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    • Opal Cromie

      Absolutely adore using Belo Lash products, the improvement in my lash sets since discovering the brand has been massive.

    • Hollie Bedford

      Belo is my all time favourite lash brand!!

      And owned by the 2 loveliest ladies!

    • Eden Mitchell

      Belo lash is my favourite brand for lash supplies, definitely a luxury brand & a very reasonable price.

Find all of the eyelash extension supplies you need to prepare for any lash extension treatments! At BELO LASH we have made it even easier for you to find all of your pre-treatment supplies for lash extensions in one place- from our 'Forever Fix' eyelash primer to under-eye tape and lash cleanser. Ensuring you've got all of your eyelash extension supplies is tricky enough as it is, so we've put everything you need in one simple place.

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About out Pre-Treatment Products

BELO LASH pre-treatment eyelash extension supplies offer the same premium BELO quality to all aspects of your treatments. As all lash techs know, using the right primers and tools can elevate your treatments and make the difference for your client's experience. 

Light Pink Tape

Our light pink tape is the perfect primer for treatments as makes it super easy to prepare the under-eye area for any professional eyelash treatments. 

Transpore Tape

BELO Transpore tape is a breathable and comfortable lash tape to secure bottom lashes and prep the under-eye. 

Pink Silicone Tape

Our Pink Silicone tape is kind to the sensitive under-eye area and removes easily without the need for tweezers! An awesome alternative to eye gel pads, the silicone tape is suitable for sensitive skin as it uses a sensitive adhesive to minimise any irritation of the under eye area.

BELO pink silicone tape is also great for taping up lash extensions to access the bottom layer of the natural lashes during application, without removing any of your hard work!

Heart Adhesive Tile

The BELO clear Heart Adhesive tile keeps your eyelash adhesive cool during application. The sleek design of the tile reminds lash artists to refresh their eyelash extension glue every 10-15 minutes during lash extension treatments. 

Easily remove glue after use to keep your lashing accessories sleek and clean. 

Maximum Comfort Thin Pink Hydrogel Eye Pads

Offer your clients ultimate luxe using our premium hydro-gel under eye patches. Our gel eye pads have a pleasant cooling effect for the under eye area, almost like an under eye mask, boosting the pamper-factor of your treatments. The eye gel in the under eye patches can even de-puff the under eye throughout the treatment!

BELO eye patches are great value as they come in packs of 50 pairs, making it easy to stock up on your supplies.  

Lash Cleanser

Cleanse the entire eye area with our BELO LASH foam Lash Cleanser. Our lash cleanser is the perfect remover of mascara, oils and makeup residue on the eyelashes before starting your treatments, simply brush over eyelashes and the eye area to remove any unwanted dirt. 

The foaming cleansing formula allows you to effectively shampoo the natural lashes before any eyelash extension treatments, including full classic and volume sets and infills. As all eyelash technicians know, keeping lashes clean is key! 

Pro Tip: Stock our Lash Cleanser as a retail add-on to your eyelash extension treatments and ensure your clients have an effective makeup remover at home to keep their eyelashes clean between appointments to improve retention.

Lash Tile Jade Stone Duo

Boss your eyelash application and keep your lash glues cool for longer using our jade stone lash tile duo. The cooling effect of the jade stone keeps your glue from drying too quickly and improves your application techniques, which is especially useful in volume lash extensions!

Forever Fix

We have created the lash primer of dreams: The BELO LASH Forever Fix Primer. Our lash primer is the perfect bonding agent to prep natural lashes for eyelash extension applications. Simply brush the lash primer onto the base of the natural lash using either a disposable applicator or micro brush before applying the lash extension to improve the adhesion of the extensions.

Forever Fix takes your lash cleanse further and removes any dirt, makeup or mascara from the natural lashes. Our primer improves the bonding and adhesion of the eyelash extensions to further improve long-lasting retention for any eyelash extension style: classic, volume or hybrid.   

BELO Forever Fix is the perfect eyelash primer match for our eyelash glues: Bulletproof Bond and Bestie Bond to ensure ultimate retention of eyelash extension sets.  

Shop our BELO Retention Bundle which includes our Forever Fix primer, a lash glue of your choice and our Lock It In Sealant which uses a mascara style wand to brush over the lashes both after  eyelash extension treatments and in between treatments. 


BELO Pre-Treatment supplies are your best friend in to prepare for any eyelash extension treatment, from our lash primers, eye patches, tapes and more.

Shop all of your eyelash extension accessories here to stock up on disposable mascara wands, spoolies, applicators and other supplies. 

Remember: all orders over £80 can benefit from FREE DELIVERY!