A Guide to C Curl Lashes

A Guide to C Curl Lashes

As lash professionals, we all understand the impact of eyelash extensions on the beauty industry. They're our very own magic trick, offering a way to enhance natural beauty with simplicity and elegance. Amidst the array of lash types at your disposal, C curl lashes stand out as a popular choice for their unique blend of subtlety and allure. In this guide, we delve into the world of C and CC curl lashes, exploring what makes them a preferred option for those seeking a natural yet noticeable lift to their lashes.

What Are C Curl Lashes?

C curl lashes are like the Goldilocks of eyelash extensions – not too flat, not too dramatic, but just right with their charming 'C' shaped curve. These lashes strike a sweet spot, giving you a natural yet eye-catching boost. While they may not go as extra as the bold D curls or keep it as low-key as the demure B curls, C curl lashes are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of eye shapes and styles.

Imagine the natural curl of a healthy, natural lash – C curl lashes enhance this look by adding a bit more curve. This slight enhancement opens up the eye area, creating a bright, awake appearance. 

Now, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, the CC curl lashes take things up a notch. They add a tad more drama to the curve, bridging the gap between subtle enhancement and dramatic flair, perfect for those who want to turn up the volume without going full-on D curl.

When considering C and CC curls from our range of lash extensions, you can explore the following options:

  • Velvet Russian Lashes: Available in both C and CC curls, these super soft, matte volume eyelashes are perfect for creating beautiful wispy and fluffy eyelash extensions. They’re our bestsellers for a reason!
  • Brown Velvet Russian Lashes: Featuring the CC curl, our bestselling Velvet Russian Lashes are also available in brown.
  • Velvet Easy Fan Lashes: You can find both C and CC curl options in our Velvet Easy Fans, the quick and easy way to create perfect volume fans. Perfect for beginner lash techs.
  • Classic Cashmere Flat Lash: Coming in a CC curl, these ultra lightweight yet dark and full lash extensions are perfect for enhancing your client's natural lashes.

C Curl Lashes vs. Other Lash Types

In order to ensure you select a lash extension style that will complement your client’s eyes, it’s crucial to understand the difference between various lash types. C curl lashes are often compared to B and D curl lashes due to their popularity and distinctive characteristics.

B Curl Lashes

If you're aiming for a natural look, B curl lashes are your go-to choice. They offer a gentle curve, similar to a subtle mascara application. These lashes are perfect, especially if your client has naturally straight lashes, as they add a touch of elegance without going overboard.

D Curl Lashes

If drama and eye-popping allure are what your client craves, then D curl lashes are the answer. These lashes bring a bold and glamorous look to the table with their pronounced curve. They work wonders, especially for enhancing downward-angled natural lashes, creating a striking lift and the illusion of larger eyes.

CC Curl Lashes

CC curls, with their enhanced curvature, offer a more dramatic lift than C curls, making them an excellent choice for clients with straight or slightly downward-angled lashes. They provide a visible eye-opening effect while still maintaining a degree of natural appearance.

C curl lashes strike a perfect balance between the understated B curl and the dramatic curls of a D curl. They provide enough uplift to make the eyes appear more open and awake, yet maintain a level of naturalness that is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. This magical balance makes your eyes pop, giving them a bright and awake appearance that's perfect for everyday wear or those special occasions where you want to shine. That's the beauty of C curl lashes – they're versatile and cater to a wide range of clients, no matter their natural lash type or desired aesthetic.

For an overview of the various types of lash curls, be sure to read our ultimate eyelash extension curl guide.

Choosing the Right Curl: Factors to Consider

When it comes to choosing the right eyelash extension, it's not all about the curl – there are a few more factors to consider. Your eye shape and style preference also come into play. So, let's break it down and find your perfect match.

Eye Shape

When advising clients on selecting the right eyelash extension, the shape of their eyes is a primary factor in choosing the right lash curl. For example:

  • Upturned eyes: If your client has upturned eyes, C curl lashes are your secret weapon. They work like magic to enhance the natural upward curve of your eyes, adding an extra dose of captivating charm. With C curl lashes, you'll enjoy a gentle lift that perfectly complements the shape of your upturned eyes, resulting in an elegant and eye-catching look.
  • Round eyes: C curl lashes are a fantastic choice for round eyes. By adding just the right amount of lift, they can enhance the depth and allure of round eyes without making them appear overly circular. The gentle curvature of C curl lashes helps create an eye-catching effect that beautifully complements the natural roundness of the eyes.
  • Hooded eyes: When it comes to hooded eyes, C curl lashes are an excellent option for those who prefer a more subtle enhancement. While D curls can provide an eye-opening effect, C curls offer a choice that leans towards a natural look. They work harmoniously with hooded eyes, giving them a lift without sacrificing the elegance of the eye's shape.

When considering CC curls, evaluate if your client desires a more pronounced curl than C curls. CC curls are particularly effective for eye shapes that benefit from additional lift, such as hooded eyes.

Natural Lash Type

When it comes to applying C curl lashes, another key element to consider is your client's natural lash type. This encompasses the direction, length, thickness, and curl of their lashes. Delving into these details can work wonders in shaping the final outcome and ensuring the perfect match for C curl extensions.

