Founded in 2019

BELO Lash was formed in 2019, two years after a serendipitous meeting of two like-minded lash technicians on a training course. Beth and Loren connected instantly, realising that there was a huge gap in the lash industry for modern, in-trend lash products and hands-on lash training. 

The BELO Lash training academy was instantly successful, with Beth and Loren working together to train hundreds of aspiring lash technicians in the latest techniques and lashing styles. As they understood what was missing for their training, Beth and Loren made it their mission to make training courses that provide up and coming lash artists with more than just industry-leading skills, but a community and support from others in the industry. 

Beth and Loren quickly understood that it wasn’t enough to just provide innovative training to the lash world, but create a brand of lash products which pushed the boundaries with what was deemed “acceptable” in the industry. They set to work on carving out a lash brand which focused on bringing ‘NEW’ to the lash industry. 

Eyelash glue

Quality, Innovation and Style

BELO Lash holds quality, innovation and style at its heart and is on a mission to bring the best new products to the industry. Built over time and with intention and tailoring at every stage, BELO Lash is a lash brand like no other. Every single BELO Lash product is created with the lashing community in mind and will only be released once customer satisfaction can be fully ensured. Beth and Loren refuse to release a product if they’re not obsessed with using it every day!   

The lashing community means everything to BELO Lash, so they will always give back to other lash artists and those making their first steps into the world of lash extensions. BELO Lash regularly provides free masterclass courses to dedicated customers, annual giveaways and consistently provides industry insights and useful tips over on their blog. Embracing support, professionalism and of course, pink, BELO Lash is here for you at every stage of your lash career. 

“We hope that every single lash artist is as obsessed with BELO products as we are, it really is our everything and we hope that they help you on your lash journey”

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