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Fiber Tip Curved Volume Tweezer

Fiber Tip Curved Volume Tweezer

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Looking for a tweezer that is ideal for both classic and volume application? The BELO Black Curved Volume Tweezer is the one for you. 

This stainless steel eyelash extension tweezer is the versatile tool that every lash artist needs. Its longer tip allows for maximum room and control when creating wide fans, allowing you to achieve volume lash looks effortlessly. Depending on your lashing style, this eyelash tweezer can be just as handy when it comes to applying classic lashes!

The curved tip of this tweezer also provides unrivalled precision for separating lashes, making it a great alternative to a straight isolation tweezer if you prefer to work with a slight curve when isolating the natural eyelashes. 

Featuring our signature BELO diamond groove surface for optimum grip, this eyelash extension tweezer is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand as you lash. 

From precise isolation to perfect fanning, this curved eyelash tweezer will help you achieve quality lash sets and allow your clients to look and feel their best.  

About BELO Tweezers 

All of our BELO eyelash tweezers are durable and easy to clean as they are made from stainless steel.

Caution: These tweezers are intended for use in professional eyelash extension treatments only and may not be suitable for beauty treatments of a different kind. 

Remember to take appropriate safety measures when handling sharp applicator tools near the eyes. Make sure that you always have a firm grip on the tweezers to avoid damaging the lashes or the wider eye area. 

To ensure a high standard of hygiene, always sterilise your tweezers using barbicide or an autoclave between appointments.


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