Beginner Lash Tech Mistakes to Avoid

Beginner Lash Tech Mistakes to Avoid

Stepping out into the beauty world as a newly qualified eyelash technician can be a daunting and stressful journey, especially if you are yet to have your first real-life appointment with a client! However, it's essential to remember that feeling anxious as a beginner is completely normal. Even the most skilled lash artists have experienced the same nerves you're feeling right now – we at BELO certainly remember those days! 

Ultimately, it all comes down to practice, and making minor mistakes here and there is all part of the process. Nonetheless, being aware of some of the most common mistakes made by beginners, and understanding techniques to avoid them will set you above the rest, giving you that extra confidence boost you need to thrive in your business. 


Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Some of the most common mistakes we have noticed in beginner lash techs are listed below.


Mistake #1: Placing lash extensions incorrectly

When placing eyelash extensions, many technicians make the mistake of applying each individual lash too close to the other, causing them to stick together or form clumps over the course of the application process. This can lead to unattractive results or cause premature shedding following a treatment.

Our tip: 

Maintain an appropriate distance between each eyelash extension, ensuring they are not overlapping or interfering with adjacent lashes. If you are just starting out, it might be beneficial to use your fingertips when isolating that one specific lash. You can also employ isolation tweezers to separate the surrounding area while you target the natural lash you wish to work on. 


Mistake #2: Placing eyepatches too close to the waterline

Many beginners have experienced issues placing pads under the client's eyes, securing them too close to the waterline, which often results in messy or uneven application. This can also be painful for the client, sometimes causing them to tear up or experience bloodshot eyes and discomfort.

Our tip:

You want to make sure that you are holding down the client's natural lashes, but also remain careful not to place the pad directly on the waterline. Encouraging your client to look up as you place the eye pads can be a great way to ensure it is going just below the waterline, laying the natural lashes down without too much pressure.


Mistake #3: Using too much, or too little adhesive

Often, beginner lash technicians will use too much, or not enough glue during their treatments. Too much adhesive can close your fan and lead to clumping, and not enough can lead to poor retention, forming a very weak bond between the eyelash extension and natural lash.

Our tip:

As a beginner, it is important to pick a slower-drying adhesive, as this will give you more time to apply the eyelash extension safely before it dries. If you opt for a fast-drying adhesive, this can lead to poor retention and weak bonding.

Remember, you only need a very small dot of glue on the lash, not a massive globule. Exercise caution when scooping, slowly incorporating the adhesive onto the eyelash extension. 


Mistake #4: Rushing or hindering the application process

Early on in any lash technician's experience, it can be easy to spend a lot of time getting each individual lash to look perfect, or instead to rush through every set out of nerves. However, eyelash extension application requires the perfect amount of patience and precision, and rushing or dawdling can compromise the results.

Our tip:

Take the time to isolate each natural lash properly and apply the eyelash extensions. However, by targeting the thinner, more difficult lashes first, you will feel less rushed by the end of the session. This way, once the treatment is drawing to a close, you will only have the easiest eyelashes left to apply. 


Mistake #5: Skipping pre-treatment procedures

Pre-treatment will look a little different for every lash artist, however, it is crucial to ensure that your client has clean, fresh lashes for you to work on before you begin. Otherwise, the residue left behind from mascara and other eye makeup can weaken the bond between the natural lash and the eyelash extension.

Our tip

To remove those unwanted oils and residue build-up from your client's lashes, we would recommend going in with a lash cleanser or shampoo to ensure their lashes are totally clean prior to treatment. This creates a perfect surface for you to start your set, minimising the risk of retention issues further down the line.


Mistake #6: Choosing the wrong lash style for your client

As a beginner, it can be easy to people-please, meeting the demands of your client without first ensuring that the lash style they have chosen is going to suit their unique features. For example, you could encounter a client asking for a cat-eye or mega-volume set, even though they have quite small or downturned eyes that may not suit this look. This can lead to frustration, with a client expressing that they are not satisfied with their set as a result of factors out of your control.

Our tip:

It is important to take into consideration each client's eye shape, natural lash-growth direction, bone structure, and desired look before deciding which extensions to incorporate into their set. For example, clients with smaller eyes could benefit from shorter lashes, no longer than 12mm, to avoid looking too heavy on the lid. After this, make sure to take time with the client and discuss their preferences. Lash mapping is also a very handy technique for customising your extensions for each client's unique features and eye shape. 


Trust the process

Becoming a successful lash technician takes time and practice, and it is inevitable to make a few mistakes along the way. Whatever your skill level, it is essential that you trust the process, allowing yourself the space and freedom to experience hurdles and learn from them as you progress.

However, avoiding these common beginner lash tech mistakes and focusing on building your skills is going to set you above the rest, meaning you will be able to provide exceptional services to your clients whilst ensuring their safety and satisfaction. Embrace each appointment as an opportunity to grow and refine your craft, and remember that with dedication, you can become a master of your art in no time!

Want to boost your confidence and hone your skills? Check out our training courses and manuals, with options for every skill level from beginner to advanced masterclasses!

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