Easy fans vs. Pre-made fans vs. Pro-made fans: What’s the Difference?

Easy fans vs. Pre-made fans vs. Pro-made fans: What’s the Difference?

Finding the perfect products for your lash extension treatments can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With so many variations of eyelash products on the market, it can be confusing to pick the right supplies. What are the differences between different extension styles? And how can you ensure you pick the best option for your lash business?



Handmade fans are volume fans which you learned to create in your Russian Volume lash training. As all lash techs know, you position your lash fan, dip the base of the lashes into adhesive and then secure this fan onto the natural lash. Handmades can be created from the volume lashes of your choosing, and are a tried-and-tested way to create beautiful volume fans for your client’s Russian lashes.

The only problem? Handmade fans can be tricky to create, especially if you’re busy, and they take a lot of time.


Easy fan lashes are very similar to individual lashes which you use to create handmades, but they offer a slightly simpler way to create volume fans. BELO easy fans are heat bonded at the base of the synthetic lash so that you can create volume fans without relying solely on adhesive. As the bases of the individual lashes bond together without glue, it gives you more time to perfect the fan and apply it to the natural lashes before your adhesive dries.


Premade lash fans are machine-made volume fans for Russian volume lash extension applications. These fans should not be mistaken with cluster lashes, which are wholly unsuitable for semi-permanent lash applications. Premade lashes can save technicians lots of time when lashing, but can expose a lack of expertise in the finished look.

Premade fans are individual lashes which have been bonded together to create volume fans for quick lash applications. Though this sounds like an ideal solution for lash artists who are poor on time, premades are very uniform in appearance and lack the artistic flair that many clients want to see in their eyelash extensions. It can be difficult to create wispy, fluffy lash sets with premades as the individual lash fibres will be very regular and lack a bespoke feel.

At BELO, we prefer to use promade fans as they offer the same savings on application time as premade fans but offer a luxe, unique effect which simply cannot be created in machine-made lash fans.


Promade lashes give you the best of both worlds. They are both handmade and premade!

Promade fans are beautiful, handmade, unique volume fans which are ready-to-go for you to use in your eyelash extension treatments. Yes, technically speaking, promade fans are ‘pre-made’ but the crucial difference is that promade fans are made by hand whereas premade lashes are machine-made. Promade fans are created to mimic handmade fan techniques, with each and every fan being as unique as you!

In fact, we dare you to do a ‘spot the difference’ with your handmade fans and promade fans! Tag us on Instagram @belolash so we can see your handmade fans vs. our BELO Pretty in Promades!


Lash artists have often struggled to find ways to make their treatments more effective for their businesses. For many, this has raised the debate of using premade fans or promades in their treatments. This will come as no surprise, but here at BELO, we’re team promade fans all the way!

Promade fans are not only preferable to premade fans, but they can enhance your lash business and your eyelash extension offering.


Lash artists often debate on the use of premade fans in eyelash extension treatments, and for good reason. Premade fans are created by dipping the lash fan into glue to secure the fibres together. This can create a wider base to the fan, making them heavier on your client’s lashes and more likely to fall out.

Not only this, when using premade fans, you have to double dip the fan into lash adhesive to secure it onto the client’s eyelash. This can cause poor retention as the adhesive cannot effectively wrap around the natural lash.

BELO promades are heat bonded into lash fans of varying lengths, volumes and curls. This ensures that there is no ‘double dipping’ of glue on the extensions. Heat bonding the promade fans rather than using glue improves retention as the base of the lash fan is super snatched, and adhesive can wrap around your client’s natural lashes in application. Promades are feather light, ensuring that the lash extensions do not weigh down the natural lash and promoting unbelievable retention.

For more tips on lash extension retention, check out our blog: Eyelash Retention 101: How to Improve Eyelash Extension Retention for Your Clients


The high quality of promade fans in comparison to premade fans is noticeable. BELO promades are jet black, giving your lash sets a sultry, dramatic look. Premade lashes lack the craftsmanship of promades as the slight irregularities in promades create a beautiful wispy effect on your clients extension set. This is particularly noticeable in hybrid lash extensions, as the premade fan cannot blend as easily with classics and will not give a natural look.

The quality of our promades does not stop at their uniqueness! Promade fans are packaged loose in the box to ensure that the fan is not damaged when you remove them from the packaging. With premade fans, base of the lash is secured to the lash tray using adhesive, which furthers the retention issues of ‘double dipping’ lash fans.


It’s a no-brainer for lash artists to use promade fans in their eyelash extension treatments to speed up treatment times. Using promade lash extensions over premades, you have the same time benefits without compromising the quality of your work.

As you don’t have to bother individually fanning out each of the volume fans, promades increase your lashing speed. This means that you can fit in more appointments into each day, and even offer express treatments for clients who may be in a rush. Pair with BELO’s Bulletproof Max lash glue for an ultra-speed lashing treatment. Our Bulletproof Max adhesive has a drying time of 0.5 seconds, so when used to apply promade fans, you can complete full Russian lash looks in record times.

To keep track of your lash extension appointments, try using BELO’s treatment diary so you can maximise your time every day!


Here at BELO we have just launched our Pretty in Promade lashes. Now, we are completely biased, but we’re obsessed with our promade fans and we’re sure you will be too. We have launched our promades in a range of curls, lengths and volumes for you to offer the most diverse eyelash extension treatments possible.

Our promade lashes are available in 8mm-17mm single length boxes, both in our D curl and L curl variations. We have chosen these lash curls as D curls are staples for most lash artists in volume and hybid treatments and can be mixed with other lash curls with ease. D curl promades are available in 8-18D, perfect for our mega volume babes.

L curls are available in 6D fans, meaning that you can offer your clients a completely different lash look with ease.

Our promade fans are packaged loose in the box, so we recommend using our storage trays to organise your lashes during treatments. This makes it even simpler to apply the eyelash extensions as you can select the exact lengths that you need for each section of the eye.

Our BELO Babes are already loving our ‘Pretty in Promades’:

“BELO promades are literally the fluffiest eyelash extensions ever!”
Check out our range of lash extensions to choose which of our premium extensions are best for you!

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