Essential Accessories for Lash Glue

Essential Accessories for Lash Glue

Belo babes, listen up because we’re about to share a few stylish secrets that will take your lash glue game to new heights.

Combining our high-performance lash glue with the right accessories not only enhances the application process but also boosts the longevity of your lash extensions. With these tips, you can build your dream lash application kit and create lashes that make a lasting impression.

Let’s get stuck in talking about the most essential lash glue accessories for lash technicians!

Lash Glue: The Foundation Of Durable Eyelash Extensions

Lash glue is what holds every great set of lashes together. Quality adhesives are crucial for maintaining structure, endurance, and visual consistency on any lash line, and the only way to achieve these things (aside from lots of practice) is high quality tools. 

At Belo, we stock a comprehensive range of high quality glue formulas and accessories to make eyelash application as smooth and professional as possible. YWhether you need an ultra-fast adhesive that sets in just 0.5 seconds or prefer something a little more lenient, like our 1 to 2-second drying options, we have the perfect glue to match every technician's skill level, from novices to seasoned pros. Discover your new favourite and elevate your lashing game with us!

Lash Glue Accessories Every Eyelash Technician Needs

Warriors have weapons. Artists have paintbrushes. When it comes to applying fluttery, beautiful eyelashes, lash technicians have lash glue accessories. This is the natural order for those dedicated to the art of lash application!

But settling for any old tools and accessories isn’t the way to do it. Keeping your standards high and taking good care of your tools will make you a more reputable and trusted lash artist while improving your skills as a pro. 

Wondering what you need to ensure your lash extensions adhere perfectly while maintaining a light, airy appearance? Trust in Belo to provide all the essential tools that keep your lash game strong and your applications flawless.

Glue recovery kit 

When your lash glue acts up between clients, you need a glue recovery kit!

Between clients, your adhesive products can get dirty, sticky, or hard to open, creating a need for effortless, high-quality replacements. This handy kit is your first line of defence against dirty, sticky, or hard-to-open adhesive containers, ensuring your tools are always in pristine condition. 

Our glue recovery kit includes a replacement lid, nozzle, and pin, allowing you to swap out dirty or sticky bits for fresh ones as needed. Keep your operations smooth and your adhesives like new, so you're always ready for the next client.

Glue nozzle remover 

Opening tiny bottle lids with your hands can be a nightmare when you're wearing gloves. But not when you have a handy glue nozzle remover

This essential pink tool pops nozzles off quickly and easily, allowing you to change up your glue type without a second thought. It’s compatible with various nozzle sizes and can also be used for primers, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.

Reduce the mess and save money by extending the life of your adhesives with this simple-to-use gadget; less time wasted on fiddling with stubborn nozzles, more time to focus on stunning lash results. 

Glue nozzle wipes

Your client deserves beautiful, clean, and red-carpet-ready lash adhesives. However, applying an even amount of glue is difficult with a glue-clogged nozzle. That is where our glue nozzle wipes come in.

These nifty little nozzle refresher wipes help you keep your glue tools perfect and clean throughout the eyelash extension application experience, keeping you and your client happy from start to finish.

Simply use these cotton and lint-free wipes around the adhesive nozzle after each use to prevent clogging. Each pack includes 200 wipes, making them a staple in maintaining your professional standards.

USB rechargeable lash fan 

Any lash kit is incomplete without this fab and functional USB rechargeable lash fan. Once lashes have been applied, you can use this fan to dispel fumes and encourage firm glue setting on the lash line. 

The cooling, gentle airflow that this ergonomic handheld device provides not only contributes to the practical side of the eyelash extension application process it also helps customers feel spoiled and pampered. 

Rechargeable and portable, this fan is a must-have for soothing your clients' eyes post-application and ensuring optimal comfort.

Airtight adhesive container 

Keeping your lash adhesive and glue products tightly sealed at all times is crucial to keeping them from caking up or losing their stickiness. 

But simply closing their lids isn’t always enough, and storing them in a loose bag can cause spills. Enter our sleek and stylish airtight adhesive container. This perfectly sized little container can store three lash glues at a time, protecting them from air, light, and heat while keeping them safe and preventing hardening and retention issues. 

It's simple to use—just press the button to open, insert your adhesive, and close to lock. Ideal for maintaining the quality of your adhesives for top-notch service delivery.

Heart glue rings 

Have you ever wanted a safe, close-proximity place to put your glue drops while looking glam at the same time? These heart-shaped glue rings are an unapologetic solution that helps you spread the love—and the lashes! 

Each ring features two separate wells to hold adhesive drops with grooved edges to help you dip your lashes in at the perfect angle. Plus, they are simply adorable and mould to the shape of your hand for easy application. 

Designed to hold adhesives, primers, and removers, these rings allow for precise dipping and minimal waste, and speed up your application process by keeping your essentials close at hand.

Disposable after each use, they ensure hygiene and efficiency are always maintained in your workspace.

Tips For Selecting And Maintaining Lash Adhesives 

The lash industry is constantly changing, so beginners and experienced lash techs can all benefit from improving their shopping habits for lash glue accessories. 

Glue is such a foundational product in the lash industry, and knowing how to shop for it, as well as its associated products, is crucial for working as a respected professional in this field. 

Here are some top tips for doing exactly that: 

Do your research 

Understanding why a tool is necessary or its core role in the eyelash application process will always benefit you as a lash artist. Research the lash glue accessories you use and stay on top of industry trends you may be able to benefit from looking forward. 

You can do this by following other lash technicians online, reading Belo blogs, or simply browsing new lash products as they debut on the market. 

Keep your tools clean and bright 

Clean tools are the hallmark of a truly successful lash artist. Keeping your tools clean using glue nozzle wipes and other hygienic products keeps your station and conscience clean. 

A well-kept and regularly maintained kit also means longer-lasting products. If you take good care of what you own, the need for replacements is minimised, helping you save time and money. 

Buy from a trusted supplier 

Buying lash glue accessories for lash technicians from a trusted supplier and website is beneficial for several reasons. Not only does it give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are consistently high quality, but you also develop a reputation as a trusted purveyor of eyelash extension artistry. 

Invest in quality tool storage solutions 

Every lash artist must face the reality of using tools: Glue formula gets old and dry, and tweezers get dull and chipped. But there are ways to get around these common problems, and one of them is simply great storage. 

Lash glue accessories like the Belo airtight adhesive container are not only lovely to look at but also useful, as they protect your products. If you want your kit to withstand the test of time, invest in reliable storage solutions. 

Elevate Your Lash Game With Lash Glue Accessories

All great eyelash extension stories start with high quality glue. Getting that glue onto your client’s lash line is much easier when you have the right tools, and our mission is to equip you with everything you need to become lash-applying royalty. 

Our glue recovery kit, glue nozzle remover, glue nozzle wipes, pink USB rechargeable lash fan, airtight adhesive container, and heart glue rings are just a few of the amazing lash glue accessories for lash technicians we stock at our online shop. 

Investing in your lash artistry kit is one of the best ways to set yourself apart as a professional technician and build a reputation of trust and credibility with clients. Make the most of your lash artistry journey with beautiful lash glue accessories that keep lashes looking their very best!

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