What to Expect on a Classic Lash Course

What to Expect on a Classic Lash Course

If you find yourself daydreaming about applying perfect eyelash extensions or pursuing a career in beauty, our Classic lash course is for you! 

Classic lashes are the bread and butter of any established lash technician’s practice—natural and beautiful, Classics are always in demand, and they’ll never go out of style. 

Our comprehensive Classic lash extension course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about what Classic lashes are, how to apply them, and which strategies you can use to elevate your practice while turning it into a professional stream of income. 

You don't need any prior cosmetic experience to take our course—just a passion for lashes and a willingness to learn. Join us as we go through what to expect on a Classic lash course so that you can embark on your accredited lash journey as prepared as possible. Let’s get stuck in! 

Why Take A Classic Eyelash Course? 

Classic lashes are one of the most consistently popular types of eyelash extensions. Being able to apply perfectly natural-looking Classic lashes is essential for every lash artist today. 

A Classic lash extension course will give you the experience and skills you need to give your clients gorgeous Classic lashes in a way that is durable, beautiful, symmetrical, natural-looking, and, of course, utterly professional. What more could a client want? 

We offer a range of accredited eyelash training courses, but the Classic lash course is one of the most foundational ones for any aspiring lash technician to learn. 

By taking a Classic eyelash course through BELO, you can receive the necessary certificate for applying people’s lashes and embodying all the skills and graces of a seasoned beautifying pro. 

Why Specialised Lash Training Is Essential

Lash application is a serious profession that requires training to be practised safely and effectively. BELO’s Classic lash course can equip you to not only apply lashes hygienically and efficiently but also in a way that results in the best, most beautiful Classic lashes imaginable. 

Our aim in offering this course is to empower beginner or aspiring lash artists to create lash looks that are every bit as stunning as they are clean and durable—all while equipping you with the knowledge you need to turn your passion into a sustainable career in beauty. 

Classic Lash Course Structure: What To Expect On A Classic Lash Course 

Knowing what to expect on a Classic lash course can help you prepare for the learning process as best as possible. It can also help you determine whether you think now is the right time to invest in your future as a pro lash tech or make a decision about your passion. 

Our Classic eyelash extension course covers the full scope of Classic lash application and care—from pre-treatment procedures like client consultations and various lash application techniques to post-treatment lash care and retention strategies. 

We’ll also broach the topic of managing yourself from a business perspective within the beauty industry and learning how to become your own boss. Our Classic lash course entails: 

Pre-treatment procedures 

Laying the right foundation for applying Classic lashes is crucial for being a professional lash technician. 

Part of our Classic lash training program involves guiding you through pre-treatment procedures like client consultations, skin prep, patch tests, and essential health and safety practices. We’ll also teach you how the lash cycle works so you know how it will impact lash extensions and their retention. These skills will help you approach lash applications with surgical precision and ease. 

Styling and mapping tricks

Our lash experts won’t just give you Classic lash training that you copy and paste - we’ll teach you how to map lashes and create styles that suit different eye types. Every client is different, and you’ll need to know how to create a look that flatters their eye shape.

You’ll also learn how to use Classic eyelashes to create different looks and trends. 

Lash application techniques

There are several different ways to apply Classic lashes, but only a few will produce perfect jaw-dropping results. 

In our Classic eyelash course, we’ll teach you a variety of lash application techniques so that you’re equipped to give clients beautiful, natural-looking lashes in a way that is up to standard but still suits their individual needs. You’ll learn about curls, finishes and structures and how different adhesives affect lashes and application. Plus, you’ll get the low down on infills so that you can maintain your client's lashes with confidence. 

Learning the difference between Classic and Russian volume lashes 

Classic lashes and Russian lashes may have overlapping similarities, but their overall look and application techniques are vastly different. 

Russian lashes are bold and fluffy and tend to feature a thick line of lash fans, while Classic varieties are much more naturalistic. Instead of being applied in fans, Classic lashes are applied one by one to each individual lash. This is why this type of application is also known as the 1:1 method! Our Classic lash course delves into the uniqueness of each of these popular lash types and will teach you how to apply them like a seasoned pro. 

Lash retention strategies 

Beautiful lashes are great, but beautiful lashes that stick around are even better! Knowing how to apply Classic lashes in such a way that allows them to remain set for weeks or months to come is essential for any budding lash artist. 

By teaching you important lash retention strategies, our Classic eyelash course will allow you to develop a reputation for lash endurance and cultivate loyal relationships with clients. 

Post-treatment procedures 

Another part of our Classic lash course involves taking a closer look at post-treatment procedures. Cleaning up your space, offering post-treatment care and retention tips to your client, and wrapping up consultations in a professional way are all important things for a lash tech to know. 

In this leg of BELO’s Classic eyelash course, we’ll take a full-circle look at the lash application process and how to conclude it with the highest level of elegance and professionalism possible. To round it off, we’ll teach you how to remove eyelash extensions safely without damaging your client's natural lashes. 

Business Tips, Pricing Strategies, And Marketing Advice 

Having a passion for lashes is great, but knowing how to operate like a true business babe is what will truly bring your artistry to life—and make it more lucrative and sustainable in the long run. Being industrious is hot!

Many beginner lash artists struggle to attract clients, set prices, and market their services. We’re here to change that. 

In our Classic lash course, we’ll demystify the beauty industry and equip you with the information and structure you need to pursue lash artistry like an esteemed industry expert!

The Benefits Of Completing BELO’s Classic Lash Course 

There are plenty of amazing reasons to take BELO’s Classic lash course. Not only does it give you access to some of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry, but it’ll also impart powerful, practical, creative, and professional knowledge about how to operate within it. 

But that’s not all. When you undergo Classic lash training with BELO, you also receive:


Once the Classic eyelash extension course is complete, our students undergo a practical exam to assess their skill level and test what they’ve learned. If you pass (and we believe that you will!), we’ll reward you with an official BELO Classic lash certificate to legitimise your skills.

Comprehensive lash kit 

Providing the new generation of lash techs with the right resources is important to us. Every student who completes our Classic eyelash extension course receives a free, comprehensive Classic lash kit and accessories as part of their gift from BELO. The kit includes:

  • 1x Forever Fix Lash Primer
  • 1x Cream Eyelash Extension Remover
  • 1x BELO Lash Bulletproof Bond Eyelash Adhesive 
  • 1x Classic Lash Tray
  • 2x Russian Volume Lash Trays
  • 2x Lash Tape
  • 10x Cooling Eye Pads
  • Microbrushes
  • Lash Spoolies
  • 1x Straight Tweezer
  • 1x Volume Tweezer
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Belo Lash notepad and pen

In addition to these incredible tools and products, you’ll receive a BELO Classic lash application manual to help you refresh your memory from home. Our Classic eyelash extension lash course is designed to support you from start to finish.

Supercharge Your Career With A Classic Eyelash Course

Our Classic lash training is for anyone who wants to be an accredited lash technician. You don’t need any previous experience or tuition to take our course—just an interest in creating jaw-dropping lashes and a willingness to learn how. 

Become a part of the esteemed BELO training academy today by going through our Classic lash training program and learning everything you need to know about creating flawless Classic lashes. We’d love to help you grow!

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