What are flat lashes vs classic lash extensions?

What are flat lashes vs classic lash extensions?

When you’re choosing which lash supplies to use in your treatments, you’ll probably come across many different types of eyelash extensions, all in different lengths, curls, and finishes. One type of lash extension you may have come across is ‘flat lashes’, but what are they? And how do they differ from classic eyelash extensions?


There are a few key differences between flat lashes and classic eyelash extensions, including their weight and shape.

Don’t be mistaken, flat lashes still have a beautiful curl in the lash! In fact, flat lashes (also known as cashmere or ellipse lashes) are often available in many different lash curls and lengths. Here at BELO, we stock our cashmere flat lashes in a D curl.

Flat lashes get their name from the shape of the extension fibres. The big difference between flats and classic eyelash extensions is that the shape of a flat lash is (you guessed it) flatter when compared to conventional lashes. Traditional extensions are circular in shape, whereas flat lashes benefit from a concave base on the lash extension which creates a larger bonding area for the adhesive.


Flat lashes provide lash techs with many benefits in eyelash treatments, particularly for classic lash treatments where one eyelash extension is applied to each of the client’s natural lashes.


As mentioned earlier, the concave shape of a flat lash offers a larger bonding area for the flat extension to adhere to the natural lash than classic extensions. This is because the concave shape of a flat lash hugs the shape of the natural lash whereas a classic lash extension has a circular base which is laid on top of the eyelash.

The shape of a flat lash provides better retention for eyelash extensions than classics as lash adhesive can wrap the natural lashes more effectively on a larger bonding surface. The larger area of contact between the eyelash extension and the natural lashes ensures that the extension is fully secured onto the eyelashes.


Another big difference between flat lashes and classics is that flat lashes are roughly half the weight of classic eyelash extensions!

This is a no-brainer benefit for flat lashes vs. classic as your clients will benefit from an utterly weightless set of lash extensions. Not only this, as flats are lighter than classic lash extensions, retention is improved because the lash adhesive is placed under less strain.


Flat or ellipse lashes often feature a split tip on the extension. At BELO, we’re obsessed with how a split tip can provide a fluttery finish to your client’s lash lets. Especially for classic lashes, using flat lashes over classic eyelash extensions can provide a faux-volume effect which gives a hint of glamour to natural-looking lash sets.

Our Cashmere Classic Flat Lashes are super dark, spilt tip lashes in 0.2 thickness which beautifully enhance any classic lash set with a dark lash finish. Available in D curl mixed length trays of 8-15mm or in single length trays of 9-16 mm, our Cashmere flat lash extensions are the perfect option for clients who want classic lashes, but also want a glamorous finish.


Flat lashes are preferable for classic lash sets as they are not designed for volume lashes. Though flats are lightweight, their concave shape is not as well suited to create the volume lash fans needed for a volume set. As classic lash sets are created using the 1:1 technique of applying one eyelash extension to each of the eyelashes, flat lashes are the perfect choice.

For volume lashes using lash fans with 2-18 lashes, depending on whether you’re creating a volume or mega volume full set, the circular shape of classic eyelash extensions is better suited. The bases of classic lash extensions are more uniform and bond better in a fan than the concave shape of an ellipse lash.


Yes! Using Flat lashes for hybrid eyelash extensions is a great way to ensure retention and a beautiful lightweight set. As long as you use flat lashes for 1:1 applications and not for volume fans, you’re absolutely fine.

Just look at this beautiful layered hybrid set using BELO Cashmere lashes and our Velvet Volume range for the ultimate lashing inspo!


Here at BELO, we love using ellipse flat lashes for classic lash sets. And why wouldn’t we? Our Cashmere lashes are super dark, lightweight and split tip whilst giving you enough thickness and curl to add a bit of glamour to any set of classics.

However, as volume lash and mega volume lovers, it’s not to say that classic lash extensions aren’t amazing for creating dramatic, full sets of volume lashes. When using classic eyelash extensions to create volume fans, you can still ensure ultimate retention by taking the correct pre and post-treatment steps.

Our retention bundle is your best friend for any lash extension treatment, giving you all of the products you need to prime the natural lashes, apply the extensions and seal the bond to ensure retention. Pair with our Little Quickie Superbonder to give your clients eyelash extensions with up to 6 weeks retention!
For more retention tips, check out our blog: Eyelash Retention 101.

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