Benefits of Advanced Lash Training Courses For Qualified Techs

Benefits of Advanced Lash Training Courses For Qualified Techs

If you're already a qualified lash tech, taking a masterclass is one of the best choices you can make. We all know that the world of eyelash extensions is changing every day with new trends and styles that challenge all of us, all the time. That's why continuous learning, training and professional development are key to staying ahead and staying on top.

An advanced masterclass training course is perfect for technicians who already have completed their accredited courses and are looking to take their eyelash extension game to the next level. In this blog post, we're going to take a look at the many benefits that a masterclass offers, from learning new skills, keeping up with industry trends, and much more. 


Training can be a great refresher

Lash courses provide the perfect platform for training new and exciting skills. They offer opportunities to learn and grow as lash technicians, showing new ways to make your clients’ eyelashes flourish and flutter. However, lash courses can also be a great refresher for lash technicians who have been out of practice for a while. They provide a good opportunity to refine your current skill set as well as tackling head on areas of your skills that you may not be so confident in. Before applying for advanced training, be sure to look at what particular skills the course is offering and choose one that focuses on something that you feel needs to be strengthened. 


Learn advanced lash mapping techniques 

Lash mapping is an essential technique for every lash tech to learn, playing an important role in helping your clients leave your salon with eyelash extensions that they love. It’s something that is taught from day one, and like many other techniques in the world of extensions, it’s got a lot of depth. 

Masterclasses offer the opportunity to learn advanced mapping techniques to help create tailored lash designs that perfectly complement the client's eye shape, natural lashes, and desired look. Many advanced eyelash extension courses offer different and sometimes unique mapping techniques to learn and master. For example, here at BELO we offer our signature advanced lash maps, BELO, BRATZ, BADDIE, BOSSY and BABY.


Enhance both technical skills and theory

No matter the area of the beauty industry someone may work in, technical skills and theory knowledge are equally as important. This is no less true for eyelash extensions, and you cannot gain true mastery of extensions without having both. Masterclasses often involve an intense, in-depth practical training day where the trainers will expertly guide you through the various different unique techniques.

As well as this, other courses will be more focused around theory to help you better understand For example, a masterclass may be heavily centred around the importance of aftercare and why it is essential to helping your client maintain healthy eyelashes. In some cases, a training course will cover both technical skills and theory knowledge. These are all aimed at helping you to deliver flawless results. 


Keep up with industry trends

All it takes is for a celebrity to wear their extensions a certain way and just like that you'll have new and old clients alike flooding your beauty salon asking for those eyelashes. When this time inevitably comes, you're going to want to be able to meet their demands and provide them with the lash extensions they're asking for. 

With new trends and styles emerging regularly, advanced eyelash extension courses allow qualified technicians to stay updated with the latest industry trends and innovations. By enrolling in these courses, lash technicians will learn about in-demand eyelashes and insights into cutting-edge techniques for volume lashes and hybrid lashes.

This knowledge enables you to offer clients the latest and most sought-after lash extension designs, setting them apart from competitors and satisfying the evolving preferences of clients.


Expand service offerings

One of the significant advantages of taking an advanced masterclass is the fact that it allows technicians to expand what treatments you can offer. Once the training is completed, students will receive an accredited certificate that allows them to perform the new treatments that they learnt and expand their services.


Build confidence and credibility

Investing in advanced lash training not only enhances technical skills but also builds confidence and credibility for lash technicians. By completing these courses, technicians gain a sense of accomplishment and proficiency in their craft. Clients value technicians who continually invest in their professional growth and are equipped with the latest industry knowledge. The certifications and qualifications obtained through advanced eyelash extension courses also help to add credibility to a lash technician's profile, establishing them as trusted experts.


Networking and collaboration opportunities

Advanced lash training provides lash technicians with valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. Attending these courses allows technicians to connect with industry professionals and fellow lash technicians. Building relationships within the lash community facilitates knowledge exchange, mentorship, and even potential collaborations. It also provides a space for lash techs to share their skills, knowledge and tips and tricks with each other. 


The BELO Lash advanced course

As lash technicians ourselves, we know exactly how important all of this is first hand. That's why we've put together our own BELO Lash Advanced Masterclass Lash Course to help you boss your lash game. It is designed for lash techs who already have accredited classic and Russian volume lash certificates, allowing them to build upon these skills and learn. 

Our advanced masterclass offers 5 of our very own lash maps to learn. That way, you can deliver flawless lash applications that enhance the client's natural beauty and leave them feeling confident and satisfied every time.

Included in the price of our advanced course is a full eyelash extension kit that comes packed full of goodies. These include:

  • 2x trays of BELO individual lash extensions
  • 1x Bulletproof Bond lash adhesive (5ml)
  • 2x BELO premium eyelash extension tweezers
  • 1x Full size (60ml) lash shampoo 
  • 1x Forever Fix lash primer 
  • 1x Lock it In Sealant (7ml)

We've made sure that our extension kits provide all of the eyelash accessories that you will need to perform the treatments taught in this training course. 



Advanced lash training courses are an invaluable investment for qualified lash technicians. They enhance technical skills, keep technicians in the know with any and all industry trends, expand service offerings, boost confidence and credibility, and foster networking opportunities.

By enrolling in an advanced masterclass, qualified techs can unlock their full potential, deliver exceptional results, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of eyelash extensions. If you need any help in choosing the right training for you, don't hesitate to contact us today and we'll be happy to help!

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