Ultimate Eyelash Extension Curl Guide

Ultimate Eyelash Extension Curl Guide

Eyelash extensions are personal to each client, and creating the perfect set of lash extensions for each individual is no easy feat! Both with and without makeup, eyelash extensions can transform your client’s face and enhance their natural beauty. Semi-permanent eyelashes are the perfect way to highlight a client’s eye and add a little bit of drama to an everyday look, without the need for mascara or eyelash curlers. Whether your client opts for full volume glam or a natural extension, it’s your job as a lash technician to create the perfect set. 

Of course there are many elements to eyelash extensions and we’d be here all day if we tried to cover the bases of thickness, curl, length, different glues and more in one post; so we’re focusing specifically on eyelash curls.


As all eyelash technicians know, lash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all and the same goes for lash curls! Choosing the right lash curl depends completely on the natural lashes that you’re working with, so you won’t be able to put the same set of extensions on two different clients. No matter how curly the lash extensions are, they should never come into contact with the eyelid as the individual lashes should be applied directly onto the natural lash using adhesive.

One client may have straight lashes, another may have a natural lift and this will completely change the results of the lash extensions if you were to place identical sets on each person. Other factors that will impact your choice of lash curl are your client’s eye shape, eyelid depth and the desired effect of their lash extensions.


There are many different types of lash curls on the market and the advantages of different types of curl vary. At BELO LASH, we stock a range of lash curls across our eyelash extension range so you can create a wide range of beautiful semi-permanent eyelashes from classic styles to contemporary strip lash looks. 

In our lash extension range we feature B, C, CC, D and DD curls as we find these curls are the most versatile and effective on the market for professional eyelash technicians. All BELO LASH eyelash extensions are made from premium synthetic Korean PBT material for the perfect finish. 

Continue reading to discover our favourite curls, the benefits of each style and our fave curly combinations of different extensions.



B Curl eyelash extensions are super natural and offer a slight lift and extension to the client’s natural lashes. Typically, B curls are used for clients who have very straight lashes naturally, however, we find that using a B curl on the lower lashes is a great way to balance out heavy volume eyelash extensions.

Of course, using B curls as individual lashes is still a viable option for many eyelash technicians and can be popular with older clients who are looking for a classic eyelash extension to enhance and elongate the natural lashes. 

Shop our B curl lashes for natural-looking extensions.


Tell your clients to throw out their eyelash curlers – the C curl is here. C curls are a staple in the BELO LASH eyelash extension range, especially for volume lash application.

The beauty of a C curl is its versatility. For an open-eye look, C curls are ideal as they blend in enough with the natural lashes but give a beautiful curled effect. Alternatively, C curls are buildable for volume lashes as they can be secured with adhesive to create volume fans for cat-eye and doll-eye looks.

You can even try our heat-bonded easy fan lashes in a C curl to create volume lashes without relying on glue if you’re struggling with handmade volume fans or just want to save time in treatments!

Used in combination with other extension curls, C curls add texture and volume to any eyelash extension set. Available in our Velvet Russians and Easy Fan eyelashes, the C curl will be your bestie for any lash look!

Full C Curl set. Available via Instagram: @lashbabe_x

Choppy C Curl set. Available via Instagram: @belolash


CC curls are making waves in the eyelash extension industry as a beautiful in-between option for lovers of both C and D curls. Offering more curve than a C curl, the CC is for clients who want extra drama without the complete lift of a D. CC curls are fluttery and flirty in all lash lengths and offer volume and texture when used for a full lash effect. 

CC curls are found in our Classic Cashmere Lashes as the finish and weight of the cashmere lash makes working with the bouncy CC curl a dream. They can be found in our Easy Fan eyelashes too!


D curl lash extensions are the BELO LASH holy grail curl style. If your clients want all eyes glued on them, D curls are the way to go- whether they opt for classics or Russian volume. Be wary, D curl extensions can be tricky for clients with hooded eyes as the curl can overshadow the eye shape, so make a note of this before application.

