Can You Curl Lash Extensions?

Can You Curl Lash Extensions?

It's time to tackle a question that pops up frequently in our glamorous world of lash aftercare: "Can you curl lash extensions?" It's a question that both clients and lash professionals often ponder. So, let's dive into the intricacies of curling those beautiful lash extensions while keeping them looking fab!

What Causes Lash Extensions to Lose Their Curl?

Here's the thing: most lash extensions, especially high-quality synthetic lash extensions, come pre-curled. This means they're designed to give that perfect, natural looking curl right from the start. But what happens when that curl starts to fade?

Curled lashes can start to lose their stunning shape for a number of reasons, including:

Lifestyle: Your daily routine can be a curl influencer. Regular exposure to heat (think steamy showers and sunny beach days) or even the oils from your skin can relax those curls a bit quicker.

Natural Lash Cycle: Your natural lashes have their own growth cycle. As they grow and shed, the extensions that are attached to them will also be replaced, affecting the overall curl consistency.

Maintenance Habits: How you care for your lashes can prolong or reduce their perky curl. Rubbing your eyes, using oil-based products, or sleeping face-down can all contribute to a quicker curl drop.

Using a mechanical lash curler: If your client's lash extensions are starting to lose their beautiful shape, they might be tempted to reach for the eyelash curler. Don't do that! Curling eyelash extensions is a surefire way to further damage your lashes, leading to breakages and patchy spots on your lash line. Instead, recommend that your clients use a heated eyelash curler to get that perfectly pronounced curl (more on that later)!

Applying mascara: Never, ever put mascara on your lash extensions. Beyond making them look weird and clumpy, the additional weight of the mascara can damage the adhesive bond between the natural lashes and synthetic lashes, causing premature shedding. Plus, trying to remove the mascara can cause even more damage. If you and your clients want to keep those lash extension curls looking perfect, put down the mascara wand.

Tips to Maintain That Perfect Curl

Gentle Care is Key: Remind your clients (or remember, if you're wearing them!) to be gentle. Avoiding harsh rubbing and using oil-free cleansers can prolong the curl life.

Regular Refills: Scheduling regular appointments with your lash artist for refills can help maintain the curl. As some extensions fall out and lose their shape, new ones will take their place, keeping the look fresh and curled.

Avoid Direct Heat: Caution against direct heat on the lashes. This includes high heat from hair dryers or opening the oven door right after baking that delicious pie.

Specialized Tools and Products: There are sealants designed specifically for lash extensions that can help maintain their curl and overall health.

Heated Eyelash Curlers: Help or Hindrance to Your Extensions?

Heated eyelash curlers, unlike their mechanical counterparts, use gentle heat to curl lashes. They come in various forms – from ones resembling traditional curlers with rubber or silicone pads to wand-like devices. The idea is to gently heat the lashes, making them more pliable for curling.

Since these devices use heat rather than mechanical force, they reduce the risk of damaging the lash line or the bond of the lash adhesive. Plus, with the different temperature control settings that heated lash curlers offer, users can tailor their curling experience, which can be beneficial for different types of lash extensions.

Don't forget, you can also use a heated curler on your natural lashes -- unlike a traditional eyelash curler it won't cause a crimping or pinching effect!

Tips for Using Heated Lash Curlers with Extensions

Start with Low Heat: Begin with the lowest heat setting and gradually increase if necessary. This helps in preventing accidental damage to the lashes or adhesive as you curl your lashes.

Test First: Always test the lash curler on your hand before applying it to the lashes to ensure the temperature is not too high. The last thing you want is for the heating element to burn your skin!

Short Application: Apply heat for only a few seconds to each segment of the lashes. Overheating can lead to damage.

Start at the Base of Your Lashes: Position the heated lash curler at the base of your upper lashes. Ensure it's close to the lash line but not touching the skin of your eyelid.

Clean the Lash Curler After Use: Wipe down the heated curlers with a clean, dry cloth after each use to remove any residue or buildup.


Your clients want to leave the salon feeling gorgeous and glam -- they don't want to see their eyelash extensions starting to droop over time. Don't worry: as long as you use high-quality synthetic lash extensions and teach your clients how to properly maintain them, they shouldn't have a problem keeping those lash curls looking fresh. However, if they want a more pronounced curl or are worried about the shape changing over time, you can advise them to pick up a heated curler to dispel all their worries. Just make sure that they understand that mechanical curlers are a big no no when wearing lash extensions!

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