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Pretty In Promades - 10D 0.05

Pretty In Promades - 10D 0.05

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BELO Lash Pretty in Promade fans are your new best friend when it comes to volume lash treatments!

Our range of PROmade volume lashes are heat bonded and ready to use, making your Russian Volume treatments quicker and easier. Each promade fan is made using premium quality PBT materials and bonded to mimic handmade volume fans identically. Unlike pre-made fans, pro made fans are created by hand and provide a bespoke, luxe effect to any set of volume lashes. 

Each promade fan features a super short snatched stem for accurate application and a super lightweight finish. The snatched base of the fans make it easy for the adhesive to sufficiently wrap the extension and the natural eyelash in application. PRO made fans are super fluffy with wide, evenly distributed fibres for a beautiful volume effect.

These eyelash extensions are ideal for beginners struggling to master the handmade volume technique and those wanting to offer more variety in their lash services. Promades are even easier than easy fans for lashing, simply apply the fans to individual eyelashes and create beautiful volume lashes without the fuss. 

About our Pretty in Promade eyelash extensions:

BELO Pro made lashes are perfect for use in Russian volume treatments and mega volume lash treatments as the extensions are available in 6D- 18D fans. Using promade fans helps you to slash volume treatment times as you no longer have to create fans by hand, but still have the same beautiful effect! Using PRO mades also enables you to use a faster drying adhesive as you no longer have to account for fanning time.

Pair your promades with Bulletpoof Max Adhesive to offer rapid Russian Volume treatments, where you can complete volume sets in the same amount of time as classic lashes!

Depending on your client's preferences, you may prefer to use easy fan lashes for hybrid eyelash extension treatments. As our promade fans start at 8D thickness in a D curl and 6D in an L curl, clients who prefer a more natural classic lash look for hybrid sets may prefer volume lash fans of smaller thicknesses. 

Promade Lash Curls:

Our Pretty in Promade eyelash extension range are available in D curl and L curl, in a range of fluffy fan thicknesses. 

D Curl: 6D, 8D, 10D, 16D and 18D fans. 

For clients who prefer a traditional volume lash look, D curls are a classic option, and work well when combined with C and CC curls. 

L Curl: 6D fans. 

L curls are making waves in the UK lash scene for that sexy, fox eye look. L curl extensions bring a contemporary spikey look to the eyelashes which we're obsessing over. 

Promade Fan Lengths:

BELO promade extensions are available in both single length lash trays and mixed length lash trays. 

Single length trays are available in 9 mm -17 mm lengths – 500 fans per box, approx. 

Mix length trays of 9 mm -15 mm fans are also available– 1500 fans per box, approx. 

How to store your promade volume lash fans:

BELO Promades are packaged as loose fans to ensure the fan is not damaged and the bases of the extensions are not fixed with adhesive to the trays. We recommend using our volume lash storage tray to safely store your extensions ready for convenient use in treatments. You can even use this storage tray for your handmade fans and easy fan lashes!

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