We chose to use the D curl for our classic eyelash extensions as individual lash application (1:1) on natural lashes benefits from the extra curl to ensure the eye stands out. Classic eyelash extensions are perfect for first-time clients and those who use mascara and eyelash curlers daily. Make sure to remind first time eyelash extension clients to not apply mascara on top of the extensions as this will damage and dirty the fibres.

Our classic cashmere lashes differ from classic mink eyelashes as the flat base of the cashmere extension adheres better to the natural lash, and promotes increased eyelash retention throughout the lash growth cycle.

For Russian volume eyelash extensions, the D curl is perfect to create dramatic glamorous looks. We love how D curls lift and elongate the lash line, both when used alone or in combination with other lash curls.

Available across our Classic Cashmere Lashes, and Velvet Russian Lashes, D curls are a staple for any lash technician. Beginner eyelash technicians should try our D curl Easy Fans for their lashing hacks to provide clients with advanced lash looks without the stress.

D Curl volume set. Available via Instagram: @blossombeauty_elishamai

D curl set. Available via Instagram: @_lashedbybeth

D curl set. Available via Instagram: @blossombeauty_elishamai


The DD curl is a force to be reckoned with – these bouncy lash extensions are not for the faint hearted as the results of using a DD curl in your set is a full, curled dramatic look. DD curls are show-stoppers and a technician’s dream as you can play around with creating the ultimate texture using volume fans for thickness. 

Used in combination with different types of curls, the DD elevates an eyelash extension look and causes serious eyelash envy! Found in our Velvet Russian Range, the DD curl brings being ‘extra’ to a whole new level and adds texture to a full lash extension look. 

DD Curl set. Available via Instagram: @blossombeauty_elishamai


Mix and match different types of lash extensions to create unique textured, wispy mink eyelash looks which your clients will fall in love with! Combining lash curls can be intimidating for many eyelash technicians-particularly beginners- but don’t shy away from it!

C and CC Curls

C and CC curls are the perfect lash curl combination for a unique, fluffy yet wispy eyelash look. For clients who want volume with a natural edge a C/CC combination is perfect! Using a range of lash lengths will help you to create a beautifully glam finish to the set.

C and CC Curl set. Available via Instagram: @dellashious_uk

C and D Curls

The two most popular eyelash extensions, an unstoppable pair. When applied in-between D curl extensions, synthetic C curl individual lashes add thickness, texture and volume to a set and create a wispy effect. 

The combination of the curly C curl and the lift of the D curl is a match made in heaven and provides your clients with the perfect day-to-night eyelash extensions. 

C and D Curl set. Available via Instagram: @_lashedbybeth

CC and D Curls

For girls who really want to have fun! Applying CC curls in-between D curl volume fans is a fun and flirty lash extension combination for your clients. BELO beauties will adore how this fun combination draws attention to the eye and creates a glam look, even on makeup free days. 

When applied effectively, a CC and D combination of individual lashes can produce the perfect curve for a fake mink effect with super fluffy, bouncy and textured lash extensions. 

D and DD Curls

Full drama, full time. Apply D and DD curls together for a show-stopping eyelash extension look! The D and DD curl combination provides the extension curl of dreams, especially on clients with upturned eyelids as the curve of the individual lashes will compliment a cat-eye look. 

Available via Instagram: @jordannes.babecave


Eyelash extensions have taken the beauty industry by storm, and offering clients the latest trends of lash extensions alongside classic styles sets you apart from other lash technicians. Once your clients experience the joy of their perfect set of eyelash extensions, they’ll never go back to natural lashes with their constant need for mascara and curling.

Now that you have an insight into the benefits of different lash curls, you’ll be able to boss custom sets of eyelash extensions for your clients using BELO LASH lash extensions. Ensure your client’s eyelash curls stand the test of time by using our eyelash adhesives to lock in the individual lashes until the in-fill! 

Shop the BELO LASH lash range and kit out your treatments with the highest quality products for your clients.

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