Best Lash Extension Styles for Upturned Eyes

Best Lash Extension Styles for Upturned Eyes

Hey there, fellow lash lovers! If your client is blessed with captivating and naturally flirty upturned eyes, that’s great! It means you've hit the jackpot of eye shapes to work with. But what lash extensions work best with these eyes?

Hold onto your mascara wands, because we're going to delve right into our handy guide on the best lashes for upturned eyes. We'll help your client steal the spotlight everywhere they go. From sultry cat eyes to eye-opening natural looks, we'll go through all the perfect tips and techniques for this shape.

Understanding upturned eyes: features and characteristics

Upturned eyes are relatively common, and considered by many lash techs as one of the easiest eye shapes to work with. While plenty of us use different makeup techniques (and a lot of eyeliner) to recreate this specific eye shape, there are some lucky people who don't have to try at all!

The easiest way to spot this shape is to look at the inner and outer corners of the eye. Usually, the outer corner will sit slightly higher than the inner corner, which is what gives this eye shape its name - they're literally turning upward! They're also the complete opposite of downturned eyes, where the outer corner is lower than the inner one.

This eye shape looks a lot like almond eyes, except they have a distinct upward flick at the outer corners that gives them their natural cat-eye shape. The lower lid also appears bigger and has a more visible crease than the top lid. Since the top lid has a more subtle eyelid crease, these eyes tend to have a more sultry appearance.

Selecting the right lash styles for upturned eyes

Lash style 1: Doll eye

The Doll Eye lash extension style is a super versatile choice that works for most eye shapes, including upturned eyes. This style pairs elements from the Open Eye and Natural Eye looks for a unique style that will make your client's eyes pop. It can also help to make your eyes appear more round, which is great for achieving a softer look.

Since this style involves applying extensions across the lash line for an equal length distribution, the Doll Eye is pretty consistent across the eyes, helping to create a more symmetrical look. Plus, Doll Eye extensions are usually slightly longer in the middle, which can help to open up upturned eyes and make them look rounder and more centred.

Lash style 2: Cat eye

Since upturned eyes already have a naturally alluring cat-eye shape, it’s no wonder that the Cat Eye lash style suits them so well. This may even be one of the best lash styles for upturned eyes, as they help to exaggerate and elongate the eyes. So, if your client wants more dramatic lashes, this is a fantastic go-to style - especially when you add Russian lashes to take the drama up a notch.

These extensions and false lashes are much shorter in the inner corners and gradually get longer along the eye. This aligns perfectly with an upturned eye shape where the outer edges are naturally higher.

Lash style 3: Natural eye

The point of Natural Eye extensions is to accentuate your client's natural lashes and add a touch more flair to them. These lashes are fantastic for almost every eye shape, barring small eyes (since you'll want to make these look bigger).

When it comes to upturned eyes, this style is ideal for emphasising your clients’ gorgeous eye shape without adding too much drama or overwhelming the shape. If your client wants a subtle look to add to their natural eyelashes, then this is a great pick.

Lash application techniques for upturned eyes

Placement tips for upturned eyes

Upturned eyes have higher outer corners. So, when you're placing the lash extensions, you'll want to emphasise the outer corners to enhance the cat-eye effect. This can help to balance the upward lift of the eyes. You should also consider placing slightly longer lash extensions at the centre of the lash line, which can elongate and open the eyes further.

Since upturned eyes have more prominent lower lids, avoid placing too many long extensions on the inner corners. Otherwise, you may overwhelm the lower lid and your client will end up having an unbalanced final look.

Customising lash length and curl

One of our favourite techniques is to use extensions with graduated lengths, keeping them shorter in the inner corner and slowly working your way up along the eye. This can complement the natural lash growth pattern and make the eye more alluring.

You can also consider putting slightly longer extensions in the middle of the eye, just under the midpoint of the eyebrow. This accentuates the almond-like shape and creates a more balanced eye look. It also makes them seem more open.

Depending on what your clients desire, you can use a combination of curl types. You can place curlier lashes at the outer corners to enhance the upward flick, for example; or use less curled lashes in the inner corners to create a more relaxed, natural appearance.

Care and maintenance tips for upturned eyes

Proper aftercare for lash extensions on upturned eyes

Once you've perfected your client's look, it's time to educate them on taking care of their lash extensions. Ensuring your clients take the appropriate post-treatment measures will help to make their lashes last longer and keep them in tip-top shape until their next appointment.

Be sure to remind your client not to use oil-based or waterproof makeup products, since they can weaken the bonds between the glue and extensions. This can lead to premature shedding, and - let's be honest - is there anything worse than gaps from lost extensions?

If they do wear make-up or even when it comes to washing their face in the morning and evening, it’s important to remind them to use an oil-free cleanser. Using a gentle lash cleanser can help to remove any excess dirt, oil build-up or makeup without damaging their lashes.

Your client should be careful not to rub their new extensions. This is especially important when it comes to the outer corners, where the extensions are slightly longer. 

Your client should brush through their extensions every day. Not only will this keep the lashes looking amazing, but it will also prevent tangling, which can be tricky around the middle and the outer corner of the eye.

Handling potential challenges

As a lash technician, you'll want to be prepared to address the most common challenges that your clients might face. When it comes to upturned eyes, one of the worst things that can happen is premature shedding. Since the outer corner is lifted upward, the extensions will usually be more tense and may shed at a more accelerated rate. So, be sure to schedule regular refills with your client!

Other than that, you'll need to remember not to overload any part of the eye with extensions. This can take away from the natural shape of the eye rather than enhance it.


So, there you have it, BELO Babes - a lash-load of wisdom to help you find the perfect extension techniques for upturned eyes. Just remember: the key here is to enhance and not overpower the eyes with the perfect extensions. Want to try out BELO's range of picture-perfect lashes to wow your clients? Then don't forget to contact us today!

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