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6th November - Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course

6th November - Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course

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Say hello to our Classic Lash training course and the start of your career in eyelash extensions!

BELO LASH training courses are comprehensive, accredited courses for all aspiring lash artists to learn all of the skills, techniques and information you need to get your lash career moving. BELO eyelash extension courses are led by two professional lash trainers and offer in-depth support throughout the training day to ensure you gain the most comprehensive tuition possible. 

On the Beginner Classic Lash training course, you will learn classic lash application, also known as the 1:1 method, where one single synthetic lash is placed onto each natural lash. Our Classic training course provides you with the foundation you need to progress onto volume and advanced eyelash treatments, as well as mastering the 1:1 technique. 

Don't just take our work for it, here's a testimonial of our amazing courses:

"I wish I did my classic course with Loren and Beth - both so lovely and patient, amazing trainers!" 

What to expect on your BELO LASH Eyelash Extension Training Course:

All bases are covered in our eyelash extension courses. All students will spend the day learning valuable information, training new techniques and skills to master Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions. 

Physiology, Safety and Insurance

  • Patch tests: what are patch tests, why are they important and how to conduct them. 
  • Client consultations: understanding what you client wants from their treatment and how to build rapport. 
  • Contraindications: what is a contraindication and how to ensure your clients can enjoy eyelash extensions safely. 
  • Health and safety: including eye safety, how to handle tools and ensure the safety of your clients. 
  • Insurance & Professionalism: how to conduct yourself as a technician and the day to day safeguarding you need. 
  • Human lash cycle: how eyelash growth impacts the effect of lash extensions over time. 

Application, Technique and Practice

  • Types of lash extensions: including the effects of different curls, finishes and structures. 
  • Adhesive/glue management: how to ensure that you're using the right glue for your lashing technique.  
  • Application, isolation and attachment: the good stuff - practical, hands-on training to practice the classic eyelash extension techniques. We split the day in two- in the morning, you practice applying eyelash extensions on a mannequin head, in the afternoon you apply extensions onto live models.     
  • Mapping and styling / eye shapes: learn popular styles for classic eyelashes, including different shapes such as: cat eye, doll eye etc.   
  • Belo golden rules: discover the BELO top tips for eyelash extension application, client consultations and industry insights.  
  • Infills: how to maintain beautiful lash extensions for your clients with infill techniques. 

After the Appointment

  • Maintenance and aftercare: how to encourage clients to take care of their extensions, including aftercare instructions. 
  • Removals: How to safely remove eyelash extensions without causing damage to the natural lashes. 
  • Pricing your service: how much should be charging for eyelash extensions? BELO provides insight into the scalability of your services. 
  • Social media: how to promote your lash extensions via social media presence with some sights into branding and voice. 
  • Product recommendations: our training courses even set you up with recommendations for the best eyelash products for classic lashes. 
  • CPD: how continuing professional development is key for eyelash technicians to learn new skills and techniques such as volume techniques. 


All BELO training courses come complete with an in depth treatment and training manual, an accredited certificate of completion and a free luxury BELO Lash kit with everything you need to start your lash journey in both classic and Russian application included!

The BELO Classic Eyelash starter kit includes: 

Premium BELO LASH products

  • 1x Forever Fix Lash primer
  • 1x Cream Eyelash Extension Remover
  • 1x BELO LASH Eyelash Adhesive 
  • 1x Classic Lash Tray
  • 2x Russian Volume Lash Trays

Premium BELO LASH Accessories

  • 2x Lash Tape
  • 10x Cooling Eye Pads
  • Microbrushes
  • Lash Spoolies
  • 1x Straight Tweezer
  • 1x Volume Tweezer
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Belo notepad and pen

Are you ready to take the first step in your lash career and offer your clients an ever-growing, high demand treatment? Then this is the course for you!

Some things to note for all BELO beginner training courses:

All BELO LASH training courses are based in Middleton, near Manchester, at BELO HQ. If you would like directions, please find our location here. 


Unit 6A

3 East View


M24 4DH

Please be sure to account for typical Manchester traffic if you're travelling to Middleton for the training course, as we will begin training promptly at 10am and finish around 4pm. Lunch is provided for free – please advise us if you have any dietary requirements - eyelash training is hungry work!

It is a requirement for BELO students to be 17 years+ to enrol on this course. We do advise students to  arrange their own model wherever possible due to previous unreliability – You can also assess your model’s lashes prior to the course to make sure they are suitable for the treatment.

All training bookings require a non-refundable deposit of £100 to enrol. 

Students will receive a certificate of completion for the eyelash extension course, following a practical skill assessment with both of the trainers. 

Please select a date below to complete your training with BELO LASH - and look forward to your new career in eyelash extensions!

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