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20th November - Advanced Masterclass Training Course

20th November - Advanced Masterclass Training Course

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Introducing: The BELO LASH Advanced Masterclass - an advanced lash course for experienced lash artists and technicians. 

Our advanced masterclass has been designed specifically for lash technicians that have experience in eyelash extensions and hold accredited Classic and Russian certificates (even better if you completed BELO Classic or Russian training!) On the training course, we will cover advanced mega volume lash techniques, skills and practises which eyelash professionals can bring into their practice. 

The BELO advanced eyelash extension course is for lash artists who want to enhance their techniques, keep on top of the latest trends and to take their business to the next level. BELO masterclass training will advance your volume lash understanding and teach the mega volume techniques of eyelash extensions.

If you're a qualified and experienced lash artist, you'll want to book the BELO Advanced masterclass for your next course. 

We're not the only ones who think BELO eyelash extension courses are the best in the lash business: 

"I learnt so much on the BELO training course! Happy to be going home with new skills, knowledge plus an informative training manual and full lash extension kit! I can't wait to apply my new products and skills to my work. Would definitely recommend, amazing tutors!"

What to expect from a BELO Masterclass Training Course:

BELO's Advanced Masterclass eyelash training course is completely different to other courses - Beth and Loren are advanced lash professionals who met on a training day, so the BELO training has been designed to give lash professionals exactly what they want out of a training course!

BELO LASH Masterclasses are based in Middleton at BELO HQ. We'll welcome you on the training day by running through the five popular lash maps which we will create over the course of the day – BELO, BRATZ, BADDIE, BOSSY and BABY.

The fast-paced nature of the BELO LASH masterclass course will challenge even professional and experienced lash artists to create and master all 5 of our signature lash mapping styles in one intense training day. These lash maps combine different extension styles, finishes and curls to show the incredible results of experimenting with different eyelash extension styles and lengths. 

Our BELO signature eyelash maps are challenging, dramatic-looking eyelash styles which we're sure your clients will love.

A Masterclass is the natural next step for any experienced lash artist

The BELO masterclass is not suitable for beginners. As Masterclass students will hold accredited qualifications in Classic and Russian eyelash extension applications, this training course is technique focused and does not cover the fundamental theory and safety information which experienced professional lash artists will already understand. This advanced course may be suitable as a refresher for lash technicians, dependent on how long they have been out of practice. 

The Masterclass is an amazing course as it provides a space where experienced lash techs are able to apply, share and develop their skills to enhance their lash businesses and boss their lash game. In this advanced course, students will practice the lash maps on mannequin heads before applying the eyelash extensions to live models. 

All students will receive an accredited certificate upon successful completion of the BELO masterclass! As a BELO qualification is accredited, it ensures you can gain sufficient insurance to perform the treatments on your clients in your own lash practice. Attending a BELO eyelash extension course will result in students advancing their skills, trailing new individual lash styles and gaining industry insights in lashing. 

All Masterclass students will receive a full BELO eyelash extension kit, including:

  • 2x trays of BELO individual lashes
  • 1x Bulletproof Bond lash adhesive (5ml)
  • 2x BELO premium eyelash extension tweezers
  • Full size (60ml) lash shampoo 
  • 1x Forever Fix lash primer 
  • 1x Lock it In Sealant (7ml)
  • All of the eyelash accessories a pro lash artist needs!

Some things to note for BELO Eyelash courses:

We begin training at 10am and finish around 4.30pm - we provide lunch but please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements that we should be aware of. All BELO training courses can be found at our HQ in Middleton, just outside of Manchester. Please account for traffic around Manchester if you're travelling to Middleton for the eyelash extension course. If you need directions, please find our location here.


Unit 6A

3 East View


M24 4DH

All students must be 17 years or older to enrol on this course. Due to the advanced nature of the course, we recommend that you have at least one year of experience in eyelash extensions to get the most out of the training. 

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