Why Lash Techs Should Avoid Cluster Lashes

Why Lash Techs Should Avoid Cluster Lashes

In the beauty world today, eyelash extensions are continuing to gain recognition, giving lash artists a market to truly hone their passions and bring their skills to the next level. But with so many looks out there, it can be easy to get swept up in trends, unsure of which route to take new clients who are new to the world of eyelash extensions.

However, as lash techs, it is essential we are well-informed about different options, making sure to give our clients the best looks possible and keep them coming back for more. So, let us explore why it's best to avoid cluster eyelash extensions and focus on other safer alternatives. Grab your lash glue and let's get started!

What are cluster lashes?

Designed as a temporary lash option, cluster eyelash extensions are small groups of several lash strands, usually between 3 to 6 individual lashes, joined together at the base. Aimed to create a fuller and more dramatic look compared to individual eyelash extensions, cluster eyelash extensions are typically used to add volume and texture to the lashes, resulting in a bolder appearance.

How are cluster lashes different from other extensions?

Unlike other professional-grade eyelash extensions which consist of single lashes or handmade fans, cluster extensions are pre-made from multiple lash strands joined together at the base. They are typically applied by attaching the entire cluster to several natural lashes simultaneously, which can be done in a shorter period of time.

Why should I avoid cluster lashes?

Unlike individual lashes, clusters do not follow the one-to-one ratio of lash extension application. Instead, they can be attached to multiple natural lashes, which can lead to several issues. For this reason, lash technicians and beauty professionals usually recommend that their clients consider other lash extension styles over cluster lashes due to the associated risks.

Some of the reasons we at BELO Lash suggest you should refrain from using cluster lashes in your own business have been discussed below.

They're too heavy

First things first, let's talk about weight and strain. As cluster lashes involve multiple lash strands joined at the base, this makes them exceptionally heavy, more so than individual lashes. When you consider how sensitive and fragile the natural lashes are that you build upon, it is almost like asking the lashes to carry a load they weren't built for. The result? Weakened, sparse, and even lost natural lashes. No, thank you!

They can harm the natural lashes

As mentioned above, cluster lashes are very heavy, and this added weight can lead to an increased risk of damage to natural eyelashes. It also ups the risk of pulling out or damaging the natural lashes during the removal process, causing the natural eyelashes to fall out as a result.

They don't last as long

Cluster lashes have a shorter lifespan compared with individual eyelash extensions or fans, and it is recommended they are worn for no more than a couple of days. Due to their construction and method of bonding, they can also shed prematurely, leaving clients with less-than-perfect lashes sooner than expected. On the other hand, individual or volume lash extensions bond more firmly and follow the natural lash cycle, allowing for a longer, more lasting look. This means fewer touch-ups and happier clients!

They look uneven

Cluster lashes are usually applied with a single adhesive point, attaching the entire cluster to a single natural lash. This method of bonding is not ideal because it can lead to poor attachment and premature shedding of the extensions. In addition, this method of application can result in uneven distribution across the lash line, causing the lashes to appear sparse and uneven.

They can increase the risk of infection

Cluster lashes can cause infections for several reasons. First, the gaps or spaces between both the clusters and natural lashes can create an environment where dirt, debris, and bacteria can accumulate quickly. These foreign particles can irritate the delicate eye area and increase the risk of infections.

Secondly, the eyelash extension adhesive used to attach the clusters can sometimes be applied in too large an area, leading to clogged pores which can ultimately result in an infection.

What are some alternatives to cluster lashes?

As a lash tech, it is important to remember that there are a variety of eyelash extensions worth exploring outside of clusters; variations that can dazzle customers without causing any damage to their natural lashes. Keep reading, and we will provide some solid alternatives to cluster lashes!

Volume lashes

Volume lashes involve the careful application of multiple hand-crafted lightweight eyelash extensions to each natural lash, resulting in a fuller, more voluminous look similar to clusters. Volume lashes provide a stunning effect without compromising the health and integrity of the natural lashes. So, if your clients are seeking that extra oomph, volume lashes might be the perfect solution!

Pre-made volume lashes

A major reason that lash techs opt for cluster lash extensions comes down to their efficiency, giving artists an opportunity to apply a full set in a much shorter time. However, pre-made fan lashes are a time-saving, and far safer alternative for lash technicians. When using pre-fanned eyelash extensions, they are already prepped to be applied, eliminating the need for creating volume fans manually. They offer a quick and efficient way to achieve a volume lash look while maintaining a lightweight feel.

Individual lash extensions

Let's compare cluster lashes to individual lash extensions. With individuals, each extension is applied to a single natural lash, offering precise placement and a seamless look that appears very unique. This technique allows for an even distribution of weight and reduces the risk of strain on the natural lashes. Individual lash extensions can also provide clients added flexibility to customise the lash style to suit each client's unique features and preferences. It's like tailoring lashes specifically for them, making the lashes look far more bespoke.

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes offer the best of both worlds, combining individual and volume lash techniques for a full yet natural look. This method involves a mix of single lash extensions and volume fans for a textured and multidimensional look. Hybrid lashes provide a balance between natural and dramatic, offering a more versatile option for your client base.

Getting the most for your clientele

As thriving lash technicians, it is our responsibility to prioritise both the wellbeing and happiness of our clients. Avoiding cluster lashes and opting for safer alternatives (such as individual or volume lash extensions) ensures that you will be providing them with a safe and memorable treatment experience.

Remember, by discussing alternative looks with your clients and prioritising their lash health, they can enjoy the benefits of eyelash extensions while maintaining the integrity of their natural lashes. If you have any further questions, make sure to get in touch with the BELO girls today!

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