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Air Tight Adhesive Container

Air Tight Adhesive Container

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Are your bottles of eyelash glue not lasting as long as they're supposed to? Are you finding that they're not sticking after just a couple of weeks? Here at BELO Lash, we have the answer. 

Introducing the airtight adhesive container – the only choice when it comes to lash glue storage. 

When it comes to lash adhesives, it is essential that they are stored correctly to keep them fresh and in perfect working order. This container guarantees to keep your eyelash glue fresher for longer thanks to its clever airtight design. And just like everything else here at BELO Lash, this storage container is super sleek and stylish. 

Every lash tech wants to provide an unforgettable service, and that all starts with your tools. Making sure you store your lash glue correctly is essential to helping you provide the professional lash service that we know you strive for. Our container keeps your lash adhesive away from sunlight and any moisture to help keep it in tip top working condition for your next appointment. Not only that, but it's also easy to use too. Simply press the button on the face of the container to unlock the airtight lid, pop into your eyelash adhesive, close the lid and voila! 

This container will ensure your adhesives are kept in a cool and dark place and not exposed to air. When lash glue is exposed to the air, it slowly begins to harden as a part of the polymerisation process and this can affect the life of the adhesive. This means that not only will your lash glue not last as long, but it will not be able to adhere anything to your client's eyelashes. It may also cause retention issues for your clients, which can cause negative reviews and experiences. 

More information on our lash adhesive container

This lash adhesive container holds up to three glue bottles at one time, meaning it's perfect to store your favourite adhesives from the BELO Lash range for day-to-day use. It is best to store your eyelash glue with a silica gel packet which you can pop into the container along with your adhesives to help reduce moisture as much as possible.

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