clients will benefit from premium effect lashes, whether they want subtle volume in hybrid lashes or mega volume drama.

Promades offer an easy way to expand your lashing skills

Promade fans make it possible for beginner lash technicians to try their hand at more advanced hybrid, volume and mega volume treatments before embarking on a full volume lashes training course where they can learn handmade techniques. Promade fans can be applied in a similar manner to classic eyelash extensions as the fans are ready to use in treatments.

Beginner lash techs can practise hybrid and volume fan application using promade fans, however, we recommend that if you want to add volume lashes to your treatment offering you should attend a Russian volume training course to understand how to create volume fans, best practises and safety precautions for this type of treatment.


BELO Lash Pretty in Promades are a dream-come-true for technicians to speed up appointments without compromising on quality. Available in a range of thicknesses and curls: 6D L curls or 8D- 18D in a D curl, Pretty in Promades are the perfect way to try more varied lash styles and encourage your clients to go for something a bit different!

Make your treatments more efficient and simple by eliminating the need to create fans by hand. Our BELO Babes are already our loving Pretty in Promades:

“I love these promades, they’re the best I’ve ever used, 16D are my fave!
I’ve used so many different brands for promades but these are my go to!
I knew BELO Lash wouldn’t disappoint!”

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