What are Volume Lashes?

What are Volume Lashes?

If you want to give your client's natural lashes that va-va-voom look, volume lashes are your not-so-secret weapon. They're the perfect choice for creating a full-bodied fan of dark, luxurious lash extensions.

Volume lashes are designed to enhance the definition and fullness of the lash line rather than the length, giving each eye a dramatic look that turns heads with striking, celebrity-worthy flair. 

So, how do volume eyelash extensions differ from classic, hybrid, and other popular lash types, and how can you apply them for maximum impact? Here, we’ll put volume lashes under the microscope and comb through everything you need to know about how they work, how to apply them, and what makes them so gorgeous!

A Closer Look At Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a variety of false eyelashes that embody boldness, intensity, and, of course, high-volume glam. But there are some other factors that differentiate them from other lash categories which lash techs are familiar with. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Thicker and fuller appearance – the main way to identify volume lashes is in their specially-designed thick, full, and plentiful appearance.
  • More natural-looking – classic eyelash extensions usually belong to a straighter and more uniform lash category, while volume lashes are designed to appear more natural and organic-looking. This is because lash artists can apply clients' lashes in smaller sections, allowing them to attach to the natural curve of the eye and create a sexy, attention-grabbing look.
  • Darker colour – volume lashes are often darker than other lash types. This allows the extensions to create an even more defined and luscious appearance.
  • Higher density of false lashes per natural lash – To achieve that beautiful “full” look, volume lashes typically range from 2D to 6D, meaning that 2-6 false lashes are added for every natural lash on the eyeline.

Essentially, volume lash extensions add more body, thickness, and drama by introducing a higher density of individual lashes and a more natural curvature of application than classic extensions. This is what gives mega volume lashes their signature rich, full look that bombshells around the world know and love. 

Do Volume Lashes Last Longer Than Other Types Of Lashes?

Good news, lash techs. These bold beauties are not just perfect for volume lash fans, but they can also last longer than other types of lashes. This is because volume lashes have a greater capacity for surface adhesion than other lashes.

Classic lashes and hybrid lashes are typically applied on a single strip or mixed in with individual extensions, whereas volume lashes are placed in 2-6 lash increments across the cusp of the eyelid to enhance the lash thickness. These multiple extensions not only allow for a more natural appearance (and sometimes a more comfortable fit) but also a longer-lasting lifespan and better retention on the lids.

This makes volume lashes great for anyone who doesn’t like (or have the time) to have their lashes reapplied on a regular basis or who prefers a more no-fuss approach to make-up in general.

How To Apply Volume Lashes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Lash pros will find that applying these lashes quickly becomes a breeze. But you can also book yourself a volume lash extension training course with BELO to make sure you master the art of this type of lash application.

Here’s how to apply volume lashes for maximum effect:

Cleanse the eye area 

The first step to correctly applying volume lashes is to pre-treat and cleanse the outer eye area using non-oil-based products. You can do this with a mild face wash, some cleanser or toner, and a make-up remover to ensure that no product is on your skin before the application.

A clean canvas ensures that the volume lash glue sticks better to the eyeline and gives a cleaner, longer-lasting fit.

Apply under-eye patches and tape

Putting an under-eye patch just beneath the lower lash line can help catch any stray falsies as they fall and ensure that the more sensitive parts of the face are protected from the adhesive.

This part of the process also just feels cute – it’s like having a little pamper party!

Lay out the volume lashes

Before you get ready to start applying, make sure you have the beautiful volume lashes laid out neatly in front of you for easy access and organisation to get the desired effect.

Follow your lash map to ensure that every lash is in the right place, and double-check it before you start the application process. We love a prepared queen (or king)!

Apply lash fans from the inner to the outer corners of each eye

The best way to apply volume lashes is to start at the inner corner of the eye and finish at the outer corner. This allows you more control over the shape of the lash line and gets the most sensitive part over first.

From there on, you can focus on the bigger picture.

Our advice for this important part of the volume lash application process is to go slowly and pause in between each lash piece application to check that it looks how you want it to.

Keeping a reference or inspo photo on hand can also be useful, especially if your client has a specific look in mind.

Don’t forget to wait for the adhesive to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Brush out the lashes with a clean spoolie

Once you’ve attached all of the gorgeous lashes and they have all been effectively glued to the eyelines, grab a clean spoolie and brush them out gently. This simply helps smooth out the luscious new lash line.

Unleash the lash look

That’s it! You have successfully applied volume lashes – and it’s time for them to be appreciated in all their glory.

Your client can now whip out their selfie camera, head to a mirror, and enjoy turning heads with the bold new lash line of their dreams.

Who should get volume lashes?

Is your client a bold personality? Loves a little glamour? Or simply someone who wants to accentuate the windows to their soul?

Volume lashes are for anyone who enjoys bold, striking eye looks. But they’re also for lash fans who don’t like high-maintenance lashes and those who may find classic lash extensions underwhelming.

If your clients are not sure whether volume lashes are for them or are confused about how classic and volume extensions differ, take a gander through this checklist together. 

You should get volume lashes if you…

prefer low-maintenance makeup

When you wear volume lashes, you don’t have to spend as much time labouring over dramatic eye make-up – you can rely on the lashes to be the star of the show.

This means that volume lashes are great for people who prefer spending a little less time behind the mirror each morning and just want to leave looking their best. Plus, they won't affect your lash health, so every single natural lash will still look good underneath.

like a natural-looking lash

Natural-looking lashes are in, and no one does it better than the volume lash.

With the ability to control both density and shape, volume lash extensions are perfect for those of us who crave more organic yet still impactful-looking lash lines.

have mascara allergies or aversions

If you have sparse natural lashes, don't like wearing lashings of mascara, or are allergic to certain brands, this style of extension can be a beauty lifesaver.

Without false lashes, many of us feel compelled to layer on the make-up to create a more defined eye look. But if that’s not an option for you, volume eyelash extensions can be the solution. Their natural darkness and fullness create a totally make-up-free depth and curl.

are an icon

Nothing quite says icon like a set of jaw-droppingly luscious lash extensions that fan out to look thick and natural from every angle. They’re great for make-up moguls, beauty influencers, or anyone who wants more volume with a single lash product.

Volume lashes are ideal for people who prefer more lashes and more impact – the eye-cons (sorry not sorry!) among us who like to make a statement in the blink of an eye.

How did volume lash extensions originate?

Before we leave you with your eyelashes, let’s take a moment to appreciate how these iconic lashes first entered the world of fashion and makeup.

Volume eyelash extensions were invented by a Russian lash stylist, Olga Debronravova, back in 2011. She wanted to give her clients a fuller, more natural, three-dimensional look for their eyes. So, she started experimenting with a lash technique that involved mixing 10:1 and 7:1 false-to-natural lash ratios. When attached, these hybrid eyelash extensions made it easy to add volume while still maintaining a natural look.

Mega volume fans loved them so much that the trend began popping up all over Russian beauty parlours, and eventually, the style started appearing in the lash industry around the world. It's safe to say that Russian volume lashes set the stage for lush lashes – and we couldn’t be happier that it did!

Volume Lash Fans Rejoice!

Thanks to their much higher false-to-natural eyelash ratio than other types of eyelash extensions, volume lashes offer instant dynamism to make-up or no make-up looks.

So, whether you’re a beginner lash tech or an experienced lash artist, volume lashes are a fun, impactful, and surprisingly easy way to elevate your client’s lash game with ease. 

With their darker, thicker, and fuller lash line, these luscious lashes are designed to bring oomph and drama, making achieving that lush look simple and straightforward. Happy lashing!

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