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Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course

Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course

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Are you a lash lover looking to start up your own business? Or an aspiring lash technician who wants to polish up their skills? Well then say hello to our Classic Lash training course and the start of your career in eyelash extensions!

Classic lash extensions are the most foundational type of lash extensions, so mastering them is one of the most important steps to becoming a pro lash technician. Also known as the 1:1 method, it involves applying individual eyelash extensions onto each natural lash. If you're completely new to the lash game, the Classic technique can seem pretty intimidating at first. But don't worry, we're ready to provide the support you need throughout the course until you get the hang of it.

Our fully accredited Classic eyelash extensions course is designed to provide up-and-coming lash techs with all the skills, techniques, and knowledge you'll need to kickstart your very own lash business. Our courses are led by our very own team of lashing experts who are ready to share their own industry experience with all you BELO babes!

For all the new and aspiring lash artists out there, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Beginner Classes Lashes Training Course today and you'll be applying lashes like a pro in no time!

What a BELO Lash Classic Eyelash Extension Training Course looks like:

Pre-Treatment, Safety, and Insurance

As part of this beginner eyelash extension course, you will learn about the essentials of pre-treatment planning and how to keep your clients safe throughout the treatment. During this part of the course, we'll be breaking down the following:

  • Patch tests: Patch testing is one of the best ways to ensure client safety during a lash extension treatment. We'll go through proper patch testing techniques and what you should be watching out for during the patch test period.
  • Client consultations: To create the perfect eyelash extension look for your clients, you really need to understand what your client wants from their treatment. Here, you'll learn how to build rapport with your clients and what questions you should be asking to make sure you're creating the perfect look for each, unique client.
  • Contra-indications: Identifying contra-indications is another crucial aspect of ensuring client safety, which is why we'll start from the basics and go through what exactly a contra-indication is and how you can spot them from a mile away.
  • Health and safety: Our expert trainers will provide advice on how to work safely in a beauty salon environment, including eye safety, how to handle tools and tips on ensuring the safety of your clients during lash treatments. 
  • Insurance & professionalism: Professionalism is key when managing your own business, so we'll be showing you how to conduct yourself as a technician and the day-to-day safeguarding you need. 
  • Human lash cycle: how eyelash growth impacts the effect of lash extensions over time. 

Application, Technique, and Practice

This part of the course combines a bit of theory - where you'll be looking at case studies - with some fun practical work so you can pick up some new techniques and skills to apply the perfect Classic eyelash extensions.

  • Types of lash extensions: Starting off with basics, we'll go through the different types of lash extension styles out there, including the effects of different curls, finishes and structures. 
  • Adhesive/glue management: The type of lash adhesive you use can really affect how long your client's new lashes last, so we'll teach you how to ensure that you're using the right glue for your lashing technique.
  • Application, isolation and attachment: This is where we get to the good stuff - practical, hands-on training to practise the Classic eyelash extension techniques. We split the day in two - in the morning, you'll practise applying eyelash extensions on a mannequin head, and in the afternoon you'll apply eyelash extensions onto live models.
  • Mapping and styling/eye shapes: While practising new lash application techniques, you'll also learn popular styles for classic eyelashes, including different shapes such as the cat eye and doll eye looks.
  • BELO golden rules: Each trainer here at BELO Lash has years of experience in the lash industry, and in all that time we've learnt some secret tips and tricks. During our sessions, we'll be sharing all of our top-secret insight including tips for eyelash extension application, client consultations and industry insights.
  • Infills: Aside from applications, we'll also teach you how to maintain beautiful lash extensions for your clients with infill techniques. 

Post-treatment and Aftercare

  • Maintenance and aftercare: As lash technicians, we're responsible for educating our clients to make sure their new lash extensions last as long as possible. Our BELO trainers will provide aftercare advice for your clients and teach you how to encourage clients to take care of their extensions.
  • Removals: Students will also practise how to safely remove eyelash extensions without causing damage to the natural lashes. 

Business Development and Growth

  • Pricing your service: How much should you charge for eyelash extensions? BELO provides insight into the scalability of your services so you can price your services fairly and appropriately.
  • Social media: When it comes to promoting your lash brand, social media is king. That's why we'll also teach you how you can effectively promote your lash extensions via a strong social media presence, plus some insights into branding and voice. 
  • CPD: Continuing professional development is key for eyelash technicians to learn new skills and techniques such as volume techniques!

After the Classic Lash Course

At the end of our Classic lash training course, you'll get to take a practical assessment which will test you on all the practical skills and knowledge you've picked up throughout the day. If (or when!) you pass the assessment, you get to go home with an accredited certificate that shows the world you're a fully accredited and trained Classic lash tech!

We'll also give you a handy treatment and training manual to refresh your memory or practice at your own pace and in your own home. Alongside that, you'll also be going home with a BELO Lash kit that comes with everything you need to start providing both Classic and Russian lash treatments!

The BELO Classic Eyelash starter kit includes: 

Premium BELO LASH products

Premium BELO LASH Accessories

Additional Information

All our training courses are held at BELO HQ in Oldham, near Manchester. Our full address is:

2, slater street



Training day begins at 10 am sharp and will last until around 4 pm. Since Manchester is notorious for its heavy traffic, we recommend you take this into account when sorting out your travel arrangements so you have enough time to mingle and get to know one another before the course starts. Lunch is also included in the course, so don't worry about bringing any food with you. Just let us know beforehand if you have any specific dietary requirements.

We do advise students to arrange their own model wherever possible due to previous unreliability – make sure to assess your model’s lashes prior to the course to make sure they are suitable for the treatment.

All training bookings require a non-refundable deposit of £100 to enrol. 

While this course doesn't have any entry requirements, all students must be at least 17 years old to join the training course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enrol in this Classic lash course?

The Beginners Classic Lashes Training Course is the perfect choice for complete beginners who are just getting started on their lash journey.

For more experienced lash technicians and beauty therapists who are just looking for a refresher course, you might want to check out our Advanced Masterclass Training Course instead - a course designed to challenge the most experienced lash artists and help you master our signature lash extension looks.

Do you have any courses for Russian volume eyelash extensions?

For anyone interested in Russian volume lashes, you're in luck! BELO Lash has more courses on offer, like the Beginner Russian Training Course, designed for any lash tech who wants to start offering Russian volume treatments to their clients.

Unlike our Beginner Classic Lashes course, you will need to have at least 3 months of previous experience as a professional lash technician to join this Russian lash course. You'll also need to have mastered the Classic eyelash extension technique.

I've used up all the lash extensions that come with the kit, where can I buy more?

Don't worry! If you run out of anything that came with your Classic Eyelash Starter Kit, you can purchase your favourite products right here at BELO Lash. Whether you need more practice lashes or want to stock up before the grand opening of your lash business, we've got everything you need to

Can I take the Beginner Classic Lashes training course online?

Unfortunately, our Beginner Classic Lashes Training Course isn't available as an online course. If you're looking for online training, we have some other specially designed online courses available for you. Our online courses include detailed training videos that will help you achieve the perfect eyelash extension looks.

For those BELO babes who love creating that spikey, fluttery lash look you'll definitely love our Baddie Lash Online Masterclass. Or, if you're new to using our Pretty in Pro Made Lash Fans, our Pro Made Fan Online Masterclass will show you how you can use them to make the most gorgeous-looking half sets.

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