Best Lash Extension Styles for Hooded Eyes

Best Lash Extension Styles for Hooded Eyes

All of the different eye shapes require different lash types and styles to make sure you're getting the best out of your extensions - and hooded eyes are no exception! 

Despite being a gorgeous and very common eye shape, hooded eyes are known to be one of the trickier eye shapes to style with lash extensions. Their natural droop and minimal eyelid space can make applications a little difficult - even for expert eyelash techs. 

Here at BELO we understand that finding the perfect lash extension style for hooded eyes can be a bit of a challenge, that's why we've put together this comprehensive guide on how to pick out the best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes.

Whether your client is after a dramatic look or prefers a more natural style, here are some of the best eyelash extension styles that are guaranteed to lift and brighten hooded eyes.

Characteristics of hooded eyes

Before you start applying the lashes, you'll need to understand how hooded eyes look and work. Hooded eyes, also known as monolids, are essentially eyes that don't have a visible crease. With this eye shape, a natural section of extra skin folds down over the upper eyelids and hides the crease. 

Hooded eyes are stunning features, but they can be a little more of a challenge to style with eye makeup and lashes because they can look quite heavy and appear to 'swallow' the lash line below it. Most people who have hooded eyes tend to have a more prominent brow bone and deep-set eyes, making their eyes appear even more downturned. Hooded eyes also result in less eyelid space due to that skin fold – a familiar problem for anyone who has ever applied eyeshadow only to see it disappear as soon as they open their eyes!

This eye shape is sometimes associated with ageing as eyes typically become more hooded as you age. However, hooded eyes can also be a result of genetics – for instance, Asian eyes are more likely to be hooded. Regardless, your eye shape shouldn't hold you back from experimenting with different eyelash extensions – the right eyelash style can elevate lovely hooded eyes into show-stopping beauties! 

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What curl type works best with hooded eyes?

Now that we've broken down how hooded eyes work, let's have a look at the different lash curl types. We recommend the following curl types for clients with hooded eyes:

L Curl

L curl lash extensions are one of the most popular types of lashes for hooded eyes, and for good reason. These lashes have a flat and straight base, helping to create a strong connection between the natural lashes and the eyelash extensions. The slight curl at the tips of these lashes will also help to open up and brighten hooded eyes. L curls are available in our Pretty in Promade collection, so they’re a great option for volume and hybrid treatments for clients with hooded eyes.

L+ Curl

Also known as LD curls, L+ curls are similar to L curls in that both lashes have a straight base. However, L+ curls have a more exaggerated curl at the tip of the lashes, similar to D curls. This can help those with hooded eyes achieve a more dramatic look without coming into contact with the eyelid. 

C Curl

Of the classic lash curls, C curls are the most hooded eye-friendly! As C curls are not as bouncy as D or DD curls, they can provide enough space for the lash to curl without coming into contact with the eyelid. Depending on how pronounced your client’s monolid eyes are, C curls may or may not be suitable. As always, try and test the lash curls before completing the whole set. 

Best eyelash extension styles for hooded eyes

Now that we've covered the best eyelash curl types for hooded eyes, it's time to look at some eyelash extension styles we highly recommend for your hooded eyed clients.

Classic - light volume lashes

Natural looking eyelashes are suitable for all eye shapes, including hooded eyes, and are great for those who prefer a more subtle look. Lashes that are designed to add length and volume to the eyelashes without overwhelming the eye are a fail-safe option for monolid eyes. If your client wants to add a little bit of drama without overwhelming the eye, add some light volume fans in a 10-30% hybrid lash ratio. 

If the client's hooded eyes are a result of ageing, you may want to avoid using volume lashes and stick classic lashes as volume lashes can look a little heavy on older clients.

Cat eye lashes

Hooded eyes can really benefit from eyelash extensions that help to create a more defined crease. This makes cat eye lash extensions one of the most ideal lash styles for hooded eyes. Cat eye extensions involve using different lengths of extensions in order to achieve a lifted effect. Longer lashes are applied on the outer corner of the eye while the shorter lashes are applied on the inner corner, creating a winged effect. 

When working with hooded eyes, make sure your eyelash extensions aren't too thick as this can make your clients eyes look even more hooded. Instead, go for lash extensions that are more tapered, which will help give the eyes a subtle lift and elongated look. When done correctly, cat eye lash extensions will help open up your clients eyes and give the illusion of a more defined crease.

Please note: if your client has downturned monolid eyes, cat eye shapes will not be suitable as this will accentuate the downturned eye shape more. 

Doll eye lashes

Doll-like eyelash extensions are great at creating the illusion of round eyes, which helps to counteract the down-turned look of hooded eyes. With a doll eye look, you'll want to apply the longer individual lashes in the centre of the eye, with the shorter lashes placed in the inner and outer corner of the eye. The tips of the eyelash extensions should also have a slight curl to them, which will help open up the eyes.

Doll eye lash extensions work particularly well for those who have small eyes or anyone looking to achieve that innocent, doe-eyed look. With these lashes, your client's hooded eyes will instantly look brighter and more awake.

Wispy lashes

If your client is a fan of fluttery eyelashes, wispy lashes are another great style that works amazingly at providing a soft, natural look on hooded eyes. This eyelash extension style involves using different lengths of individual lashes and arranging them in a textured and fluttery manner. 

The different lengths will create a subtle lifted effect, helping to lift and open up the eyes. This lash extension style is also great for creating a gentle, feminine look that's perfect for everyday wear.

Eyelash extension tips for hooded eyes

Once you and your client have decided which lash extension style to go for, it's time to start applying the lashes! Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you're using the best techniques to apply those lashes.

Be strategic with lash mapping

Don't forget to take into account your client’s eye shape when lash mapping. If your client has hooded eyes, you'll want to be a bit more creative with where you apply the different lengths of individual eyelash extensions. For instance, with a cat-eye look you'll want to start with shorter individual lashes in the inner corner. Use longer lash extensions as you move towards the middle and outer corner of the eye

Avoid extreme curls

While you may think extreme curls are the only way to achieve a dramatic look, we recommend avoiding them on hooded eyed clients. If you use any eyelash extensions that are too curly, you run the risk of having the lashes poke the clients eyelid and causing discomfort. Overly curled lashes can also cause your eyes to look smaller, which is the complete opposite effect you should be going for.

In summary

Hooded eyes can prove to be a challenge sometimes, even for the more experienced eyelash techs out there. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to ask for monolid eye models to help you hone your technique! With these tips and tricks, we’re sure you will be a hooded eye master in no time!

Looking for your new favourite eyelash extensions? Here at BELO Lash we stock a wide range of high-quality lash products to help you create the perfect eyelash look. From lashes, tweezers, and adhesives, we've got everything you need for any type of eyelash style.

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