Complete Guide to Lash Infills

Complete Guide to Lash Infills

Lash infills are a crucial part of the maintenance process, and are probably the service you will do most as a lash tech! Infills give your clients a way to maintain the fullness and integrity of their lash extensions without having to get an entirely new set. 

However, if you are a fresh face in the lash game with a lacking knowledge of infills, don't fret. At BELO Lash, our team of skilled professionals have teamed up to form a comprehensive guide to infills, giving you all the information you need to apply flawless lash infills which will guarantee client satisfaction!


What are infills?

Essentially, lash infills are follow-up appointments which are scheduled after the initial extension application. You can apply infills to any style of preexisting lashes, whether that be Classic Lashes, Russian Lashes, or Hybrid Lashes.

During these treatments, a lash artist will remove any loose or outgrown extensions, replacing them with new ones to ensure that the lash line is full and voluminous. Infill sessions also involve tackling any gaps or sparse areas that may have occurred as a result of natural lash shedding.


Lash infill treatments

If you are yet to apply your first set of lash infills, you might be wondering how the process differs from putting in a full set of eyelash extensions. Below, we have included a step-by-step guide to lash infills, helping you to understand more about the entire process.


1. Assess the lashes

Closely examine your client's lashes, identifying any areas that require infilling. Keep an eye out for outgrown extensions, gaps, or any loose eyelashes that need to be replaced.


2. Remove outgrown extensions

Using your isolation tweezers, carefully take each lash extension that has outgrown its natural lash and remove it. Be cautious not to pluck out any natural eyelashes during this process, as it can lead to damage further down the line. We recommend using a gentle lash remover to loosen the bond between the client's extension and their natural eyelash.


3. Address gaps

Identify any sparse areas along the lash line and carefully add new extensions to fill them in. Be sure to use extensions that match the style of the existing lashes (whether that be classic, volume, or hybrid), ensuring that they blend together seamlessly. This will help to maintain the natural appearance of your set, ensuring that the infills do not stand out from the other extensions. 


4. Apply lash adhesive

Use your tweezers to isolate a single eyelash, and use a small amount of adhesive on the base of the natural lash. We would also remind you to make sure the adhesive is evenly distributed, minimising the chance of clumping or excess bonding.


5. Attach the extension

Carefully place the lash extension onto the isolated natural lash, making sure that it is bonded securely. Remember, do not place the extension too close to the eyelid as this can result in irritation.


6. Finishing touches

Once all the necessary infilling is complete, brush through the lashes with a clean spoolie to make sure they are fully separated. This step is crucial, as it helps to keep your lashes uniform and properly aligned.


7. Educate your clients

Take this opportunity to educate your clients on the importance of proper lash aftercare. You can also give them some handy tips and tricks about how to maintain their lash extensions, such as avoiding oil-based products and mascara.


How long should lash infills last?

Typically, lash infills last about two to three weeks, but this can vary from person to person. As eyelash extensions are bonded to the natural lashes, when the natural lash falls out it will take the extension along with it, allowing a new one to grow in its place. This is all part of the natural eyelash growth cycle, which can play a major part in the infill process.

At some point in your lashing experience, you might also encounter clients who want to repeatedly get infills rather than to do a full set. However, we would advise against this, as it can compromise the quality and integrity of your extensions. 


Take your time!

Mastering the art of infills is a crucial component in the lash artistry game, allowing lash techs the chance to give their clients fresh and flawless lashes for an extended time. By following our guide and perfecting your own application technique, you can ensure the satisfaction of your clients, maintain lash health, and establish a reputation for being a badass lash tech! Remember, practice and attention to detail are key to becoming a skilled lash artist, so adequate training is essential! To find out more about BELO’s accredited training courses and masterclasses, get in touch today.

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