Why Choose Brown Lash Extensions?

Why Choose Brown Lash Extensions?

Brown is the new black! While black eyelash extensions have dominated the eyelash beauty market for a while, a newer, softer, and more natural era is arriving—one that comes in the form of beautiful brown lash extensions.

Brown lash extensions are like the warmer, gentler, younger sibling of black eyelash extensions. Instead of creating stark visual drama and red-carpet glamour, brown lashes are more natural-looking and great for everyday wear. Many people choose brown eyelash extensions for their subtle beauty and ability to blend better with lighter skin tones.

If you want to learn all about the unique appeal of brown lash extensions, keep reading! We'll delve into the subtlety and natural look brown lashes provide, making them a perfect choice for clients seeking a softer, more understated enhancement.

Ideal for complementing a wide range of skin tones, eye colours, and eye shapes, we're going to highlight how brown lash extensions can help lash techs elevate the beauty routines of their clients. Ready to embrace this season's hottest shade?

Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions: How to Choose

When debating brown vs. black eyelash extensions, it is important to consider all of the factors involved. After all, lash extensions can be a personal preference, and using a brown lash as opposed to a black lash can change the way you not only see yourself but also how the world sees you!

The first thing you might want to consider is skin tone. People with lighter skin tones tend to be better suited to brown lash extensions due to their more subtle colour. The lighter the skin tone, the more striking the contrast between skin tone and eyelash extensions will be.

If you have a darker skin tone, brown lash extensions can still look like natural lashes, but black eyelash extensions are often a better choice to amplify the visual contrast.

However, the decision between brown and black eyelash extensions is ultimately up to you—the person who wears them!

Who Should Choose Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Simple! Anyone who craves more natural lashes needs to give these different shades a go. Brown lashes are perfect for people who would like to add more volume and length to their lash line without appearing too made-up or glamorous.

Natural lashes are great, but enhancing them with the warmth and fluffiness of brown lash extensions means you get to experience the opulence of high quality lashes every day without needing to apply any heavy mascara.

Just like choosing brown eyeliner instead of black eyeliner gives you a softer look, choosing brown eyelash extensions instead of black eyelash extensions achieves a similar goal. Sometimes, less is more!

Brown vs. Black Eyelash Extensions, Which is Best?

Asking whether brown eyelash extensions or black lashes are best is like asking whether chocolate or strawberry ice cream is best. The answer is subjective - and totally depends on what you prefer as an individual.

If you like big, bold, dramatic, red-carpet-ready beauty looks, black eyelash extensions are probably best for you. If you like a warmer, more understated, natural beauty look, chances are that brown lash extensions are the best choice. Trying out both is a good way to find out what works for you.

Why Do People Get Brown Eyelash Extensions?

People choose brown lashes for a variety of reasons. It could be down to mere personal preference or connected to a more specific beauty look that a client might have.

Some of the most popular reasons why a person might choose to get brown extensions include:

  • Wanting a more natural looking lash line: Unless you have naturally black hair, black eyelash extensions create quite a contrast. Choosing softer-toned brown extensions can be better for those who crave a natural beauty look.
  • Having lighter-toned skin or hair colour: If you have lighter hair, such as blonde or red hair, softer-toned eyelash extensions can be a much better tonal fit for your face. Naturally brown hair will always pair well with brown lashes, but any lighter hair colour should suit them, too.
  • Trying something new: Sometimes, you just want a change! And that's a good enough reason in and of itself to get some gorgeous brown eyelash extensions. If you're used to getting black lash extensions, switching things up with brown extensions can keep your beauty roster feeling fresh.
  • Having brown eyes or green eyes: Both brown eyes and green eyes are complemented by a set of warm-toned brown lashes. The softness of the brown eyelash extensions helps bring out the golden, chocolatey hues of brown eyes and the emerald tones of green eyes.

Can You Mix Brown Lashes and Black Eyelash Extensions?

One of the best things about eyelash extensions is that they are highly customisable. That means you can mix brown lashes with black lash extensions for an even more natural-looking line—or just for fun!

If you do want to blend brown lashes with black lash extensions, remember to use darker brown lashes so that there is not too much contrast between the eyelash extension types. The closer they are in tone to each other, the more natural the lash extensions will look!

As Natural as Possible: Go 100% with one Tone of Brown Lash Extensions

Part of the beauty of modern cosmetics is that you have the luxury of choice. If you want a blend of brown lashes and black lashes, you can do that. But if you want to keep things 100% naturally brown, that's an option too.

Using light or dark brown lashes that are consistently the same shade across both lash lines will give your clients a more cohesive overall lash look. This technique is best suited to those with dark brown hair who can get away with a set of lash extensions that are also dark brown from the inner to outer corners.

The Best Lash Glue for Brown Eyelash Extensions

You can use the same lash glue for brown lashes that you would use for regular black extensions. Most lash glues dry clear or black, both of which should be suitable for brown lash extensions.

It's always worth checking with your clients to make sure they are happy with the shades of both, though. 

Be Bold in Brown

Our Brown Velvet Russian Lashes and other lashes in this hue are a great alternative to black eyelash extensions if you are looking for a more natural beauty look. A bit softer and warmer on the eyes, brown eyelash extensions can complement a range of both dark and light skin tones while creating the illusion of naturally thick, voluminous eyelashes.

Belo babes use brown lashes and black extensions to create gorgeous beauty looks that help clients look and feel their absolute best. Now's your chance to do the same!

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