Best Lash Extension Styles for Summer

Best Lash Extension Styles for Summer

Every girl wants to look fresh, fabulous, and ready for some fun in the summer sun. That could mean going shopping for a new bikini set, getting that tan ready, or even booking in the perfect eyelash extension treatment that will have you looking gorgeous under the sunshine.

Now that these warm summer days are coming up, your clients will be looking to you for help with perfecting their ultimate beach babe look. When it comes to putting together the perfect extension treatment, selecting the right eyelash extension style for your client is absolutely crucial. The best lash techs will take into account the client's eye shape, the state of their natural eyelashes, personal taste, as well as any seasonal trends they might be interested in.

This may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you're new to the world of eyelash extensions, but don't worry! We've put together the ultimate guide to the best eyelash extension styles for the summer, perfect for all you BELO babes who want to offer extra special treatments just in time for the summer holidays. Whether they're after a cat eye or natural look, or if your client’s eyes are wide-set or deep-set, this guide has everything you need to put together the perfect summer extension treatment.


Wet lash look

The dewy trend has swept the beauty world by storm, and it's no surprise that it has reached the eyelash game too. As the name suggests, this eyelash style is meant to mimic the textured spikes that appear when your eyelashes become wet using hybrid lashes – a combination of classic and volume lashes. With this eyelash extension style, your clients won't have to be dipping in and out of the pool all day to achieve that sexy wet look. This style will work great for your clients that have medium to full natural lashes. However, we recommend avoiding this look if they have a sparser lash line as the spikes will draw even more attention to their thin eyelashes.

To achieve this look, you'll need to use closed lash fans in order to create those 'wet' spikes. With this technique you'll also be applying 2-3 lash extensions to some of the natural lashes, so we recommend using lighter weights like 0.05 and 0.03 eyelash extensions to protect your client’s natural lashes and avoid them becoming too heavy.


Textured sets

Textured eyelash extensions is another style that we're sure will be a big hit during the summer days. Any lash technician worth their salt knows that our lash lines actually have multiple rows, just like other types of hair follicles. These rows can be separated during lash treatments, which then help to create an ultra-fluffy, textured lash look. You can also experiment with different thicknesses, depending on if your client is looking for a natural-looking wispy style or are after tons of volume.

To create this textured lash extension look, you'll need a combination of different curl types and lengths that are then layered between the top, middle, and bottom rows of natural eyelashes. If you've already mastered the art of hybrid lashes, you'll have textured eyelashes locked down in no time at all.


Extra long lashes

For a more dramatic look, we recommend going the extra mile this summer with long eyelash extensions. While plenty of clients still love the thickness of volume lashes, many have also started focusing on adding extra length to their eyelashes. Need to stock up on extra long extensions for the summer? We recommend checking out our Velvet Russian Lashes, which include lash lengths of up to 20mm!

If your client has hooded eyes or deep-set eyes, we recommend avoiding eyelash extensions that aren’t too long or curly as they can touch the area above the eyelid and end up feeling uncomfortable. Make sure you're also taking into account the state of your client’s natural lashes – if you notice they're looking a bit fragile, you'll want to be careful about using overly heavy extensions as they can hurt or break their natural lashes.


Brown lash extensions

For summer lash looks we personally think the bigger and more glamorous, the better, but for those who prefer a more natural look to their eyelash extensions, brown eyelashes may be the perfect look. These 'nearly natural' lash extensions are the perfect choice for any of your clients that have naturally lighter coloured hair and want their eyelash extensions to look a bit more subtle and have a natural look.


Coloured lash extensions

For an extra-fun pop of colour, why not offer up coloured lash extensions as a limited edition summer treatment! These eyelash extensions do exactly what they say on the tin – they come in a wide range of bright colours. Not only are they the perfect way to make your clients eyes pop, these coloured lash extensions can also provide the perfect burst of colour to any look. 


Wispy lashes

Wispy lashes are popular all-year round, but they're a great extension style for the summer. Similar to the wet eyelash extension style, wispy lashes are known for producing a long and fluttery lash look. The resulting ethereal style is perfect for your clients that are looking for more volume and length while still maintaining a more natural eyelash extension style. 

In order to achieve that iconic wispy look, you'll need to use different lash extension lengths and space them out strategically along the lash line. Accurate placement is absolutely crucial for this eyelash extension style so you'll need to do a bit of lash mapping prior to application. If you want to start offering wispy eyelash extensions as part of your summer treatments, our Pretty in Premade Wispy Lashes will be the perfect addition to your kit. For a complete guide on how to use our premade extensions, check out our blog on how to create the perfect wispy lash look.


Cat eye lashes

You might be used to applying this eyelash style all year round, but trust us when we say your clients will be chasing after you and your cat-eye style treatments for the summer season. Cat eye lashes are essentially a sultry twist on the classic volume lash style. With this eyelash extension style, you'll be able to subtly change your client’s eye shape by creating the illusion of a lift on the outer corner of the eye.

Start with shorter lash extensions in the inner corner of the eye with the longer extensions applied at the outer corner. Make sure the length of the eyelash extensions increase gradually as you make your way towards the outer corner – this will help create a more natural-looking cat eye effect. 


Final thoughts

Now that we've covered some of the hottest lash trends for the summer, we hope we've helped you put together the perfect summer treatments for your clients. Whether they prefer a natural, more wispy look to their lash extensions or are looking for mega volume and drama, we're sure you'll be able to create the perfect look that will enhance your clients’ natural beauty. 

While we're talking about summer lashes, don't forget to consider the extra maintenance and care tips to ensure maximum eyelash retention during the summer. For a comprehensive guide, check out our blog about how to maximise lash retention during the summer months. Soon, your clients will be the talk of town with their new, head-turning lash extensions!

Need to stock up on fresh lash extensions for the summer? Have a look through our complete range of eyelash extensions and equipment. From classic to volume lashes, tweezers to adhesives, here at BELO Lash we have everything you'll ever need to create the perfect lash treatments for your clients!

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