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Half-Set Lash Extensions vs. Full-Set

A dramatic statement or a demure flutter of the eyelashes. A bold statement or a subtle whisper. This is how different lash extensions send different messages. Half lashes look more natural, understated, and laid-back, while full lashes look glamorous and alluring.

When figuring out which your client wants, you first need to understand why your client wants eyelash extensions. Do they want a more natural, everyday look, or is this for a special occasion? Their preferences, budget and the application time needed to attach the extensions to the natural lashes are also considerations. As a lash expert, you need to guide your client on this lash journey.

So, before applying just any set of eyelash extensions, let's look at some of the main differences as we compare half-lashes vs. full-lashes.

Half-Set Lash Extensions

A half set of lash extensions means you attach the extensions to only half of the client's natural lashes. Basically, you apply between 40 and 60 lash extensions to the natural eyelashes.

These extensions are better suited to a client who wants a bit more volume while maintaining a more natural look. Half lashes give a subtle and understated enhancement to the existing lashes.

If your client needs an affordable option or has time limitations, then half-lashes would be the obvious choice. As there are fewer lashes for the lash technician to apply, the client spends less time in the salon and less money.

If only a half-set is applied, you can still create a stunning look. You may want to focus on the outer corner of the lash line to create the cat-eye effect. This helps with adding length to the lashes.

Half-set lash extensions are cost-effective, take less time to apply and require less maintenance than a full set of extensions.

Full Set Lash Extensions

A full set of lash extensions is applied to almost all of your client's natural eyelashes. The lash extensions are applied normally using your tweezers and affixed with adhesive to the natural lash, emphasising the lash line. You would apply between 80 and 150 lashes to each set of eyelashes. Unlike half-set lash extensions, this application takes longer. So be prepared for lots of table talk.

This type of semi-permanent eyelash extensions really accentuates the eyes. If your client wants to make a statement, stand out from the crowd, or have absolutely stunning eyes, then full lashes are the way to go.

It's true that a full set is more expensive, takes more time to apply and does require more maintenance. However, once your client has a full set of extensions, they may never want to do the half-set lash extensions again! These lashes are definitely confidence-boosting.

Just remember to remind your client that their extensions will need regular maintenance, so touch-up appointments every 2–4 weeks should be booked.

Which Lashes To Use When

Client's Preference

Your client pays you for your time and expertise. However, you need to know their personal preferences before you begin their journey of gorgeous lashes. Chat with your client to understand their reasons for wanting lash extensions as well as their expectations. They may have a specific look that they are after. So first understand their goals, and then recommend a half-set or full-set accordingly.

If your client is after a subtle look or just wants to enhance their natural beauty, then suggest half lashes. If they want extra length or extra volume lashes that make a bold and dramatic statement, then a full set of lashes would be best.


For day-to-day wear, such as going to work or being at home, your clients may require a more subtle or natural look. They may want a slightly fuller look or a classy look that is still alluring and captivating. In this instance, the half-lash option will be perfectly suitable. If you are applying half-lashes, remember that you can bring the focus to the outer corners of the eyes for a captivating effect.

But special events happen, too. Birthdays, weddings, work extravaganzas, school dances, and those extra special date nights are just some of these occasions. This is when your clients will want to look extraordinary, glitzy, glamorous, and gorgeous. For times like these, you want to suggest they have a full set of eyelash extensions applied.

Lash Condition

When you are doing your consultation with your client, you need to take time to assess the condition of your client's natural lashes. This is a very important factor, as it will determine whether to choose a half-set or a full set of eyelashes.

First, check the length and thickness of your client's natural lashes. Are their natural lashes sparse and short, or thick and long? Are the lashes straight, or do they curl? If they curl, you may need to apply a different style of lashes, perhaps using more curly lash extensions to complement the existing curl.

You need to examine the individual lashes to check if they are damaged or brittle. If the client has a lot of damaged lashes, it might be worthwhile doing a full set so that there’s less risk of the lash line looking sparse if the natural lashes fall out. 

Alternatively, if your client has healthy lashes, a full set may help to achieve a dramatic effect but a half set can be equally beautiful.


If your client has a limited budget, you may need to stick to half-set lashes. Half lashes require fewer extensions, which may be more affordable for your client. If your client wants to splurge, then you can skip the half-lash set and give them a full set of lashes.

Experience Level

A personal consideration would be your own level of experience as a lash technician. If you are fairly new to the world of lash extensions, then perhaps start off with a half-set of lash extensions. Rather work with half sets until you feel more comfortable and gain confidence. In time, you can work your way up to full-set lashes.


Obviously, everyone has different eye shapes, and therefore, different lashes would suit different clients. Also, special occasions, budgets, time constraints and personal preferences all play their part in determining which lashes your clients will be adorning.

Both half-set and full-set lash extensions have their benefits and will suit different types of clients and different occasions. As a lash tech, it is your responsibility to assess your clients, their situations and their requirements. Once you've done this, you'll be able to recommend the correct option to fulfil your client's needs.

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