What to Expect on a Russian Volume Lash Course

What to Expect on a Russian Volume Lash Course

Becoming a professional lash artist is a goal for many aspiring beauty enthusiasts. If you're ready to elevate your lash game, our Russian volume lash course is the perfect opportunity!

Russian lashes are one of the most popular lash extension options on the market, and knowing exactly how to handle and apply these fabulous fluffy fans is essential for any up-and-coming beauty mogul such as yourself. That’s where our comprehensive range of training programs comes in.

BELO’s Russian volume eyelash extension course teaches you everything you need to know about the bold and beautiful Russian lash before certifying you as an accredited technician. 

Knowing what to expect on a Russian volume lash course is a great way to familiarise yourself with the system we’ve created for honing your beauty skills and unlocking the next chapter of your life as a lash artist. 

We’re going to take you through the course fundamentals, as well as touch on the significance of Russian lashes in the beauty industry right now. Let’s get into it!

Why Take A Russian Volume Lash Course? 

If you want to become a professional lash technician, having a broad knowledge of different lash types is crucial. From Volume lashes to Classic lashes and everything in between, knowing all about lash types will only work to your advantage. 

Russian lashes are a favourite with lash lovers, so you will no doubt encounter them in your lash career—if you haven’t already. These dark, bold, and highly voluminous lashes feature a thick, full line of fine-lash fans that create a bolder, more dramatic look than other lash types. Unlike Classic lashes that are applied one lash at a time, Russian lashes are applied in fans, making the application a little different. 

By completing your Russian volume lash training, you can master the fan application technique and offer your clients the best possible eyelash extension experience - all while becoming a more advanced and capable technician. 

Why Specialised Training Is Essential

Russian volume lash training is the catalyst for making a career out of your passion for lashes and providing premium, professional care to your future clients. 

As creative and artistic as lash application can be, it is fundamentally a technical skill that requires extensive knowledge about lash extensions, application methods, hygiene, and beauty business management. As a lash pro, you’ll become a great all-rounder!

Russian Lash Course Structure

BELO’s Russian lash course covers everything you need to know about what Russian lashes are, how to apply them professionally, and how to manage yourself as a lash artist from a business perspective. 

After taking our certified Russian volume lash course, you’ll be fully equipped with all the tools, resources, skills, and information you need to set yourself up as a professional lash tech that clients love. So, what can you expect on a Russian lash course from BELO? 

Everything you need and more! From pre-treatment procedures and application techniques to fan creation methods, case studies, style guides and marketing tips, here’s a list of everything you can expect from our all-inclusive course:

Pre-treatment procedures 

Great lash skills start before you whip out the lashes themselves. For maximum preparation, our Russian volume eyelash extension course will guide you through client consultations and health and safety practices so that you can start off each session with confidence and shine. 

Client consultations will teach you all about how to discuss client preferences before the treatment and how to develop your consultation skills. 

Health and safety practices are extremely important for any professional beauty technician, which is why we have an entire section dedicated to teaching you crucial hygiene practices for your treatments. From knowing how to do a patch test to recognising allergic reactions or contraindications, you’ll learn how to keep your clients safe and their lashes in tip-top condition.

Lash application techniques

There are many different ways to apply eyelash extensions, and our Russian volume eyelash extension course will teach you about all of them. 

In this part of the course, we’ll teach you the best methods for creating perfect Russian lashes. You’ll get to practise the pinching, rolling or lonely fan techniques to create fans that will impress. We’ll also cover lash mapping, handmade fan training, and how to boss lash retention so that you can apply your client’s lashes like a seasoned professional. Plus, we’ll help you out with style guides and case studies that teach you how to adjust your lash extension applications for different eye shapes and looks.

Learning the difference between Classic and Russian volume lashes 

Even though our Russian volume eyelash course focuses on Russian lash application techniques, it will also go over some key differences between this popular, voluminous lash type and its more natural cousin, the Classic lash. 

Learning about the similarities and differences between these two different lash types will make you a more capable lash technician who can facilitate different client needs with ease. 

Lash retention strategies 

Getting the lashes on is one thing, but getting them to stay on is another! Our Russian lash course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about extending the longevity of your Russian lashes. You’ll learn about proper eyelash extension application, storing your lash adhesives correctly, and what factors affect retention. With this knowledge, you can ensure that you create luscious lash fans that flutter for as long as possible. 

Post-treatment procedures 

Setting your lashes well and sharing some post-treatment care with your client is an important part of being a fabulous, reliable eyelash technician. In this part of BELO’s Russian volume lash course, we’ll teach you how to support your client to ensure the cleanliness, health, and longevity of their lashes. 

All in all, this course is designed to take you through the entire process of applying Russian lashes from start to finish—because you and your clients deserve only the best!

Business Tips, Pricing Strategies, And Marketing Advice 

Surviving and thriving in the beauty industry is about more than having great practical skills. By leveraging some marketing strategies and knowing how to effectively price your services, you can elevate your treatments and build a solid career in the beauty industry. 

Part of our Russian lash course explores current beauty trends, social media marketing, pricing structures, and strategies for cultivating strong, lasting relationships with clients for a more lucrative and sustainable career in the wonderful world of eyelash extensions. The BELO lash team will give you all the tips and tricks you need to get business savvy!

The Benefits Of Completing BELO’s Russian Lash Course 

If your dream is to turn your lash passion into a lash profession, BELO’s Russian volume lash training is a decision that can change your life for the better. 

In addition to teaching you all the basic skills and practices you need to set up an independent lash application practice, our Russian volume eyelash extension course will equip you with the credentials and resources you need to get started, so act fast!


After you’ve received your training on how to apply Russian volume lashes, we’ll test your knowledge in a practical assessment. 

If you pass (and we’re confident you will!), we’ll give you a certificate to accredit your skills and demonstrate that you’re a fully trained Russian eyelash extension pro!

Comprehensive lash kit 

The goodies don’t stop there. Once you’ve completed your skills test, there won’t be any need to buy your own equipment—we’ll give you a full Russian Volume Lash kit complete with all the tools and products so that you can start working straight out of the gate. The kit includes: 

  • 2x trays of premium BELO Russian Volume Lashes
  • 1x Forever Fix eyelash extension primer
  • 1x Cream Lash Extension Remover
  • 1x BELO Bulletproof Bond lash adhesive 
  • 1x Lash Cleanser
  • All the lashing tools and accessories you'll need!

We want your experience of taking the BELO Russian volume lash course to be as stimulating and rewarding as possible. With the skills and tools you gain from our course, you can unleash yourself upon the beauty industry and start applying Russian lashes with exquisite expertise!

Become A Pro With Russian Volume Lash Training

If you’re looking for a sign to start taking lash application seriously, this is it. Russian volume lashes are one of the most important lash types to know how to apply—and our comprehensive Russian volume eyelash extension course will give you those skills and more. 

At BELO, we have trained countless other lash technicians from the UK and all over the world for an approach to beauty that is as fun and fabulous as it is professional!

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