How to Pick the Right Lash Course

How to Pick the Right Lash Course

As much as Instagram might have you believe otherwise, becoming a beauty mogul takes more than just mere passion for lashes! If you want to turn your talent into a career, you’re going to need some professional training and support to bring those beautiful dreams to life. 

But when it comes to picking a lash course, which one is best for you? Knowing how to pick the right lash course can empower you to choose a professional path that best suits your needs as an individual and as a future accredited lash technician. 

Here at BELO, we offer a broad range of eyelash extension courses and training masterclasses so that everyone can find a course that aligns with their unique brand of lash artistry. 

You can use this guide to choose a lash extension course that sets you on the path to success!

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Eyelash Extension Courses

The process of choosing which eyelash extension courses to sign up for is a milestone moment for any aspiring beauty pro. The course you choose will shape your career and play a pivotal role in your development as a lash technician, no matter what your current experience level is. 

From beginner Russian training courses to advanced masterclasses and beyond, there is an abundance of options when it comes to choosing eyelash extension courses. So where do you begin? Well, a logical starting point would be to weigh up some key factors:


Although it is undeniably fun and glamorous, lash artistry is a profession that requires proper training to be executed well. 

Knowing what kind of credentials you want to earn can help you make a decision about which lash extension courses to invest in. 

For example, if you want to be recognised as an accredited pro, it would be a good idea to take a course like the combo training course or beginner classic lash course, both of which not only provide in-depth education about creating and applying gorgeous lashes, but also offer you the opportunity to earn a certificate that will prove that your skills are at a professional level. 

Course content 

What part of lash design or application excites you most? You can use your natural interests and areas of curiosity to guide which lash extension courses you choose to take. 

From big and bold Russian volume lashes to sleek and simple Classic lashes, there’s a whole range of lash types and application techniques out there that can help inform your decision about choosing eyelash extension courses that are truly up your alley. 

Career goals 

Another way to figure out how to pick the right lash course is to consider your career goals. The more serious you are about pursuing lash artistry, the more advanced and in-depth the courses you take should be. Certified qualifications are necessary for cultivating a career in beauty. 

If you fantasise about becoming the next beauty industry icon, it would be a great idea to kick off your career with a variety of lash course certificates under your belt. 

Our advanced masterclasses, combo courses, and beginner classic or Russian volume training courses would all be a fabulous place to start. 

Alternatively, if you see lash artistry as more of a fun hobby or something to supplement another skill of yours, a simple masterclass tutorial or even an online manual can satisfy your need for advancement while still leaving you space and time to explore other options. 

Tips For Choosing How To Pick The Right Lash Course 

Making decisions about your future can be exciting, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming without a bit of guidance or support.

Knowing how to pick the right lash course means making an informed decision that aligns with professional goals, fulfils your need for purpose, and sets you on a path that takes you where you’re meant to be. 

It’s normal to seek out a little bit of guidance when choosing which eyelash extension courses to take, so we’ve compiled a quick list of juicy tips for anyone feeling the pressure to decide so that you can create the career of your dreams, pronto!

  • Research course reviews 

One super simple and straightforward way to determine the direction of your lash career is to research course reviews on available courses. Sometimes, the reason why you aren’t 100% sure that a course is for you is because you don’t know what to expect from it. 

Reading reviews from past students or other lash enthusiasts who’ve previously undergone courses can give you the confidence and security you need to make a decision about which eyelash extension courses to invest your time and energy in. 

  • Watch lash industry trends for inspiration

If you’re using course content as your main guide for choosing which lash extension courses to take, make sure to hop on current lash trends to see what the rest of the world is interested in, too. Being creatively inspired is a great way to make a decision about your future!

  1. Learn about course fees

Budgeting is an important consideration for anyone, especially when it comes to paying for course fees and other kinds of professional tuition. 

There are lash extension courses for every budget, and once you know what yours is, you can uncover which ones best align with your available funds. Generally speaking, the longer and more in-depth the course, the higher the fees will be. 

Advanced masterclass tutorials and manuals range between £7 and £70, while full-on practical, accredited courses like the beginner Russian training course or the Combo Training course range between £300 and £550. Keep your eyelashes wide for the occasional sale!

  • Talk to others just like you

Community forms a big part of what makes the beauty industry (and all industries, really!) so special. If you’re feeling unsure about how to approach your future regarding eyelash extension courses, talk to people you trust in the industry to gather insight and inspiration. 

  • Think about your future 

It sounds obvious, but sometimes, the best thing you can do when making a decision is to spend some you-time just musing about who you are, and what you want to do with your life. 

Where do you see yourself in a few years? What kind of skills do you want to develop? What aspects of the beauty industry make you the happiest or help you feel the most confident? Finding answers to these questions can show you how to pick the right lash course for you. 

  • Don’t stress about it 

At the end of the day, don’t let the pressure of making a decision get to you. After all, even the in-depth lash extension courses we offer are relatively short, and taking them doesn’t mean you have to pursue beauty full-time or even part-time in the future—that choice is yours to make. 

Eyelash extension courses are a useful tool for expanding and deepening your knowledge of lash artistry and honing your skill set to become a more disciplined, educated, and talented lash tech. What you do with it next is totally up to you!

Let BELO Help You Live Your Lash Dreams

Knowing how to pick the right lash course can shape your future on a personal and professional level. Use this guide to inspire a decision about how to move forward and chase those dreams with all the verve and drama of a flawlessly applied set of lashes!

If you need more personalised advice or have specific questions about our courses, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team is always ready to help you find the perfect course to match your aspirations and goals.

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