Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Round Eyes

Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Round Eyes

Have you been blessed with beautiful, almost doll-like round eyes? Round eyes are one of the most captivating eye shapes, and eyelash extensions can be an absolute game-changer when it comes to enhancing their natural shape and beauty. 

However, it's important to remember that not every eyelash extension style is going to work with every type of eye shape. As lash technicians, it's essential that you take into account your client's eye shape when putting together the perfect lash extension treatment for them. With the right eyelash extensions, you'll be able to create a captivating and stunning look that won't ever look overdone.

In this blog, we'll be looking at some of the best lash extension styles that are sure to suit round eyes. Whether your clients prefer natural or dramatic looks, these lash styles will help you create the perfect lash treatment to help those round eyes pop!

Characteristics of round eyes

Before we get into the different types of extension styles out there, we first need to understand what exactly round eyes are and their different characteristics.

Round eyes are characterised by a visible crease and rounded shape. They're typically more circular than they are oval-shaped, which then gives a wide-eyed, innocent, and almost youthful appearance.

An easy way to check if your client has round eyes is to ask them to look straight at you. If the whites of their eyes are visible either above or below the iris, it's safe to say they have round eyes.

However, you'll need to be careful with lash mapping as the wrong lash map can make round eyes look shocked and stunned, which might not be what your client is after. This is why it's important to select the right curl length, curl type, and extension style for your round-eyed clients.

What curl types work best with round eyes?

C curl

C curls are great for clients with round eyes as they help to elongate and soften the eye. C curls are short, flared, and are typically looser than other curl types like D curls, so they're great at creating the illusion of almond eyes while also avoiding that surprised look. They're also known to be the most natural-looking curl type.

B curl

B curls are a great curl option if you want to offer super natural looking lash extension treatments. Their natural curl offers a slight lift and curl to the client's natural lashes. B curls are also an excellent option for any of your clients that have straight lashes.

For a more detailed breakdown of the different curl types available, check out our ultimate eyelash extension curl guide!

Best lash extension styles for round eyes

Cat eye

The cat eye lash style is one of the best lash extension styles for clients with round eyes! When working with round eyes, you'll ideally want to focus on adding length to the outer corners of the eyes to help create the illusion of almond eyes. This is exactly what cat eye style eyelash extensions do.

When creating a cat eye look you'll need to use lash extensions with different lengths. The shorter extensions will be placed in the inner corners, with the length gradually increasing as you move towards the outer corners. Using different lash lengths in the inner and outer corners will help create a natural cat eye effect.

Since this lash look requires a bit of mapping and working with different lash lengths, beginner lash techs might find this style a bit trickier to master. For a quick and easy cat eye lash application, why not try our Velvet Easy Fan Lashes! They're available in the soft C curls perfect for creating cat eye lashes, plus they're already heat bonded at the base of easy application. Perfect for all of our new BELO babes out there!

You don't have to worry about the cat eye effect being too dramatic either as the softer curls you use will actually help to balance your client's eyes and look luxurious but not over the top.

Natural lash style

If your client prefers more subtle looking eyelash extensions, natural lashes are definitely the way to go. Natural lashes are a great lash extension style for round eyes as they help define their natural eye shape without making them pop too much. They're also the perfect choice for clients that want that classic 'I just got a lash lift' look.

To create a natural lash extension look you'll need to use extensions with a similar diameter to your clients natural eyelashes. Try to not use anything thicker than 0.02mm as these might end up being too dark for a natural look. If your clients are looking for a balance of natural and dramatic eyelashes, using the hybrid lashing technique is also a great way to achieve a natural look with a bit more oomph.

Natural sweep

For clients that want a look with a little pop of something extra, the natural sweep lash extension style is going to be the perfect look for them. This lash style is designed to open the eye up but horizontally and vertically, creating a brightening effect that's still balanced and natural looking.

This lash extension look starts off pretty similar to the natural extension style as they use the same lash length throughout most of the lash line. The key difference is that the natural sweep lash style uses shorter lash extensions on the inner corner of the eye.

