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Brown Velvet Russian Lashes

Brown Velvet Russian Lashes

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Velvet Russian Lashes

Our best-selling super soft, matte volume eyelashes in our brand new brown colour! BELO LASH Velvet Russian Volume lashes save the day when it comes to creating beautiful wispy and fluffy eyelash extensions.

We recommend that our Velvet Russians are used for volume lash extension treatments rather than classic lashes as the lighter diameter of the lash is more suited to creating volume fans over 1:1 classic eyelash application. 

Perfect for any Russian lash look, BELO Velvet Lashes enable lash technicians to create seriously envy-worthy eyelash extensions for their clients, adding volume, length and drama.

Velvet Lash Curls

Our BELO babes know that offering your clients Russian Volume treatments is all about creating unique eyelash looks. That's why we have a wide range of curls to choose from for our Velvet Russian lashes!

Our Velvet Russian volume extensions are lightweight enough to be used in both volume (2D-6D) treatments and mega volume treatments (6D+). 

VELVET volume lashes stocked in:

  • Diameter: 0.03 & 0.05d
  • Curls: D curl

Velvet Lashes Lengths

Our Velvet Russians are available in mixed lash trays with a range of eyelash extension lengths or in full trays of one length.  

  • Mixed lash trays available: in 8-15mm

For Russian lash extensions, advanced lash techs should use a fast-drying adhesive to create their volume fans. For beginners, use a glue with a slightly longer drying time to ensure you apply the eyelash extension correctly for better retention.

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