Collection: Pre-Treatment

Eyelash extension pre-treatment is an essential part of the application process, giving lash artists a perfect surface to work from as you prepare your clients’ lashes for a stunning full set.

To ensure optimal results and promote the health and satisfaction of your clients, lash techs rely on a wide range of tools and products for a seamless pre-treatment experience. These tools not only enhance the retention of eyelash extensions but also contribute to the overall well-being of your clients' natural lashes. 

At BELO Lash, we are at your disposal with a selection of top-quality pre-treatment products, giving you the assurance that you've chosen one of the best in the industry. Browse our full range to find our industry-leading pre-treatment cleansers, lash tapes, and more to give your clients the pampering they deserve!

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About Our Pre-Treatment Range

Here at BELO Lash, we see pre-treatment as an essential first step. Much like laying the groundwork for a masterpiece, lash artists need a clean canvas to achieve top results, ensuring that a client's eyelashes are totally spotless and held in position before you can get to work.  

From lash cleansers and primers to lash tape and applicators, each tool plays a vital role in prepping the natural lashes and creating a clean surface for jaw-dropping results!

Some of the products we have available in our range include:

Lash Extension Remover

 Perfect for dissolving even the strongest of lash adhesives, our cream lash extension remover is a lash artist's best friend — allowing you to remove extensions without interfering with a client's natural lashes. Gentle and effective, this is a must-have product in your kit! 


Before the lashing process begins, cleansing your client's natural lashes is key! It gives you an opportunity to remove any makeup, oils, or residue from the eyes and start with a fresh face.

Our lash cleanser comes as a gentle foam, helping to apply the cleanser effectively without causing any irritation. It also creates a nice clean surface for the adhesive to bond with the extensions.

Eye Pads

Our pretty, pink hydrogel eye pads are crafted with comfort in mind, giving you the opportunity to provide your clients with a soothing, luxurious treatment experience.


If you couldn't already tell, we at BELO Lash have a bit of a thing for pink. That's why we stock our pre-treatment tape in two distinct shades, both a lighter pink and a deeper tone of pink colour. We also stock our tape in both transpore tape and silicone tape, giving you a range of products fit to meet all your lashing needs!

Bonding Agent 

Truly a magical formula! With our forever fix eyelash primer, you can get to work having formed an unbreakable bond between the adhesive and natural lashes!

Lash Cleanser Brush 

Great for cleansing the lashes, our lash cleanser brush has been designed to help lash artists achieve a deeper clean around the lash line.

By using these tools effectively, lash technicians can enhance the longevity, adherence, and overall beauty of the lash extensions, while prioritising the health and safety of their clients.

We understand just how important high-quality products are for securing stunning results, giving your clients an experience that they will not soon forget. That's why we have carefully crafted the pre-treatment range, giving our BELO babes the tools they need to truly shine, building a strong client base of loyal and happy customers. 

But it doesn't just stop there — we have a stunning range of products available! Since you've mastered your game with our pre-treatment range, why not take a look at our post-treatment products?

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Pre-Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Why is eyelash pre-treatment important?

Eyelash pre-treatment is crucial for retention, as it helps to ensure a nice clean surface for the adhesive to bond with the natural lashes. By removing any traces of makeup, debris, or oil, pre-treatment can help achieve healthier, and longer-lasting results. 

What happens if I don’t offer pre-treatment to my lash clients?

While pre-treatment is not a compulsory factor for applying eyelash extensions, there can also be negative consequences if this step is skipped prior to application. For one, the lash extensions may fail to bond properly without adequate pre-treatment, leading to a shorter lifespan of the lashes and uneven results. Additionally, without pre-treatment, there is a higher chance of bacteria and potential infections. Pre-treatment helps to ensure clean lashes, secure adhesion, and overall client satisfaction. 

Does BELO Lash only offer UK shipping?

Here at BELO Lash, we provide international shipping for all products! All UK orders are shipped with DPD Express on a 1-2 delivery service. For international orders, we used an independent service which aims to deliver within 10 working days. 

Remember, any order over £100 will benefit from FREE DELIVERY! Your discount will be added automatically to your cart at checkout.