  • Direction of Natural Lashes: The direction in which natural lashes grow can significantly influence the final look of C curl extensions. If your client’s lashes tend to grow straight or point downwards, fear not! C curl lashes come to the rescue by providing a gentle lift that opens up your eyes and adds a dose of alertness. Conversely, if their natural lashes have an upward growth pattern, C curl lashes harmoniously follow this lead, accentuating the curl in a manner that exudes natural elegance.
  • Length and Thickness: The natural length and thickness of lashes should also be considered. C curl lashes work well with most lengths, offering a harmonious extension for shorter lashes and enhancing the curvature for longer ones. The thickness of the natural lashes can determine the weight and thickness of the extensions used. Thinner natural lashes might require lighter and finer C curl extensions to prevent any strain on the natural lashes.
  • Natural Curl Pattern: The natural curl in a client's lashes will affect the final outcome. For those with naturally curly lashes, C curl extensions can enhance and define the existing curl pattern. However, for lashes with little to no curl, C curl extensions can introduce a subtle and natural-looking curvature that is not overly dramatic, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of clients seeking a noticeable yet authentic enhancement.

Every client's lashes are one of a kind, and embracing these subtle variations allows us to craft a personalised approach when applying C curl lash extensions. This bespoke touch ensures that the extensions complement and enhance the natural lash line instead of overwhelming it. It's about creating a look that is cohesive with your client’s natural beauty. A thorough assessment of your natural lash type serves as the cornerstone for achieving the perfect application of C curl lashes. This method guarantees that the extensions not only look natural but also feel comfortable, enhancing your client’s overall appearance in a way that exudes both opulence and authenticity.

Desired Aesthetic Effect

When choosing C curl lashes, it’s important to consider the specific type of look that your client wants to achieve:

  • Natural and Subtle: If your client aims for a discreet enhancement that accentuates their natural beauty, C curls are the way to go. These curls provide a gentle lift and curve, delivering a refreshed and subtly enhanced appearance without drawing too much attention.
  • Bold and Dramatic: Now, if the goal is to make an eye-catching statement, C curls might not be the top choice – in this case, consider D curls. D curls offer a more pronounced curve and lift, ensuring that all eyes are on them, creating a bold and glamorous look that truly stands out.
  • Balanced and Noticeable: C curls serve as the perfect middle ground for those who desire a noticeable enhancement that isn't as understated as B curls nor as dramatic as D curls. They offer a balanced uplift that is significant yet maintains an air of natural elegance.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on the most suitable eyelash extension type for your needs. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, understanding the nuances of different lash curls is key to achieving your desired look.

Application Techniques for C Curl Lashes

Working with C curls offers a more forgiving application process compared to dramatic curls, but it's the attention to detail that truly sets the stage for a seamless and elegant enhancement. This meticulous approach ensures that C curls enhance the eyes beautifully, delivering a lifted yet natural look.

When it comes to applying C curl lashes, the key is to make the most of their moderate curvature, subtly enhancing the eye's natural shape. It all begins with a thorough cleansing of the natural lashes to ensure optimal adhesion. Selecting the right length and thickness is paramount; C curls should extend the natural lashes harmoniously without overwhelming them. During the application process, each lash deserves careful isolation and precise placement, ensuring that the extensions align gracefully with the natural lash line.

Caring for C Curl Lashes

Aftercare for C curl lashes, while following general guidelines, requires specific attention to maintain their understated elegance. Clients should be advised to avoid moisture for the first 24 hours post-application to allow the adhesive to set properly. Gentle cleansing with appropriate, oil-free products is recommended to maintain lash integrity. Regular brushing with a spoolie brush will keep the lashes neat and well-aligned. Clients should be cautious of actions that might alter the moderate curve of the C curls, such as rubbing eyes or using mechanical eyelash curlers. Regular infill appointments are crucial to sustain the fullness and natural appearance of the C curl extensions. By adhering to these care practices, clients can enjoy the lasting beauty of their C curl lashes.

C Curl Lashes FAQs

How long do C curl lash extensions last?

With some TLC, your C curl lash extensions can strut their stuff for a solid 2-3 weeks before needing a little infill magic. Of course, that timeline can dance a bit depending on the natural lash growth cycle and how well they are maintained.

Are C curl lashes suitable for all eye shapes?

Yes, C curl lashes are versatile and generally suitable for most eye shapes. They offer that sweet spot between a natural and dramatic look, making them a great choice for both subtle enhancement and more noticeable lash styles.

Can I wear mascara with C curl lash extensions?

It’s best to avoid mascara, especially waterproof types, as it can weaken the adhesive and cause the extensions to clump. If you must use mascara, choose a water-based formula and apply it only to the tips of the extensions.

How do I choose the right thickness for C curl lashes?

The right thickness depends on your natural lashes and desired look. Lash technicians will typically help clients choose the best thickness that enhances natural lashes while maintaining a healthy lash line.


So there you have it, the lowdown on C and CC curl lashes – a world of possibilities for lash techs. With your newfound knowledge, you're all set to cater to a diverse range of client needs. Whether you're opting for the natural charm of C curls or turning up the drama with CC curls, you're expanding your style game.

For professional lash artists looking to perfect their technique with C curl lashes, this guide has aimed to provide comprehensive insights and practical advice. Whether you're refining your skills or advising clients, understanding the nuances of C curl lashes can help you achieve the perfect look.

If you have any questions, need professional advice, or wish to explore our range of products, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance and expert guidance in your lash journey!

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