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Velvet Easy Fan Lashes Brown

Velvet Easy Fan Lashes Brown

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Easy fan lashes are the quick and easy way to create perfect volume fans for your lash extension treatments. Easy fans are great for beginner lash techs who are struggling with the handmade fan technique and those who want to speed up their treatments!

Easy fans are heat bonded at the base of the synthetic lash to create instant volume fans without relying solely on glue. Using the pinch method, there's no need for adhesive to bond the fan together. To secure your easy volume fan to the natural lash, use an adhesive of your choice. We recommend BELO Bulletproof or Bestie.

Easy Fan Lash Curls:

We have created BELO easy fan volume eyelash extensions in a range of lash lengths, curls and thicknesses.

Diameter: 0.03d & 0.05d

Curl: D curl 

Easy Fan Lash Lengths:

As with the rest of our range of volume lashes, we stock our easy fans in lash trays of mixed lengths and full trays of a single length. 

Mixed eyelash trays are available in: 8-15mm & 12-18mm

Single lash length trays range from: 10-16mm

About BELO LASH Easy Fans:

BELO eyelash extensions are made from high quality, lightweight Korean PBT material. The lightweight, matte velvet finish of our easy fans is perfect to create soft, wispy volume and mega volume eyelash extension sets.  

Easy fan eyelash extensions are a great alternative to pre-made volume fans. Pre-made fans are machine-made lash fans which do not provide the same customisable effect as the easy fan volume lashes. Though you can find many good quality pre-mades on the market, we recommend to opt for handmade fans, either from easy fans or regular volume lashes, or pro-made fans.

Using BELO Easy Fan lashes, you have more control over the volume and thickness of your sets, allowing you to create fluffier custom sets for your clients. Easy fan eyelash extensions have all of the benefits of volume lash fans, without the faff. 

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