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Fiber Tip Dainty Volume Tweezer

Fiber Tip Dainty Volume Tweezer

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Our slimmest volume tweezer – hence the name!

Perfect for both volume and mega volume lashing, this angled tweezer is ideal for creating and applying volume fans or picking up promade fans. Due to its slim style and minimal surface area, this tweezer can be brought right down to the base of the lashes, allowing you to get full visibility of each fan. Its dainty design also makes it super easy to create a very small base on volume fans. 

This tweezer is certainly for you if you love creating volume lash looks but prefer a thin tip and a 45 degree angle on your tweezers. With diamond groove detailing for ultimate grip, this tweezer will help you achieve volume lashes with total precision every time. 

The Dainty Volume Tweezer is the key to flawless fanning technique and fuller lash sets. At BELO, we recommend pairing this tweezer with either a straight or a curved isolation tweezer for effortless eyelash extension application. Your clients will leave their appointments with perfect volume lashes every time.

About BELO Lash Extension Tweezers

All of our lash extension tweezers here at BELO are made from the finest quality stainless steel, making them long-lasting and easily cleaned. 

Caution: Safety measures should be taken when using tweezers close to the eye area. Always ensure that you have a firm grip on the tweezers to avoid the sharp tip coming into contact with the eyes. 

The Dainty Volume Tweezers have been designed expressly for use by professional eyelash extension technicians. Please note that they may not be suitable for other beauty treatments.

Remember to always remove any lash glue, use disinfectant and sterilise your lash extension tweezers between clients to maintain good hygiene levels.

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