Which Lash Tweezer do I Use for Different Treatments?

Which Lash Tweezer do I Use for Different Treatments?

Every lash technician understands how intricate eyelash extensions applications are, and finding the right tweezers for you is the key to bossing your technique.

There are so many different types of eyelash tweezers on the market, so it can be difficult to decide between curved, straight or angled tweezers for different treatments. Every tweezer is designed with a different use in mind, so each tool will be better for different uses. For example, to create volume fans, you’ll need a tweezer with a large enough surface area to properly fan the extensions.

Tweezers are a core element of your lashing technique, so if your eyelash tweezers aren’t high-quality, or if they don’t suit your lashing style, the quality of your sets will suffer. Personal preference, technique and time all play a huge role in finding the right eyelash extension tweezers for you. With practice and this guide, we’re sure that you can find a perfect pairing of tweezers to boss your lashing technique.

Let’s get into our top tweezer picks for classic, volume and mega volume professional eyelash extension treatments.


Classic eyelash extensions are the foundation of any lash professional’s skill set, so it’s a good opportunity for you to try different tweezer styles to find which one suits you the most. For isolation, selection and attachment of the lashes, it’s important to use tools that you’re comfortable with, but don’t settle on just one style of tweezer for every treatment type.

Isolation tweezers for Classic lashes

You can choose straight or angled tweezers when isolating the natural lashes, depending on your preferences and technique.

The BELO Lash Long Sharp Tip Isolation Tweezer is a go-to option for classic eyelash treatments if you enjoy using straight tweezers. Isolating the natural lashes can be fiddly, so you need to use an eyelash extension tweezer that makes it easy. It features an extended long handle to enable you to reach into the inner corners and isolate even the trickiest of lashes. The long straight handle of this tweezer is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand and minimise hand fatigue.

Long Sharp Tip Isolation Tweezer

Long Sharp Tip Isolation Tweezers

The BELO Lash Hybrid Tweezer is perfect for the placement of our classic cashmere lashes. During the 1:1 application process of classic eyelashes, the hybrid tweezer is easy-to-use both for selection and placement.

As you can probably guess due to the name of this tweezer, the hybrid angled tool is also great for volume extensions as the large surface area of the angled tip provides enough room to create and grip volume fans effectively. This high precision applicator ensures that each extension, whether it’s a classic or a volume fan, is perfectly placed on the natural lashes. This makes the Hybrid Volume Tweezer perfect for hybrid eyelash extension treatments.

See the combination of the Hybrid Tweezer for selection and placement, and Slim Precision Tweezer for isolation in action on a stunning set of volume lashes on our TikTok.


Volume lashes are the eyelash extension treatments where you need to be comfortable with the tweezers you’re using to ensure that your treatments don’t take all day and your adhesive doesn’t cure by the time you’re done attaching the extensions!

For volume eyelash extensions, there’s one argument that divides lash professionals: whether to use curved or angled tweezers to select and create volume fans. The reason for this is that when you create volume fans, you need a tweezer that has a large surface area on the tip of the tweezers to enable you to hold enough tension in the lash extensions so that they do not slip while you’re pinching the fibres together.

Again, personal preference is the key here. Practice with both types of tweezers until you refine the technique that you feel most comfortable using.

Isolation tweezers for Volume lashes

During volume treatments, it’s crucial to have an isolation tweezer that can separate the natural lashes with ultimate precision. Our angled baby isolation tweezers do just that. The BELO Lash Baby Isolation Tweezer has a unique handle design which enables you to get up close and personal with your client’s natural lashes for maximum control during isolations.

Baby Isolation Tweezer

Baby Isolation Tweezers

This tweezer is brilliant at creating the maximum amount of space when isolating the lashes, which makes it perfect for volume. Clean isolation is the key to beautiful volume lashes, especially as you get further into your sets and isolation can become more difficult. 

The Baby Isolation Tweezer has an ergonomic design which ensures that you can separate natural lashes and volume fans quickly and easily during placement and when checking for stickies.

Angled and Curved Volume Tweezers for Volume Lashes

If you’re all about the angles, the BELO Lash 45 Degree Tweezer will become your best friend when making fans for volume and mega volume treatments. This is our all-time best seller in the whole tweezer collection and it’s easy to see why.

The 45 degree tip of the tweezer enables you to comfortably select and manipulate eyelash extensions into pretty wide fans. Not only this, the grooved handle of the tweezer provides the ultimate grip so you can be sure your placement is accurate every time.

If a curved tip tweezer is more to your liking, use the tried-and-tested BELO Lash Curved Volume Tweezer. Our curved tip tweezers make fanning the lash extensions simple as the broad tip of the tweezer provides ample space for you to create snatched volume fans easily.

Fiber Tip Curved Volume Tweezer

Curved Volume Tweezers


It sounds simple, but tweezers for Mega Volume need to be designed with the creation of mega volume fans in mind. In mega volume treatments, you need ultimate precision in your tools, that’s why we’re all about the angles.

Isolation tweezers for Mega Volume lashes

We’re going to sound like a broken record, but your choice of isolation tool for mega volume will really depend on your personal preference of angled vs straight tweezers for isolating. However, for us it has to be the Slim Precision tweezer or the Baby Isolation tweezer for mega volume. 

Application tweezers for Mega Volume lashes

The BELO Lash 90 Degree Tweezer is the holy grail tweezer for creating beautiful, wide, fully mega volume fans! Mega volume fans can contain anywhere between 10-20 lashes per fan, so if you’re using a tweezer without enough wiggle room you’re going to struggle.

The slight curve in the 90 degree tweezer versus the 45 degree tweezer provides a little more manoeuvrability when creating your fans and the ever-so-slightly thinner tip makes it easier to create super snatched bases for the fans.

Fiber Tip 90 Degree Diamond Tip Tweezer

90 Degree Tweezer

If you’re struggling to create mega volume fans even when using the right tools, perhaps it’s time to try Easy Fan Lashes or Promade Fans. Both of these lash types are specifically designed to make volume and mega volume lashing easier and quicker. 

Easy fans are heat bonded at the base to make the pinching method simple, and promades are professionally created handmade fans that are ready to be used in treatments. 

Check out our blog to find out more: Easy fans vs. Pre-made fans vs. Pro-made fans: What’s the Difference? 


Precision tip

When lashing you need tools that are going to feel like a natural extension of your hand, so it’s important to ensure that each tweezer in your collection features a sharp, neat tip that enables you to be precise in your application and isolation.

Stainless Steel material

Stainless steel is the best material to use for eyelash extension tweezers as it is durable, affordable, easy to clean and anti-tarnish. Featuring just as many benefits as titanium, stainless steel ensures that the quality of your tweezers is not compromised, even though it is significantly cheaper.

As every lash professional knows, eyelash tweezers need to be thoroughly cleaned between treatments. With stainless steel tools, you can be sure that your tweezers will maintain their durability and quality with every use and clean.

Use a wipe to clean off any excess glue that may end up on the tools, then disinfect the tweezers by soaking them in barbicide. Rinse and dry using a clean paper towel and store safely between appointments.

Good grip and tension

Every single BELO Lash tweezer features an ergonomically designed non-slip or grooved handle so you can be sure that you have maximum grip of the extensions throughout treatments with minimum hand fatigue.

Gorgeous, professional design

Here at BELO we understand the importance of having professional lash products and tools that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Having high-quality, professional eyelash tweezers to rely on helps you do what you do best: creating beautiful sets of eyelash extensions for your clients. Shop our full range of eyelash tweezers here!
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