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Pink Silicone Tape

Pink Silicone Tape

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Do you need an alternative to eye pads or an extra helping hand to keep them in place? BELO’s pretty pink silicone tape is a must-have for every lash technician who wants to elevate the client experience.

Not only does this tape look good in your kit, but it also offers a helping hand, especially when clients' eyes water or are sensitive and pads just won’t stay in place. You can also use it with pads if you want to double up on keeping everything in the right place.

Created from high grade silicone, BELO’s Pink Silicone Tape is a great quality product designed for professional lash application. The tape is easy to apply and remove and has that typical silicone stick and shine. This means that any moisture from the client’s eyes is easy to wipe away, and you won’t damage the sensitive skin underneath the eyes by doing so. Some clients have particularly sensitive eyes that water a lot during the application process, no matter what you do or how experienced you are. In this case, our tape is a real lifesaver!

Silicone is also designed not to degrade, so you don’t have to worry about the tape breaking apart or disintegrating if it gets a little damp. You can give your clients the pampering they deserve with peace of mind!

How To Use Pink Silicone Tape

Unroll and stick—it’s that simple! BELO’s Pink Silicone Tape comes in a handy roll that you can snip to the exact length you need for every client. As it self-seals, you can rest assured that every application is hygienic and that the roll stays clean.

During the pre-application process, you’ll cut the length you need and attach it directly to your client’s skin to protect the under-eye area. You can also tape their eye or eyelid to keep it in position or use the tape to secure pads in place.

The best part about our Pink Silicone Tape? Its kind removal! The tape comes away from the skin easily and leaves very minimal residue or glue. There are no long-lasting marks and no irritation, just well-applied lashes that look luscious.

After use, you can gently remove the tape and throw it in the bin. Then, wipe the delicate eye area with a non-oil-based cleanser to ensure it’s clean and dry. It’s as easy as that! Your clients will enjoy enhanced comfort during the application process, and you can work with complete control and confidence.

Benefits of BELO Pink Silicone Tape:

  • Easy to apply and remove with minimal sticky residue.
  • Works perfectly even on watery or sensitive eyes.
  •  Provides maximum control for lash application.
  • Single-use for maximum hygiene and safety.
  • A pretty and professional addition to your lash kit.
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