Similarly to the cat eye look, you can also use our Velvet Easy Lash Fans, but if you want to create the perfect glam look then you'll have to try using our Velvet Easy Fan Lashes mentioned above. These eyelash extensions are perfect for creating a dramatic, dark lash line effect that's sure to wow the crowd at your client’s next big night out!

Clients with downturned eyes can also benefit from this extension style as it also offers a slight lifting effect without being too dramatic.

Soft volume

Every girl needs a bit of drama in her life, and what better way to add some than with a new set of soft volume lash extensions? Soft volume extensions are essentially volume lashes that aren't as dramatic as Russian volume lashes but will still add fullness and density to the lash line.

To create the perfect soft volume lash extensions, you'll need to use thinner volume lashes like our Velvet Russian Lashes. Lash extensions that are 0.05mm, 0.06mm, and 0.07mm will work perfectly for this look as they'll create the soft and airy look you want from this lash style. We also recommend using wide 2D or 3D volume fans for a softer, fluffier look.

Soft volume lash extensions are the perfect choice for any of your clients who have round eyes as they can provide just the perfect amount of drama and glam without overdoing it. This style is also great for anyone who has sparser natural eyelashes and is looking to fill any gaps in their lash line.

Squirrel lashes

The name might catch you off guard for a second, but hear us out! We might not think of squirrels as having the most glamorous eyelashes but this look is one of the best lash extension styles for anyone with round eyes.

This style is pretty similar to the fox eye look you may already be familiar with, but with some slight differences. The inner and outer corners of the eye will have shorter lash extensions, with the longest being placed in the middle of the lash line. This creates an arching effect that looks pretty similar to squirrel ears!

This lash look may take a bit more time to map out as it follows the natural shape of your clients eyebrows. The longest lashes should be applied under the arch of the eyebrow, with the lashes becoming gradually shorter as they move towards the inner and outer corner of the eye. The number of lengths you use will depend on how dramatic of a look your client wants, with more lengths creating a more dramatic and defined arch.

Which lash styles should I avoid using with round eyes?

While round eyes are one of the most gorgeous eye shapes around, even we have to admit that not every lash extension style will work with this eye shape. Below are a couple of eyelash extension styles we recommend avoiding when working with round-eyed clients.

Doll eye

The doll eye look is one of the most well-known and loved lash extension styles, so it's no surprise that you'll have plenty of clients requesting this during their appointments. While it's a pretty versatile lash style, we recommend avoiding this look when working with round eyes.

Since doll eyes are designed to open up the eye to create that doll-like look, this lash extension style will actually make round eyes look even rounder! Round eyes work best with lash extensions that soften and elongate the eye, which is the exact opposite of what doll eye extensions do. So while we're big fans of accentuating your natural beauty, it may be a good idea to steer away from this lash style if your client has round eyes.

Instead, you'll be better off applying doll eyelash extensions for your clients with wide set and deep set eyes.

Open eye

Similar to doll eye eyelash extensions, open eye style lashes can end up being too overwhelming for clients with round eyes. The open eye look uses longer and more voluminous lashes on the centre of the lash line, which then creates the illusion of bigger and more open eyes. Again, this is the complete opposite of what you want to achieve since round eyes already look quite big.

Open eye lashes are instead more suited for almond eyes and hooded eyes as this lash style will help the eyes pop and provide a gorgeous lifting effect.


Eyelash extensions can truly help to enhance someone's natural beauty, but as lash techs we need to be aware of how different eyelash extension styles work with different eye shapes. By choosing the right lash curl, length, and style, you'll be able to create the perfect look that complements your client's natural eyes while accentuating their unique features.

(For a more in-depth look, check out our deep dive into the different eye shapes and which lash extensions work with them!)

Whether your client prefers more natural looks or is looking for an added pop of drama, there are many different types of lash styles out there that are sure to complement round eyes. Just remember to work closely with your clients to create the perfect eyelash extension treatment that suits their personal style and preferences.

If you're looking to put together the perfect custom lash treatments, BELO Lash are here to help! Whether your clients have hooded eyes, downturned eyes, or any other eye shape, with our complete range of lash extensions you'll be able to create the perfect treatments that will have them looking as gorgeous as ever.

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